Your son-in-law naked?

If I had a son-in-law, you bet I'd maneuver a way to see him naked. Definitely.

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If I had a son-in-law, you bet I'd maneuver a way to see him naked. Definitely.


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OK...to get to your question. Yeah, I had a similar feeling when I first married. I was definitely not shy about changing in a locker room with guys but went swimming with my wife's family at the Y and her father was so cool with it. Casual, normal, manly response. I think he would be like most father in laws and not sexualize the situation in the least. We are in a locker room. We change. We talk as we change. We shower, we leave. Yeah, he was from Europe (Switzerland).
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It hasn't come up yet but I'm sure it will as my daughter is now 21 and seriously dating one young man.
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Originally Posted by caseyinbc View Post
It hasn't come up yet but I'm sure it will as my daughter is now 21 and seriously dating one young man.
You might want to find out if he has a big piece of meat and fast
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D_Hacffurthe Eatprick

I am often self-conscious of being naked in front of other people except at the gym for some reason. I guess its me being aware that others are as much or more self conscious as me and i don't want them to feel embarrassed. Having spent several years at boarding school I got used to being naked and up close with other guys. There wasn't much opportunity to be alone and I got used to having to share my space and privacy with others. When I left school I had to adjust to not invading people's privacy. This was the case with my in-laws when they took me into their family. I had to be careful not to cross established boundaries for quite a while.
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Is this really something to worry about? I have to say...I am married for more than a quarter century and I've never even come close to see either of my in-laws naked.

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Feel free to ignore my advice...but disregard me at your peril.

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I don't know I wouldnt want to see my son-in-law if the guy was huge. I wouldnt want to think of what he was doing to my daughter with that weapon. lol. but if he was small, i would treat him like my little son in law bitch
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i've been to an all male russian bath with my father-in-law twice. the first time i felt a little akward so i made an excuse so i didn't have to undress with him. the second time, i was the one that was naked first and letting it all hang out and he seemed a bit shy.
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I think it's a potentially awkward thing. I would actively avoid changing with my father in law. I can't really explain why.

But my best friend plays squash with his father in law once every few weeks, so it's presumably not a problem for them.
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my father in law saw my cock and wanted to suck it. he kinda tricked me into showing it. we were watching porn when i was in High School and i told him I needed to go home and rub one out. He said for me not to be shy and pulled his out. He was tiny so I wasn't worried about it all then he started blowing me....then I felt a little awkward.
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my father in law blew me off in high school before i became his son in law. He kinda tricked me into it, but then i gave him a mouthful. Wasn't planning on it but when he saw my cock he went down on it.??? What else was I gonna do?
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I don't understand why it would be a problem at all, for either him or the f-i-l or whatever. You go to the gym say, you sweat,you shower, etc. Even if he sees "what you've got" and he is bound to at least see it, do you really think he would think more or less of you based on how big you are? I doubt it. All he is concerned about is you keeping his daughter happy and that is not always about sex at all. If you are a good guy, and your dick is small will he think less of you? I don't think so....his daughter is happy is all that matters to him. He is your father-in-law and frankly, if I had a daughter and went to work out with my son-in-law, I am NOT looking at his dick to see what he is giving to my daughter. If I see it when we shower or something, no big deal at all. I don't understand the hangups someone would have with this.

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Originally Posted by europeandude View Post
I'd like to ask all of fathers-in-law, if you have seen your son-in-law cock?
Or just dads, have u seen your daugther's bf cock?

And adversely, have u seen your father-in-law or gf's dad naked?

Did it come easily for u to undress in front of him in lockerroom and shower together after gym or swiming?
I haven't seen any.

Originally Posted by europeandude View Post
Sorry, my english is maybe not perfect ;)

I thought today about my shyness, what would I do if i go to the gym or pool with my gf's father. I guess, it would be hard for me to undress and shower without any shyness. That's why I asked about fathers' feelings...
when at the gym or pool behave the same as always, like you'd be with any other men, it's a changing and cleanup area just men cleaning up and getting dressed, what's the big deal??.
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This thread begs the question for men: "What other men do you feel most comfortable being naked with?"

The answers are usually these: 1. complete strangers. 2. Close friends. 3. Casual acquaintances. 4. Relatives

I have been in all these situations. I can honestly say that relatives are the most awkward, especially "in-law" relatives, but I see no reason why sons-in-laws, brothers-in-laws, fathers-in-law, etc. should not see each other naked.

naked, soninlaw

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