Poll: Do guys really give the best head?

It's been said for a long time: guys give better head than women. And it makes sense - a cocksucker who's got a cock himself is going to know better what feels good on a

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View Poll Results: Who makes a better cocksucker: a man, or a woman?
Women give better head 34 8.19%
Men give better head 323 77.83%
Either way, I just like getting a blo! 58 13.98%
Voters: 415. You may not vote on this poll

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Poll: Do guys really give the best head?

It's been said for a long time: guys give better head than women. And it makes sense - a cocksucker who's got a cock himself is going to know better what feels good on a cock. But we want to know here from actual experience.

So, guys:

1. Have you had head from both men and women?

If so,

2. Vote on the poll, and let us know.

(And all you guys out there who love giving head - I know you want to vote. But if we're going to get a meaningful result, the votes need to come from guys who've actually had head from both men and women. So, cocksuckers, hold off so we can get a scientific result!)


Check it out, guys! I'm blogging every sex act I have this year (Oh, wait - I'm still catching up on last year!).

Just posted: Cocksearch has a taste of ANOTHER gen-u-ine blond.

New post as of Friday, 4/9

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Totally agree. If you have the equipment you know how to maintain it.
Even though I'm gay, I have had some great BJs from women but the ones from guys are so much better. He knows where to flick his tongue around the tip and knows when to deep throat. Males also know where the prostate is for a bit of side action with their finger.
What he has in his mouth has been between his legs since he was born. He knows what to do with it.

Similarly, a guy gives the best hand job. He knows when to slow down and when to speed up and most importantly he knows when NOT to stop!
I have had HJs by women and they stop when I start to come. No no no!

You show me a guy who has never jerked off and I'll show you a liar!

All things in moderation. Including Moderation!

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I didn't vote cause I am a gal, but I fear guys do indeed out do us. My husband doesn't let men use their hands when he gets sucked by them, so that gives women the advantage in my personal situation; but I have gotten more ideas about how to suck my man off from watching a few men than I have from watching other women.
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Definitely men, gay or gay for pay, and in my experience the gay for pay give the best head.
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Men, hands down, my wife sucks at it, no pun intended, but when a guy blows me, its so much better
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Most definitely men do it better (in my experience with both genders going down). I felt it was a nice sentiment/gesture from a woman, which I appreciated and enjoyed as an adjunct to other sex activity.

And then there is the much more complex and wild full treatment by a guy who knows what he's doing --- indescribable! Worshipping the balls, the shaft, the head, and, yes, some sideplay with the taint and butt is always nice spice!

As I "mature" I take longer to cum -- which makes for very long and hot oral sessions for me and an eventual huge, loud, whole body spasmodic experience, especially if the partner takes it all and doesn't let up as I orgasm (and swallows)

Yeah, there's a virtuoso out there in so many men (me included in giving head, if I do say so myself! lol)
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..yes and he's willing to make love to that cock and treat it with more respect than a woman ever could. Not that a woman can't, but it's the same principle as a lesbian eating pussy. Gay guys and lesbians are just more dedicated to giving each other their all than the opposite sex, I believe.
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I can't speak to how well women do it, but I can't imagine too many of them wanting to suck it and make out with it the way I want to!!
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Men def give the better blow job, Just last thursday night a drunken night ended up with me getting a blowjob from a girl and it was HORRIBLE! Like she had no idea what to do and couldn't even take it in her mouth... i fell asleep mid-job, whoops!

Oh I know, I have no idea what business I was doing getting a blowjob from a woman... lol.

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I think this is a myth perpetrated by gay guys to lure straight guys into letting a dude suck their dick. I've fallen for it myself a few times. I do love a good enthusiastic blowjob! But what's left out of the equation is chemistry and pheromones. If you are not attracted to dudes, no matter how technically good the bj may be, there's still something missing. Yes, I've had a couple of technically amazing blowjobs from dudes (along with some pretty lousy ones and one that was really bad!), and there's also something to be said for enthusiasm and devotion to the task--a willingness to go for hours if need be without reciprocation. But still, I'd trade that for an inept-yet-cute-and-enthusiastic girl any day and consider it a better bj, just because I am fundamentally attracted to women. So by default, for me, women give better blowjobs even when they suck.

EDIT: Also, I think this argument that "guys give better head (and lesbians eat pussy better) because they know what it feels like" is a total phallacy. In my experience, guys who get off on sucking dick are GETTING THEMSELVES OFF by sucking dick. In other words, they have a tendency to get so wrapped in the pleasure they're getting that they get too enthusiastic sometimes. And conversely, I'd be happy to take on any lesbian in a pussy eating contest!

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Though I probably wasn't suppose to vote since I haven't ever had a BJ from a woman, I think I would vomit, I almost vomited watching a guy get one from a girl in a porn one time.
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For the most part, Men give better head. Most of the women who have sucked my cock seem to be intimidated by it. Kind of like petting a snake. They will do it but it is moves they want to drop it. Men, on the other hand, will grab a snake and be the master of it. They grab it firmly and don't let it get away. The same with a cock. Men are more likely to grab hold of that cock and take charge. I also think a man better understands the importance of continuing stimulation through out the entire orgasm.
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Originally Posted by matt121matt121 View Post
Though I probably wasn't suppose to vote since I haven't ever had a BJ from a woman, I think I would vomit, I almost vomited watching a guy get one from a girl in a porn one time.
No you don't count.
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WideAndDeep-Heterosexual or straight men do not have sex with other men at all, even if it's just getting oral sex from a guy. You can have sex with men all you want and call yourself "straight" but we all know that you are a closeted bisexual or gay man and just in denial about how they are at least sexually attracted to men. That being said men give better head than women do.
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I'm straight and only had head from women, but all in all, women are not good at it. I've only been with one that knew what she was doing and got me off.
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guys, head, poll

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