How far can you shoot?

How far can you shoot your cum when you jack off? How many pumps of cum comes out? Pics are welcome

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How far can you shoot?

How far can you shoot your cum when you jack off? How many pumps of cum comes out? Pics are welcome
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3 to 4 feet. maybe bout 4 or 5 blasts.
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dont have pic's,but across the room.if sitting i can go over my head and my own face.i shoot a lot of cum,ppl always think its hot but i used to be embarrassed about it!

not anymore tho',chicks are like,wow!that's a lot or u got me in my face and all over.
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3 or 4 ropes

chest and face
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Always the same. Just a lot of talk!
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Six to eight feet if I'm super horny. Check out the vids in my profile if you don't believe (that's you, curiouspan =)...

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Originally Posted by shadow28 View Post
Six to eight feet if I'm super horny. Check out the vids in my profile if you don't believe (that's you, curiouspan =)...

Same...also if I'm trying to shoot, I grip different. Can also keep it from shooting.

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I dont shoot fare (1 foot would be fare for me when that happen) but I know some guy do, I heard it. So he's there something to take that will help, or its either you got it, either you dont?

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4 feet usually. you can see in the vids that i have on here that i only did about 5-6 sprays.. usually however, when im jerking off for a while it will be 8-9 sprays that go 4-5 feet when standing up. if im sitting it just goes all over my chest stomach and neck (i avoid the face)
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D_Jared Padalicki
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I would say: check my walls behind me
Let's say I have my moments when I can proudly shoot over my head on the wall behind me or on the ground... When that happens it's about two or three of those far-distance-shoots and then some little ones. That happens mostly after a good edging session
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Never measured, but I can shoot quite a distance. Probably 6-8 feet, though that's a total guess. My cum has overshot my girlfriend on to the wall once following rear entry, so at least 4-5 feet for sure. I squeeze on my PC muscles, then just let go, and following that, squeeze right below the glans to constrict the cross section. Hence it travels further and harder. Much like what would happen if you squeeze a pipe to shorten the area of flow at the point of exit. Less area = more pressure for the fluid.
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B_Artful Dodger

Probably about a metre - Anywhere between 3 and 8 shots
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Depends on a list of many variables...i have my kids this weekend so i haven't had a chance to juice in 3 days...tonight's should be epic lol

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Hm, usually I only dribble if it's a really short j/o session, but if I edge for a few hours I can shoot a few ropes a couple feet. Video in my gallery of a smaller one from an edge session. Been trying to do kegels to shoot further.

How about you jackingoff10 ;-).
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Well something like this, sometimes further and it always gets messy lol!

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