So I gave my first blowjob, and this is how it went

Well let me first say that I have been poking around this site for about a year now with very low level actual interaction. I got curious about dick size, googled it, then got here.

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So I gave my first blowjob, and this is how it went

Well let me first say that I have been poking around this site for about a year now with very low level actual interaction. I got curious about dick size, googled it, then got here. Soon I was checking this site, along with the other porn sites, a couple times a week just admiring the size of the penis. Now this "cock curiosity" turned into a real curiosity about the physical actualities of big cock. So here I am trolling this site and the net for huge cock, gay or straight it didn't matter I was watching it. Now the thought began to enter my mind of trying to actually meet up with a big cock, just to check it out. Now by check it out, I mean blow it. So I wanted to blow a big dick and was very close to attempting to meet one from this site. Well instead I decided to admit to a good gay friend of mine that I had this desire to blow a cock. I told him I felt this way for a little while now, that I wanted to stick a big, hard cock in my mouth. Well after some back and forth, I asked him about his cock. Now I know this was a shot in the dark, just because he was gay doesn't mean he would let me anywhere near his dick but hey let's try. It just so happened that this gay friend of mine had a huge cock. He told me the dimensions, 8 inch long x 4 inch around, and I was immediatly intrigued. So much talk went back and forth, he even sent me pictures. Looking at the pictures definately got me hard, but did not look like the dimensions quoted to me; but fuck I was in. I was ready to lick balls, swallow warm cum, the whole deal. So we eventually met up, had some food and I got a lil' tipsy, but I was still down. So off we go to his apartment, where the deal would be done. We talked for a while, about him being gay and how life has been. During this the alcohol was creeping its way through my body making me very horny. I He lay next to me on his side talking, and I would take short glances at his crotch just wondering what his cock would look like; I would then look away wondering if he noticed. I started to feel more and more courageous so I would subtly say in the midst of conversation that his cock was big, or just mention it was huge. At this point I think he noticed the change in conversation and he asked me if I wanted to see it. I replied with a faint yes and he unbuttoned his jeans. He asked if I wanted him to just take everything off, and I remember responding only with a small yes gesture and down they went. Up to this point in my life only two or three times in a lockerroom have I ever even seen another penis, none of them worth remembering, nonetheless erect. Holy shit this cock is big. It is fully erect, black and shiny in its dominance. It has an upward curve to it and the weight is amazing. All the porn I have ever seen and this cock was making it real. I jerked a couple times, trying to force myself to taste it. As soon as he said why don't you kiss it, I thought to myself, let's suck it. So there I was sucking a big black dick. I wanted to go all out so I stuck the cock in mouth as comfortably in my mouth as I could and went at it. The thickness of the cock took me by surprise as it was in my mouth. I licked the shaft up and down, remembering one piece of advice a lpsg member gave me about keeping it shiny. I worked up some saliva and spit on it to make it wet. I then went for the balls, which for the size of the cock, where smaller, but very loose. I put one in my mouth and sucked on it a lil; I didn't like that much. I went back to huge cock, licked it some more. I used my tongue on his head, flicked the frenulum a lil, looking for signs of explosion. I took my head away and jerked it hard hoping to ge out the cum, but to no avail. I took the base and slapped it against his leg, I was in awe of the immense size. I then went back down and sucked on it some more. I quickly got bored howver, see I was hoping to get some sexual pleasure of my own out if it. Not getting my dicked suck or even touched by him, that was ok, but I was hoping at least to get hard. I was hoping to at least masterbate, maybe even compare tools, but it just was not as arousing as I had hoped. I asked him if he was close to cumming, and he grabbed his cock and started to quickly jerk his cock up and down. I inched closer to his cock waiting for the cum, at this point I was in till the end. Then he finally came, I put my mouth on his head in hopes of getting it all in my mouth. I tasted the whole thing, as I pulled my head away I saw some of it all over his cock, it was quite a mess. He got up and reached over to his hamper to grab something to clean his dick and I headed to the bathroom. I turned the water on to rinse my mouth, and then looked up in the mirror. I had cum all over my mouth. I rinsed it off and reached for some green listerene and rinsed my mouth out. Cum is not very good tasting. So that was it, I sucked a big black cock. All in all I got it out of my system. As amazing and impressive as the cock is I don't think I will returning to giving head. Maybe I would give it a handjob or watch him jerk off, but I cannot see giving him another blow. It def. makes big cock even more impressive, considering there are bigger cocks out there. This was all true, any questions?
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I think it's great the way you approached this, tried it, and made a decision, not based on whether others would think badly of you, but rather if it was something that you liked or not.

