Prostate massage

Hey guys, anyone have experience with this, have you gotten and exclusive prostate massage, how was it done, what did it feel like and any long term gains from it, I'm considering one but want

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Prostate massage

Hey guys, anyone have experience with this, have you gotten and exclusive prostate massage, how was it done, what did it feel like and any long term gains from it, I'm considering one but want to know more about it
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Once you have had an orgasm from a prostate massage your hooked for life, mind blowing and awesome

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I know from personal experience that it does get better

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For myself external prostate massage with a finger/vibrator, works better than internal does with a finger/toy. YMMV.

When I've done it myself/had it done it just made me leak more precum and externally it felt great but I don't like internal anal stimulation/sex and I'd rather be spanked, whipped, flogged, paddled, and have a crop used on me than have receptive anal sex.

Some men do not get pleasure from an internal prostate massage or receptive anal sex.

Also lots of men can't cum hands free from internal prostate stimulation only and many will have to jack off in order to.
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You can do it yourself, but it is a little awkward. Lube up your finger and insert it as far as it will go. As you get ready to cum, you will feel a little round shape in the anterior wall of your colon start to swell and pulse. That's your prostate. I can't cum hands free, but it makes it easier to cum and feels somewhat better and different.

It's easier to lay on your back and let someone else rub it for you. I don't like anything big in there, but a finger is just about right. When you lay on your back, your prostate is in the up direction. Enjoy! I like it. I hope you will too.
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I have given my buddy a prostate massage - I asked him to bend over and I lubed my rubber gloved cover finger (did not want my nails to cut him in that area) and stuck it up his ass until I felt his prostate and began to gently rubb it. the first time I did this to him the orgasm and pleasure was so intense I thought he was having a heart attack. I like to do this with my right hand while I stroke his cock with my left hand.

Here is a photo site http://jackinchat.com/profile.php?uID=13897



My e-mail address is anoldernjgymguy@yahoo.com

Hope to hear from you.
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My wife is a nurse and she does this to me and it is absolutely wonderful. Try it!
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Do it right, do it for a while, and you'll cum BUCKETS.


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D_Suckleberry Hound

prostate massage orgasms are fantastic
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Wow! Interesting topic. I was talking to my masseur a week ago about various massage techniques and asked him about tantra and prostate massage. He said he's familiar with both but prefers knowing who he is working with before going there. His massages are wonderful. He's open minded (he's straight and operates a cosmetic salon with his long term gf) when it comes to massage though nothing sexual has ever happened. But after a few massages he knows exactly what gets me going and lingers there longer than usual. I get so fucking hard and leak gobs of precum. The last time I was there, he finished and left the room. Instead of my just getting dressed, I had to jerk off. I'm sure he knew it when he picked up the towel. I'm hoping he springs a prostate or tantra massage on me sometime soon. I only go once a month so it has to wait, I guess. Patience is a virtue, they say.

massage, prostate

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