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Jen was doing her best to please Adam and to please this god given fuck stick now in her hands. She kissed and licked and sucked the tip of his cock, lapping up the pre-cum

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Jen was doing her best to please Adam and to please this god given fuck stick now in her hands. She kissed and licked and sucked the tip of his cock, lapping up the pre-cum oozing from it. Adam reached out and placed his hands at the back of Jen’s head and began to lightly fuck her mouth. Jen could not get her mouth open wide enough to even get the tip of his gargantuan cock head into her mouth. “Oh Adam, you are so thick I can’t even get my mouth open wide enough to give you decent head!” Jen was almost dismayed. Then it did hit Jen, and she felt true despair: I may not even be able to get this monster into my pussy. Oh, what if I can’t even please him or his beautiful cock?

Adam was arriving at the same conclusion. Last time she had taken him at this size; then suddenly it hit Adam: last time, they had started off with him much less thick and long! He began to think – what are my options now? Call Kelli and have her come over and work some magic? Then he had it: I need to make my cock ‘soft’ so she can both suck it and I can get it in her pussy. Last time when it was soft, it was about 11” long but more importantly, about 6.5” wide, that should work he reasoned. “Jen I’m going to make myself softer to start and then when you’re ready, I can let myself get hard again.”

Jen was relieved, and then puzzled “You can do that?” “I think I can manage it, but you’ll have to let go of my cock for a moment – I don’t need any more distraction than you’re already giving me” Adam said with a chuckle. Jen let go of his penis and sat at his feet. Her body would make any man hard and her tits were especially inviting. Adam walked over to the bed and lay on his back, closing his eyes, willing his cock to be soft. After a bit, Adam could tell it was working, he didn’t feel as hard and he could tell he was shrinking some.

Jen said “Its working, Adam! You are getting a little smaller – relatively speaking of course!” Relative was right, Adam was going ‘back’ to 11” by 6.5” bigger than most cocks either of them had ever seen. Jen asked “Are you ready to start lover?” Adam replied “I think we can get started now…” Again Jen straddled him and had his cock and ball sack just in front of her wet, waiting pussy. “Do you mind if we go straight to the fucking and pass the sucking for now?” Adam said “That’s fine with me – any sucking right now would just make me harder and bigger again…”

Jen began the same way as last time; she pressed her pussy against Adam’s shaft and began gliding up and down on it. Her wet pussy was providing all the lubrication either needed. Adam fought to maintain control and not let himself get too turned on and hard. Jen was in heaven with this huge ‘soft’ cock between her pussy lips. “Adam, you’re smaller, but I can’t believe how solid and firm you still are!” Jen continued to stroke Adam’s cock with the outside of her pussy. “You’d better think about putting me in before I lose control Jen.” Jen smiled, saying “Are you about to lose it big fella?” Jen lowered her upper body to let Adam suck her tits and hard nipples. As she did so, she glided up towards the tip of Adam’s still fleshy, but firm cock.

As she reached the end of the shaft, Adam flexed his cock and up it jumped and fit neatly into the opening of Jen’s pussy. “MMmm , oh yes, big boy; I love the feel of your cock at my opening. I’m gonna fuck you now Adam…” Adam raised his hips and gave her three inches of semi-soft dick into her waiting pussy. “Oh my god, Adam, your cock is hard enough to force its way into my pussy. You are so big. You are hung like a horse Adam!” Jen began devouring his cock an inch at a time with every thrust. Adam began picking up the pace and began to let go of trying to hold back with getting fully hard.

Jen’s mouth opened and her eyes opened wider still “OH MY GOD; you’re getting hard now aren’t you baby? Oh Adam, I didn’t think it could get any better than that! Oh Adam, my pussy has missed you so much! I am all yours baby, fuck me now!! Fuck me harder!!! OH YES ADAM!; YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM!!” Adam began fucking and slipped into a trance; his cock now took over. It was seeking to please and to be pleased; to dominate and conquer. Adam’s cock grew to its pre-appointed proportions.

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Jen just looked down at the growing, thickening shaft that now protruded from her pussy. There were enough inches left to clearly see how thick he had become. She marveled at how she seemed sort of suspended on Adam’s cock and how strong it felt inside her. Adam was squeezing her tits and then holding her hips as he fucked her. He hit bottom on every stroke and she was stretched to the max. She was impaled on Adam’s thick fuck pole and even if she could, she didn’t want to do anything about it except to make it continue.

