Giving a straight friend a "helping hand"

I was wondering how many of you gay guys have ever given a straight friend of yours an unreciprocated hand job or even blow job? Straight guys too, how many of you have let a

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Wink Giving a straight friend a "helping hand"

I was wondering how many of you gay guys have ever given a straight friend of yours an unreciprocated hand job or even blow job?
Straight guys too, how many of you have let a gay friend jack or suck you off?
Any guys ever go as far as getting fucked by a straight friend/ fucking a gay friend?
Lets hear your stories! I know I have some...
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Twistnbend, how about starting us off with your stories?
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Never had the privilege of doing it for a friend.

Now anonymously? That's another story . . . .


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what me. you think i am that lucky?? don't have any gay or bi friends
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it's me that the only guy who has touched mine except for docs.
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They don't have to be straight to avoid reciprocating, I found. I have always been turned off a little by those who feel they don't have to give back a little.
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I love giving unreciprocated handjobs and blowjobs and do it every chance I get. Not that I have anything against reciprocation, mind you, I enjoy that too. I just find that giving sexual pleasure is even more rewarding than receiving it.

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D_Askham Gooseneck
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I have blown my best friend totally unreciprocated. That was totally fine with me. He told me it was the best head he had ever had, which was a nice ego stroke. He wants me to do it again.
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Unreciprocated sex? No thank you.

And getting fucked by a straight guy? Never. I'm not a substitute woman.

Though I have fucked a few married/bi men. They were good at that. They must have learned from their women that receiving does not mean being passive. Heh heh.
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Never had a friend ask to get him off, although I would be into it. Would prefer it be unreciprocated.
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I'd love to blow my hot brother in law, he has shown signs of being bi, but nothing yet. And i've had lots of guys blow me with no recip. Thanks cool cause they are ususally not great looking but a bj is a bj.
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I've been able to blow off a straight (and now married) guy for a long time. We've grown to be best friends.

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..dude, here is reality these days, there is no such thing as str8,bi,gay. Men are men..especially well hung men. They will ALL play under the right circumstances and discreet situations...most just wont admit it. Truth it that well hung men soon realize that men give much better head & hand than women do.. and they can get deep throat service more often and always better from other dudes. I have serviced "str8" dudes for years..starting with my football coach in Jr High School. BIG DICKS NEED SERVICED..PERIOD!
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Originally Posted by twistnbend View Post
...ever given a straight friend of yours an unreciprocated hand job or even blow job? ...
A few years ago, after my admitting that I'd been with a guy, a friend of mine (straight and engaged) starting hinting heavily that he needed "help". I can't help but think that he told another friend, because a mutual friend (straight and married) then started in with the same hinting.

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Any man who does not go limp after a guy touches his penis is either bi or gay.

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