johnholmeshorse: As some of you may know from reading some of my earlier posts that I am a believer (and a doer) of kegels. For those who don't know what they are exercises to strengthen

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johnholmeshorse: As some of you may know from reading some of my earlier posts that I am a believer (and a doer) of kegels. For those who don't know what they are exercises to strengthen your member, and after a while you will shoot more and further, plus it is good for the prostrate gland. Just wondering how many out there do them and what you found the results to be
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two_fister: yeah...I do kegels all the time, I've found they've made my erections much harder, and when I'm inside my g/f(or g/f for the moment) I'm able to make my penis move or get harder when ever I want. I've found that women really enjoy the sensation that the movment provides.
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blak9: I'm with two fister. I do Kegals all the time too. The women love to see me make it "jump" or get harder.
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fitdude: Work for increased orgasms, especially if do reverse kegel when cumming. Can also be part of a jelquing, etc., routine to increase size/girth of your dick. :)
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I too have recently been doing kegels. After a couple of weeks I have found it to be suprisingly effective. Given that there are so many bullshit 'miracle' pills, exercises, pumps, silicone freak show operations and the like to either grow, thicken or the like to a cock it's nice to discover something that genuinely works.

Not too long ago while being JO'd by a dude I sometimes mess around with I was given my first piece of evidence that kegels worked: usually when i shoot while quite a bit ejaculates out the force is not so impressive- just one or two spurts then just oozing. This time before I even shot a large amount of fluid shot straight out of my cock and traveled pretty far. I didn't feel a thing. Not a 'contraction' that tells you you're shooting something of your cock or a squeezing sensation that says your cockhead is shooting. This came from deep inside and was powerful enough to send a lot of jizz from my prostate a couple feet across the bed! To add to that when I did shoot it was a huge amount and shot pretty far.
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ace420: I don't do any exercises, since I shoot a pretty fair distance now.
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hungpup: kegels are pretty cool when your inside your g/f or b/f...just sit still and do them...kewl motion without the effort
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hungpup is sooo right. kegels are kewl; especially when sitting in a sturdy chair. for wimmin that have a hard time getting off or want a prolonged session, sitting allows both to control/manage stimulation by shifting hip positions. great also for guys with a flared glans and who have a tendency to bruise during more athletic performances.
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ex86: I just wanted to add a word of warning to this post. I had a friend who was really big into kegels(doing ALOT everday) and he ended up developing a urinary tract infection. Apparently his doctor told him that the muscle kegel's were exercising had gotten so large that it was starting to interfere with him uriniating. I know he was doing ALOT of kegels(100s(?) a day) so he may have been a special case. Nevertheless, be careful with them.
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runner074: I just have a question for those of you who do kegels....when you are "flexing" the muscle so to speak, where do you feel it? Sometimes I feel it toward the base of my penis, other times it seems like it is "inside" around the anus.

Just wondering about everybody else??
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croixbull: Both for me. The deeper, I would think, would be the deeper muscles flexing. Feeling in both, I would think. would me you are exercising the whole thing. A good thing I would think. Have to check my anatomy books...
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whng9: I've been doing them for years.....vary the types between slow pulses and quick spurts. The ability to flex the penis is very much appreciared by my GF. I can feel the flexing all the way to the head. It almost makes my penis feel like a "muscle" even though, as we all know...it is not.
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WHNG (or anyone else for that matter), how much harder have you found you became from your years of kegels? Any difference in erection angle? How much more forceful are your orgasms?

I ask because I used to do kegels every day for many months. Frankly it didn't seem to make much of a difference. Despite my greatest desires, I was never able to become the shooter I longed to be. Instead I was and am basically a big dribbler. Always shocks myself when I shoot and even then it's never more than a few inches.
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whng9: I get (Usually) steel pipe hard. Almost feel as if my penis has detached from my body and lives as its own individual. I shoot 4 feet or so, but have on occaision shot 6 or 7 feet. Usually have 12 to 14 contractions lasting maybe 10 to 12 seconds.
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fitdude: Kegels and reverse kegels sure work for me.
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