Across town, a curious thing was happening to Kelli. She had decided to lay down on their bed totally naked. As Jennifer had her first orgasm, Kelli could feel it welling up in her groin too. Then it had burst upon her and she smiled. She knew Adam was fucking her friend and making her cum. Kelli knew she was in for an afternoon of one orgasm after another. She laughed. Her pussy shivered from the pleasure and Kelli squeezed her big tits. She fingered her snatch which was already wet. She was getting off just being by herself without having to do any work to get there!

After a bit, Jen’s phone rang. She was still sitting on Adam’s fuck pole currently in between orgasms. She saw it was Kelli, so she answered it. “Hi Kel! What’s up?” Kelli responded with a laugh, “Oh I think I know what’s up and you’re on it, if I’m not mistaken!” “You sure got that right, girl! Thanks for sharing him with me Kel…mmm oh my god!, uh, sorry Kel, your boyfriend is making me CUM again!” Kelli knew all too well: she too, had just had another orgasm. Jen’s tits were full and her nipples hard and sticking out. She lowered them to Adam and he licked and sucked on them. Jen moaned and groaned as Adam continued a steady pace of fucking her hole.

“Kel, I don’t know how you handle this stud! He is fucking my pussy so good with his huge, thick horse cock! Uhnhuh! Oh MY GOD, I’m cumming again!! Across town, Kelli bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as the new orgasm swept over her body… “Oh, I manage to take care of him, Jen. I’m not without my tricks too…” Now Adam flexed his cock muscle fully inserted into Jen’s tight pussy. The tingling sensation sent Jen into another wave of pleasure. “OH SHIT! OH ADAM! I don’t know WHAT you are doing, but don’t stop!!! Please keep fucking me!!!” Kelli smiled as she too caught the next waves of pleasure. “Isn’t that fabulous?” Kelli was asking. “OH Kel, I don’t know what he does, but that tingling sensation is better than a vibrator! Oh my god, I can’t believe how good that feels!!”

Now Adam sat up and moved with ease with Jen still impaled on his fuck stick, to the head of the bed where he sat up with Jen sitting on his cock facing him. “Give him your big tits Jen; he loves big tits!” Kelli was saying. Jen didn’t need coaching in this department. She had the goods and she knew how to use them. She sat up and pressed her huge melons against Adam’s chest. Adam smiled and said “I love your big tits Jen!” Then he reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands and began to pump her up and down on his 14” fuck pole. Adam’s thickness was as big a turn on as Jen’s hot body. He loved the feeling of power and domination that his cock gave him. His cock was hard as rock and as strong as steel.

Jen was totally amazed. Adam was dead lifting her up and down as he would free weights. His muscles rippled as he flexed them steadily. “Oh Adam, you big stud, I can’t believe you can do that…” then into the phone “Oh Kel, he’s pumping me like a set of weights! OHHHHH! Oh my god, yes, YES, YES, YES!!!” as another orgasm swept her body. “He’s a stud Jen; he’s got the complete package!” Kelli was saying between the heavy breathing she was doing every time her orgasm came. “Kel, I’m going to let you go, I don’t think I can talk any more…” Kelli agreed and let her go.

Adam and Jen fucked for hours that day. Adam would give her cum baths and completely cover her chest. Once they had her stretched out, he could enter her with relative ease and Jen felt as though she had a vacuum whenever Adam’s cock wasn’t in her pussy. She marveled at Adam’s stamina and couldn’t believe he never got soft and always had as much cum the next time as the first. They tried every position that Jen or Adam could think of. She came in every position every time and whenever Adam would flex his cock muscle, she would nearly faint from the pleasure.
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“Have you ever been able to get this cock into any other woman?” “Not at this size”, Adam said truthfully. “But I’ve managed to put it all in a few ladies, including Kelli.” “I don’t understand how she could handle this monster…” Adam changed the subject by flexing his cock and fucking Jen faster. The combination of flexing and speed made Jen have multiple orgasms so close together that she finally passed out from the pleasure. She became as limp as a dishrag on Adam’s cock and he fucked her a bit longer, then pulling out sprayed cum all over her body and her delicious tits.

Jen’s phone rang again and Adam could see it was Kelli, so he answered. “Did you just make her faint?” Kelli was asking. “Yeah, I’m afraid I did” Adam said laughing. “I nearly did from this end except I knew what was coming. I had wave after wave of orgasms and then one big one. I’m glad I was lying down at the time…” Kelli said laughing. “Well lay her on the bed and cover her up and come home, mister. You’ve got some more work to do before your day is done…” Adam did as Kelli had suggested and went home.

