can't cum while receiving head

worp: everytime my girl goes down on me, its really good and i get really excited but i cant seem to cum, she can go for like 20 minutes and nothing. she says a little

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can't cum while receiving head

worp: everytime my girl goes down on me, its really good and i get really excited but i cant seem to cum, she can go for like 20 minutes and nothing. she says a little bit of cum comes out but nothing significant. then we have sex & i can last at least 10 mins and when i do cum its an extraordinary amount. anyone know how to make it so i can cum when she gives me head?
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Sorry, worp, I've never been able to do it either.

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Very few people can make me cum just by felatio, so you are not alone. When someone does manage, I tell them they are part of a very select group. I've learned to be satisfied even if I don't come, but sometimes my partners are very upset if they don't get their "reward" for all their effort, or they get the wrong idea, and think they are not satisfying me.

It's important to me that my partner should be satisfied, too, and if I sense they really want a load, I find some way to give it. Usually, I'll do someting else (kiss, etc) for a couple of minutes while I use may hand to bring myself to almost the point of no return, and then let them give me head again, and I will cum if I time it right. I'm sure it's not as satisfying to them as if they had done the whole thing orally, but if done tactfully and smoothly, everyone ends up happy.

Sometimes I can also make myself cum during felatio by becomming agressive, rather than passively receiving head. In other words, by giving someone a good face-fucking rather than letting them suck me. Of course, while that does turn some people on, more often than not it's not what they like. You might also experiment with things like breath mints, etc, which can cause heightened or diferent sensations. This may be enough to get you off.
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D_Martin van Burden
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Good. I was starting to believe I was a freak too. Whenever I'm in the sack, getting fellated seems almost inevitable. It's really hard to be told of how badly the loved one needs me to cum, and yet, as good as head feels, I don't get off from it. I usually have to add in a good hand-cranking to get the cum flowing.
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two_fister: I'm in the same boat....it's takes a lot of concentration for me to cum from a b/j,unless she's really , really, really, good at it, which isn't that often. I've only had two girls who could make me cum from b/'s that didn't last forever.
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blak9: I'm with all of you guys. I've only had one ex gf who could make me cum by giving me head. Although she gave the best head of my life, it still usually took me about almost an hour (no lie) to ejaculate and that was only after she made it extra sloppy and used both her hands. Any other time I have to insert into the vagina to bust one.

I agree with ericbear about the good face-fucking doing the trick but how many of us here can do that without gagging the poor girl on the receiving side. To avoid this I didn't actually stroke her face but just did a little back and forth rocking motion.
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brad2002: I know what you mean. Sometimes it takes a while for a girl to suck me off. But then again, I'm always headed for better things if we've gotten that far. I prefer fucking her to getting head, anyway, so it's not such a big deal. Now if you want to get a mind numbing orgasm while getting sucked, find some hot guy who is a good cocksucker. Guys suck much better than women anyday. If you came over here, I'll bet I could get you to come with my mouth!
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Oh, no, with blak9, that's flame-bait.

Actually, it's only logical that guys give better head.

I prefer sex to oral sex, but when I do have oral sex, it's for variation. (I'm not about to give my GF anal, and there are only so many holes.)
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roman25: my girlfriend is very,very good at giving head.i cum just about every time.for me it's a combination. first,she makes these loud slurping noises which drives me up the wall.Second she has really good technique, she swiches up her suction between mild and aggressive, and alternates between deepthroating(one advantage to having "only" a 7" incher) and sucking hard on my cockhead.finally ,i visualize myself doing something to her, like eating her out while she's in a doggy-style position, or licking her shapely ass cheeks.it's a combination of both physical and mental stimulation.

P.S my favorite is when we're in a 69 position and she's sucking me and grinding her wet pussy up and down my face. I usually can't last 5 minutes when she does that. damn it,i'm getting turned on thinking about it.excuse me while i make a booty call.
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thingsteal: I had this problem for a long time too. My problem was all psychological. I had girlfriends in the past who were very adament about not letting me cum in their mouth. Could there be any bigger turnoff prior to getting a blowjob than to have somebody say, "Please don't cum in my mouth..." ? These were chicks wouldn't mind getting eaten out for hours. Go figure...

My wife isn't the biggest fan of giving blowjobs but she'll do them every now and then. She used to say the "don't cum in my mouth" bullshit years ago but I've since educated her on how bad a thing that is to say. It's the equivalent of me saying, "Hey, while I'm eating you out, don't get wet!" Now she's figured out if she says sexy shit like "Mmmmm, I want you to cum in my mouth!" I'll finish faster. And every now and then I can fool her with when I'm going to orgasm and shoot an initial load into her mouth. ha ha ha! That's the risk she's learned to accept.
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queenie: Just so you guys know this cuts both ways... being eaten by a guy does very little for me. I find myself counting ceiling tiles.

And why is it everytime I tell a guy I really don't like that particular activity, he tells me what a master he is at it? Turns out he's not, at least not for this girl... and then we have to deal with the ego problems.

Fortunately, I climax very easily in a variety of other ways so my lack of fondness for receiving oral sex becomes a non-issue....

now giving oral sex is a whole other matter - yummy!
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RPNFbyWIJ: WIJ needs head. We will tell you our experience when we get it :(
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You get 25 extra points for getting a woman to like something she normally doesn't. LOL
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Now I'm starting to feel like the oddball! I've always gotten a nut from receiving blowjobs. Even rather inept head from novices have gotten me off. And most of my straight friends say they prefer getting blown to fucking. Those who know admit to me (though they wouldn't admit it to anyone else!) that they prefer knob jobs from dudes to those from chicks.

Ars longa, vita brevis: CARPE SCROTUM!
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marcin: Same problem here, have never been able to. For me, I think the problem stems more from the majority of my partners not being able to get a large portion of my penis in their mouths due to its length.

Lack of experience with handling a larger penis from a woman usually leads to just tickling sensation (not really plesureable in any way) and on a few occasions I've had to ask one of my ex-girlfriends to just stop. Though an experienced partner or talented one (read deep throat) can make it a great experience, I've been able to withstand 40 minutes worth, as she had convinced herself she would be the first, before her jaw got too tired to go on. Then not even 10 minutes into intercourse I had to fight back an orgasm so I could at least return the favor.

I've come across (no pun intended) a few friends in my time that had similiar situations, though of those few it seemed most could do it if the person was really good. I'd imagine if the true statistics of this could be obtained it would be a much larger number than expected, its just most males likely do not feel comfortable admitting to it due to the 'lesser man' factor or feeling strange for not getting off from fellatio.
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