Classic actors who are bi/gay in The Golden age of Hollywood...

I saw an interesting movie about the golden age of Hollywood....The Celluloid Closet...anyone interested in this thread should check it out.

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I saw an interesting movie about the golden age of Hollywood....The Celluloid Closet...anyone interested in this thread should check it out.

After explaining to my ex about a teacher who stuffed his pants in middle school:

"You don't need to stuff your pants" - her
"Why?" - me
"You know why" - her
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You should read The Sewing Circle, by Axel Madsen. It is about lesbians in the golden age of Hollywood, but there is mention of some of the men, too. Among the women---Garbo, Stanwyck, Crawford (a rumor about her problems with Bette Davis is that Crawford came on to Davis and she wanted nothing to do with it), Garland, Dietrich (bi), Miriam Hopkins (a rumor about her coming on to Davis too caused their problems. Supposedly, in one of their pictures together when Davis had to hit Hopkins, Hopkins was getting off on Davis hitting her and wanted her to keep redoing the take so she could keep getting hit. People there said it looked like Hopkins was loving it), Marjorie Main, Patsy Kelly, Spring Byington and more. Among the men mentioned, Cary Grant---who had a "long time relationship" with Randolph Scott---Flynn (bi), Tyrone Power (bi), Robert Taylor, and others already mentioned in some of your other posts. I had read a review of a book about Gary Cooper that mentioned that he had had a gay affair, but I couldn't find the book in the library to read it to see what it had to say. I read the review of the book about 5 years ago, and it was new at the time. I'd still like to find it. It was a Cooper biography and it happened to mention that affair.
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Originally Posted by pornographicpoet View Post
I saw an interesting movie about the golden age of Hollywood....The Celluloid Closet...anyone interested in this thread should check it out.
Absolutely, this a a great movie. I can also recommend the German documentary "Schau mir in die Augen, Kleiner". English title:"Here's Looking at you Boy. The Coming out of Queer Cinema" from 2007. Its focus is mainly on European movies from the last 20 years or so, but also recent American cinema (John Waters, Gus van Sant, etc) and it is based on film clips and interviews.
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Ethel Merman was bi, too. Plus, she was a huge homophobe, though.
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Some pics of Farley Granger who acknowledged his bi-sexuality in his 2004 autobiography Include Me Out.
Attached Images
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^^^ yeah, looks like a big nancy.

Maybe not from the sources you have called yours
Maybe not from the directions you are staring at
Twist your head around, it's all around you
All is full of love.
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lovsxy808, this is the funniest thing I've read on this site...
"When I die, I want to be 97, in my beach house in Maui, and I want my boyfriend to be so devastated he has to drop out of college."
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Originally Posted by brody View Post
Cary Grant?
While living with fellow actor Randolph Scott he was GAY and while married to Barbara Hutton ( Woolworth Heiress ) he was a LESBIAN.
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Don't think this has been mentioned, but Michael Redgrave, British actor from the 30's through the 60's and paterfamilias of the Hollywood Redgrave family (e.g. Vanessa Redgrave, Natasha Richardson, etc.) was allegedly bi.
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Michael Redgrave was not allegedly bisexual he was definitely bisexual. His son corin hs publicly acknowledged this on numerous occasions.
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elsa lancaster
tony perkins
kelli mcgilles
jodie foster
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Errol Flynn has never said he was bi-sexual or gay and it is pretty well known that anyone that says it only has gossip and rumors as proof.
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Tyrone Power
Edmund Purdom
Clifton Webb
Franklin Pangborn
Guy Madison
Rory Calhoun
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Denholm Elliott was also bisexual, too. His second wife, Susan, knew about her husband's bisexuality(hence Elliott confessing that he attended orgies of both male and female lovers while shooting Too Late For Hero as well as having a lot of male lovers even before he or when he met Susan) and published a book two years after his death entitled Denholm Elliott: Quest for Love.

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