Adam was huge and smelled of Jen’s juices. Kelli jumped his bones as soon as he walked in the door. “My god, I don’t know which is better, getting fucked by you or having an orgasm because you’re fucking someone else!” “I prefer to make you cum by fucking you!” Adam said. Then Adam fucked Kelli and made her cum. Several times.
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Wow man...love your work!!! Awesome stuff there.

Seems we have a bit in common in the sort of stories we like to write. You can check all mine out at Literotica.com - Members - twoup - Submissions
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Thank you. This is my first effort. I've read your stuff here on LPSG and have also been inspired by your work.
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Chapter 9 – Strip Poker

Kelli had her answer – she could, no make that would (it was hardly voluntarily) cum whenever Adam was fucking her or someone else! How delicious was that? As had become customary, whenever she dwelt on Adam’s cock, her pussy would begin to tingle and get wet. She had taken to wearing pads sometimes when she couldn’t get Adam off her mind because it was easier than changing soaking wet panties all the time.

Although she regularly made Adam’s cock big, sometimes she would start with him in his natural state and then cause him to grow inside of her. That had such an amazing effect, she couldn’t believe it. Even Adam commented on how good it felt to grow inside her and get big and tight. That was the way they discovered Adam’s gift and the way they first introduced Adam’s cock to Jen.

They had even discovered that Kelli could give Adam’s cock its ‘marching instructions’ and have it perform upon arrival – just as they had initially discovered also – by touching Adam and saying ‘I want your cock to fill Jen’s pussy…’ When Adam would get there at whatever size Kelli had him, he would then expand to fill Jen’s waiting and wanton snatch fully and completely. They had continued to take care of Jen, sometimes together and sometimes with Adam going solo. Jen continued to believe (and rightly so) that she was the only one who could take Adam at his largest and fullest manhood. Kelli wondered if they could ever find another pussy that could stretch that much and then let Adam fuck it… she licked her lips in anticipation as the orgasms when Adam was that large seemed to be slightly more intense.

Kelli wasn’t worried at all about having Adam fuck some other girl or girls. As for herself, she knew no other man would ever be able to excite her, fill her, then dominate her the way Adam’s cock, uh no, the way Adam could. She was hooked on the guy and especially his monstrous penis. She now began to plan different excursions and people to involve in satisfying and showing off Adam and his amazing penis. Only the thought of fucking Adam and his huge cock got her more excited than thinking of sharing Adam with unsuspecting friends and strangers.

It didn’t take long for her to widen their circle of friends for Adam’s own private harem. She invited Sherry, Paige and Heather over to the house. She had mentioned to her girlfriends that they might want to be prepared to get naked if the situation arose and that they should primp and shave and do all the things they would do as if going on a date with a hunk. She instructed them to wear their sexiest bathing suits under their cover-ups. Kelli assured them they would love her plans and that they should just trust her.

The girls arrived and Kelli had drinks and beer for the girls. They were disappointed when they realized that Adam was not home. Kellie said Adam would be home pretty soon from his lifeguarding at the pool. The girls brightened at that. They enjoyed having Adam around not only to ogle, but also because he was fun to talk with and they also enjoyed the good natured flirting and camaraderie that had developed between them as friends.

As Adam roared up on his Harley, he noticed the multiple cars in the driveway and on the street. Damn, he thought. He was particularly horny at the moment and really had thought about nothing but fucking the stuffing out of Kelli for the rest of the day. He was dressed in his new lifeguard suit – a one piece tank that he had helped to choose as an alternate to the Speedos that the men wore. That had become necessary to partially help hide / camouflage his now bigger than usual penis. His new usual size now made wearing a Speedo ridiculous, unless he wasn’t leaving the house or wanted to just show off. His cock was hard in anticipation of fucking Kelli and her big tits. Well, he thought, I’ll just let whoever is in there have a ‘small’ show.

As Adam opened the door, he noticed people in the room and slowly he came to realize that he was the only man. There was Sherry, his lifeguard colleague, and then Paige and Heather – but no boyfriends. Each of the girls had a drink or beer in hand and was clearly excited and for some reason – seemed anxious. They were all dressed as though they were ready to go for a swim. Each of the girls was tanned and toned. Their long legs and flat stomachs were generally visible and all, including Heather’s full C up tits, had a good amount of cleavage and bosom showing. Adam met their eyes individually, and one by one, he smiled at them.

