Docotor says to stop sex for some time

Had to go to the doctor today 3 nights ago having sex with a firend we have don it before and she handles me "well" so there was no force needed After about 2 hours

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Docotor says to stop sex for some time

Had to go to the doctor today

3 nights ago having sex with a firend we have don it before and she handles me "well" so there was no force needed

After about 2 hours on the forth condom she could tell I was starting to wind up ... I like her we get on good but have own lives so she wante me to cum one last time

So chat movment all the normal stuff

I then got a pain in my lower body like I had been kicked in the navel

The pain went down to my crotch now geeting really uncofortable

It then raced along my dick emaa screamed and was actually pushed up my dick by 3 inches i had been going in at the time

She then had what had to be the best and longest orgasmin I have seen in a women

When I said I was saw even the head she agve me didnt help

So I went to the doctor and she said it was rare very rare but i have had a spasm of the casanova glad and to refraim from sex

She then gave me her personall number in case I need to call (yes i see that)

The question is? HAs this happed to anyone? and how long do I have to wait?


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Go get another MD. I realize that there is a problem with the English language here, and that makes the exact content of what has been said not as clear as it needs to be. There is no such thing as a "casanova gland"

You need a competent Urological Examination and your pain needs to be explained....
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I think you are mis-naming the Corpus-cavernosa corpus meaning body from Latin, cavernosa the word from which we get cavern. They are the two cylinders that lie on top of the third tube that contains the urethra (the tube which urine and sperm exit the penis). The lower tube being the Corpus-spongelium. There are no muscles connected to the cavernosa. However they are the most commonly damaged part of the penis. Any sharp bending can spell perones disease later in life and a lot of pain now.

An injury like this is pretty high risk to your sex life. If I were you I would be making an appointment with a Urologist. Here is a site with some authoratative information if you would like to look.

MedlinePlus: Penis Disorders
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I agree get a second opinion if only to put your mind at rest. But common sense would say to prevent causing major permament damage, then do rest it. Is sex that important to you that you cannot manage without it for a few weeks. MAn you need to find yourself a hobby or something.

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