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Originally Posted by Meniscus Check out this bulge/VPL. (Sorry if this is a repost.) 008s.jpg (image) 008.jpg (image) More pics here: Big bulge collection: Best of Kellan Lutz Huge Bulge and VPL - HQ Pics...

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Originally Posted by Meniscus View Post
Check out this bulge/VPL. (Sorry if this is a repost.)
008s.jpg (image)
008.jpg (image)

More pics here:
Big bulge collection: Best of Kellan Lutz Huge Bulge and VPL - HQ Pics...
Just wow! If it looks that thick when it's soft, I can't even imagine how thick and juicy it is when he's hard.
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Here is the original to that photo....

Go! Rio Go! by Matthias Vriens-McGrath | Homotography
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Pattinson is ugly.
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Lutz's bod is extraordinary, of course.
He also seems (and here I'm taking a wild guess) like quite a nice person.

In this video, I get a gay vibe, starting at 0.42. Talking to a smitten male fan, he stands back and touches his right leg and then scratches a forearm. There's also something sexual in his posture. He's flirting a bit.

Or at least one can hope.

"Conan! What is best in life?"

"To crush your enemies -- see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!"

That's barbaric, kidz.

Don't try this at home.

~ ConanTheBarber (but you can call me Connie)
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Hmm I think I can see a cock outline but im not 100% sure looks a little fake also not saying it is, looks good tho I would imagine him being small but fat,
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I'd be willing to bed he's got a thick beer can dick
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yeah he has a nice dick
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I first saw him in a Calvin Klein web commercial. He was hot and interesting. ("What are you looking at ?") Obvious circumcision outline.

I then saw him in "Heroes" in one episode and was very disapointed, it looked boring and was dressed to make him look very average, as was his facial/speech emotion.
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It might be a litte strange to say this on a Penis sopport Group Site but:

With that face....

Especially those lips....

These eyes ....(and beard stubbles, chin,cute hair...Eyebrows*sigh*.)

That smile(!)

And this amazing stunning, hellfire-hot body

I dont care about his penis. I dont care about its lenght, grith or anything.
Not even if he is shaved
Kellan Lutz Online: Click image to close this window

But whatever. Move on guys :D

...just for Fun

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See, this is what I'm seeing when I look at that bulge: It's a little bit misleading.

I think he has a h u g e head, but is pretty average. He's not a grower...possibly an inch more when fully torqued, but the reason his bulge is so pronounced is because of huge huevos. If you'll notice, when his junk is in movement, the entire package moves but if it was only his cock that was huge you'd see a lot of swinging back and forth.

That's just an...obvservation, lol!

I don't have to do nothin but stay black and die.
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Id blow him either way!
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I love how people say he is a grower, because you can tell...
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I so wish I could suck his cock! I always foundhim sexy esp the several bulge shots out there. You know he's freeballing on purpose to get snapped by paparazi!
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