Congrats on finding out for yourself.

My questions would be, do you find your friend attractive? And this is not asked in a "gay" way, but just is he an attractive fellow? What do you feel wasn't a turn on for you?

Thanks very much for sharing
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Thats very interesting. I think its great that you were brave enough to try something so new to you and even braver to post it here. You will no doubt get replies with diverse comments, but I would just like to say that you must be very secure in your sexuality and just be sure your friend knows that that was a one time deal so that he does not get his feelings hurt thinking you have a deeper sexual interest in him. By the way, I dont like cum taste either!
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good on you for trying something new, most people would be far too concerned with whether other people might label them for just trying it out!
its nice to be able to make an informed decision before choosing whether you like something or not.
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Cool that you did that, tried it to see if you'd like it. I wish more guys would be so experimental, and moreso, as honest about the experience. At least now you know.

Good for you bro.
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Great recap. One hope in the future. If you write something this long, it is easier to read if you break it up into paragraphs.

About it taking so long, now you know what women can go through when they complain about being tired.

Sucking balls is an acquired taste, as is tasting cum. You suck on the balls partly to get him more excited to make him come faster and to give you a break from sucking.

It was great that you were willing to try something and who knows maybe in the future you will want to try again,, and then you will have more knowledge. At the minimum you have opened your eyes to another side of life that some of us do enjoy.
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I think he fell short a bit... it would have been nice for him to at least offer to give you some attention in return - even if you had declined, at least you might have had the option to potentially enjoy yourself a bit more.
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thanks all again for the support, for the record I would put him in the attractive column. And as for getting anything, back, maybe, but a guy doesn't get me hard at all. I mean im sure if he just went at it, then yea i may get hard and eventually cum, but it would be difficult. We did kinda glance over but i didn't push it.
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Originally Posted by ctowner84 View Post
thanks all again for the support, for the record I would put him in the attractive column. And as for getting anything, back, maybe, but a guy doesn't get me hard at all. I mean im sure if he just went at it, then yea i may get hard and eventually cum, but it would be difficult. We did kinda glance over but i didn't push it.
Tell you what a mouth is a mouth. If he is good odds are you will get hard. Close your eyes and imagine Angelina

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HI Ctowner84!

Thanks for sharing your experience. You could recall very well how you felt and what you have been thinking! Many of us can confirm that sucking a cock is like you described it.

The original deal was that you wanted to suck a huge cock. Your gay friend agreed with that. You told him that you wanted to try it, but that you didnít have gay-feelings. I think that this was the main reason for him to do nothing in return. Maybe if you had asked him to play with your cock while you were doing his, he would have tried.

I admire you for telling at the end that this was a one time experience. Iím curios to know what you have told your gay friend. Did he understand? Did he tell you if he found it difficult to keep his hands off? Part of his arousal could have been seeing you naked or at least with an erection too.

Now you told that your friend is huge Ė I personally think that 8 x 4 is above average if you take the length, but not thick at all Ė you make me curious about your penis size?

It isn't the size that matters but the character!
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well I commend you for giving it a shot. bj's aren't for everyone. But if you still like big cocks maybe you just need a j/o buddy.
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Ctowner, I feel the same feeling that you had. I'm fascinated by big cocks and would like to try sucking one. I would like to feel the soft cock getting hard in my mouth as I work the head and massage his big hanging balls. Just a fantasy right now, but maybe some day...
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Did you ever find out what size your friend's dick really is ctowner? Eight inches long is long, but four inches around is really skinny. You said it is really thick. Must be more like six inches around. It sounds like you went all out. Good job.
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Interesting read, thanks for that. I'm wondering though. I tend to think that this won't be the last of it. After some time I think you will start to wonder about various aspects and I also think the desire will likely resurface. Time will tell anyway.

I think it would have been an entirely different experience for you were you getting sucked off at the same time. Perception is everything, but even perception itself is dynamic and changes according to experience before, during and after events. It's just like, for example, somebody being turned on by getting their nipples pinched. Whatever they are doing, it's going to be a more pleasurable experience if that's happening than if it's not.
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good story, made me hard
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blowjob , gave

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