feminine gay guys

Do any of you guys here get turned on my feminine/girly acting gay guys, like with the stereotypical lisp, girly walk, etc.? I am bicurious and straight acting and am mostly find straight acting guys

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feminine gay guys

Do any of you guys here get turned on my feminine/girly acting gay guys, like with the stereotypical lisp, girly walk, etc.? I am bicurious and straight acting and am mostly find straight acting guys attractive, but I have seen a few feminine ones that are kind of cute, lol
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I've also been wondering why most gay porn features masculine gay guys.
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Nope I do not like queens at all.

Especially the ones who are total attention whores and act that way just because they have a vapid personality and constantly need attention from other people in order to feel good about themselves. Unfortunatley most of them are like this.

I'm not saying that all femme men are this way as I have friends who are femme but they are not attention whores at all, and they do not do the corny lines that everyone makes fun of queens for using like "You go girl!" and such.

I understand why drag queens are camp and all that, even though that humor is rather niche and totally outdated and seen as a cliche today, but I'm not attracted to femme men.

I prefer butch/masculine bi/gay men. I do not like the term straight acting since if a man is having sex with other men, or just wants it, he's not straight or heterosexual, the term brings to mind worship of heterosexual men, and most bisexual/gay men I've met do not like the term.

I very briefly dated a femme gay guy before and it did not go so well when after sex he was wiping my cum off of his body and he got all whiny like Truman Capote and started talking about his house, interior design of the rooms, and it was a total turn off.
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I have sometimes been attracted to femme guys but it hasn't really gone anywhere (crushes, etc.) but my bi brother always went for the swishiest ones. Now he's married (for the second time) to a woman and has 3 kids and one on the way.

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NO! there's a difference between dramatic and femme... there is nothing attractive to me about femme guys.
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Throughout my life I have tried diligently not to descriminate against anyone based on something over which they have no control.

I have been in a relationship with my current life partner for ten years.

I am 56 years old so I go back to the days of: "Oh, the sex was great last night....What was your name again?"

I remember those days.

I enjoy most guy things. I ride horses, have raced cars, love hunting and fishing, I play golf and tennis when I have time. I was a concert level pianist, harpsichordist and organist having had a college education and formal training. Yet I like most kinds of music.

Yes, I see a place for home decoration and I do care about that, but it does not dominate my life. I am a far better than average cook when the need arises and can do a BBQ with the best of them. I prefer a home cooked meal to one served at a restaurant any day.

I dislike gossip without substantiated fact.....

Most "femme" people simply do not share my interests. Most that I have encountered do not share my value system and it is not that I dislike these individuals, but that personal experience has taught me we will have nothing in common with each other.

Some who are "in your face" advertising their femininity are down right annoying and are an insult to the gay community because they offend people and often represent their viewpoints as a representation of the majority of other gay individuals. NOT TRUE!

Individuals like this make me uncomfortable......
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Hmm, judging by the responses thus far; maybe the reason the feminine gay guys are of,ten bitchy queens as well is because they aren't getting the good loving from you guys.

A large, pretty penis is a wonder to behold.

Until Further Notice:
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Originally Posted by Pointman25 View Post
Do any of you guys here get turned on my feminine/girly acting gay guys, like with the stereotypical lisp, girly walk, etc.? I am bicurious and straight acting and am mostly find straight acting guys attractive, but I have seen a few feminine ones that are kind of cute, lol
No, I am not into those feminine/girly acting men. I prefer the cute straight guys.
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I prefer masculine guys but when a guy's personality is just naturally on the feminine side it doesn't bother me or anything. If I'm attracted to them otherwise then that doesn't get in the way. It's the ones that are so over the top that it seems like they're putting on a act and purposely being stereotypical that are a turn off. But I'd also be put off by a guy who seemed like he was going out of his way to be macho all the time. Basically just like people to be themselves and not playing a role.

I also can't stand when some guys refer to themselves or other gay guys as "she" or "girl." I'm a guy and I'm happy to be one and I like guys who are also happy to be one. Nothing wrong with challenging the gender pigeon-holes but being gay doesn't mean we should try or want to be women.

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thanks for the replies...i am pretty masculine and i guess it is kind of a fantasy of mine to give give some femme, girly acting twink a night he will never forget, lol. i guess i am the only one with that fantasy, haha
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I have always counted swishy queens among my friends: they can be outrageously funny and tend to hit right to the bone. I find them much less pretentious and phony that that whole straight acting/appearing mindset.

But for sex, I'm much more interested in regular guys: not self-consciously "masculine" types who speak with affectation from the bottom of their larynx or steroid-pumped gym bunnies who are more concerned about how they look than how to fuck.

Real self-confidence is a sign of great attitude, which usually translates into better, more engaged sex. Extremes of either type do nothing to turn me on, whether flamboyantly swish or role-playing "woof" types.

Just be yourself and I'm attracted. And because I'm not into real trade (genuine straight guys), I consort with gay men. A little natural swish doesn't bother me in the least, especially when he's a Latino, which is my favorite flavor of men.

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you guys are worse than the nelly queens you're whining about. stfu
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To be honest, I tend to find them annoying and pretentious. I do know a couple whom I find extremely entertaining and funny though. But to answer the question, no, I'm not attracted to them at all. I like my men to be men .
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Originally Posted by houtx48 View Post
you guys are worse than the nelly queens you're whining about. stfu
Someone seems jealous. I'll bet you are a nelly queen. I do not like queens because they are rude, act as though the entire universe revolves around them, they love to spread gossip, and most are so vapid and just plain stupid and only act this way to be the center of attention at all times. Why would I be sexually attracted to someone like that, or even want to try to maintain a relationship that will be full of pointless drama?
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In some ways, they are the backbone of the gay community and I do have a lot of respect for those gay men and boys (under 18) who are flamboyant and not afraid to come out and show themselves. I, myself, am fairly conservative and reserved - (would never use the term straight-acting... I think it's offensive) but I did "come out" relatively early - at age 18. However, at 27 yoa I'm still having to tell people that I'm gay.

I don't base my attractions on mannerisms because I think you could always be surprised. Attraction goes so beyond what you may initially regard as your taste.
There are some really cute twinks out there and a few fem guys who have truly worked my cock before in amazing ways. So yeah, I love all gay people. ;)
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feminine, gay, guys

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