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Adam greeted the ladies and they each responded to him. Every girl noticed Adam’s bulge and recognized it as a rock hard erection in his suit. It was hard to miss the outline of his cock under his suit. Kelli came up and greeted him with a cold beer and a welcome home kiss. She rubbed her hips up against his crotch and his rock hard erection. As she ground her hips into his, she whispered “I’ve got a surprise planned for you!” into his ear. Adam began to grin. Here was, he thought and hoped, a real life fantasy playing out before him. The warmth of Kelli’s body, especially her boobs left an invisible mark on Adam’s chest and stomach. Adam said, “So are we going for a swim?” One by one the girls giggled and looked around, looked down as Kelli said “I think we’ll stay in doors and maybe play a game.”

The tension in the air was growing, but it was not uncomfortable. Someone said “Maybe some cards…” followed by “Yeah, maybe some poker?” “How about a game of strip poker!?” Adam’s head was whirling. Kelli said “yeah, that’s what I had in mind…” a sexy grin playing at her lips. Actually the girls had already discussed the game. Adam blurted out “Strip Poker? Are you ladies sure? Could be some naked bodies showing around here!” laughing as he said it. Paige piped up and said “That’s the general idea, big fella.” Heather was saying “Think you can handle it, stud?” “Are you afraid that we’ll beat your pants off, Adam?” Sherry was saying. Everyone laughed.

Adam was fairly off-balance. This was the last thing he was expecting. In another time and place, he would have been both excited, then intimidated by a bevy of beautiful girls ganging up on him. Talk about anxiety, trying to satisfy four women back to back! He couldn’t wrap his head around it! But now he knew he could perform and satisfy each and every one of the girls more than once, if necessary… Adam was drawn back into the present with “Come on into the kitchen where we can all sit around the table.” This would be closest to the cold beer and drinks and it was sure to be a long, hot afternoon and evening.

The girls were hot looking and smelled delicious. None of their perfumes conflicted, yet all were different. There was a nice fragrance in the air. It also smelled of sex. There was an air of anticipation. Adam took a swig of beer. They all decided where to sit with Kelli opposite of Adam. Paige and Heather were on either side of Adam and Sherry was between Kelli and Paige. The cards were already on the table and Adam realized this had been planned for a while at least. The girls had started drinking before Adam had gotten home, but they were not too far ahead and were not drunk – yet. They were just pleasantly happy and were loosing what little inhibition they had left around Adam and Kelli.

The girls each had on a two piece suit plus a cover-up; Adam had a T-shirt over his one piece tank suit. Adam lightly protested that he only had two pieces of clothing while everyone else had three. Kelli just simply said, “Yeah that’s too bad hun…” laughing as she said it. One of the other girls suggested that he could peel his top of his suit down to his waist to count as an additional piece of clothing. All laughed and said things like “It won’t matter anyway”, “Poor Guy, being outnumbered by all these girls”, “Like that is going to make a difference anyway”, and “What’s the matter Adam, are you afraid we’ll see some skin?”

The rules were decided and every time someone lost, they lost a piece of clothing. It wouldn’t take too much time before some or all were totally naked which, of course, was how Kelli had planned it. Adam actually lost the first hand losing his t-shirt right off the bat. Kelli, Paige, and Heather also lost to Sherry, so each of the girls took their cover-ups off. There was a lot of skin showing at the table. The drinks continued. Then Kelli won a hand and Sherry doffed her cover-up while Paige and Heather had to make an interesting decision. Adam peeled the straps to his tank suit off his arms and pushed his suit to his waist.

Both Paige and Heather were slightly self-conscious as they decided to remove their tops. Out sprang their delicious tits with each girl’s nipples hard. Kelli was watching Adam’s reaction and was delighted that he couldn’t take his eyes off of either of the girls as he swiveled his head back and forth. Then Adam won a hand and Kelli and Sherry both took their tops off. Heather and Paige had folded so all the girls still had their bottoms on. On the next hand, everyone else folded as Sherry, Kelli and Adam stayed in.

Sherry won. Kelli stood and removed her bottom piece. All eyes turned towards Adam as he stood and began to remove his suit completely. His rock hard erection was now clearly defined as he didn’t even try to keep it soft with so many beautiful girls and naked tits begging for attention. The room grew quiet. Adam was milking this moment for all it was worth. He got to his bulge and stopped.
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“Are you ladies sure you’re ready for this?” The chorus rose up from the women “Come on Adam!”, “You lost Adam!”, “Come on Adam pay up!” Adam proceeded to strip oh so deliberately. Kelli knew he was sporting the 13” boner she had given him this morning and she could hardly wait for the girl’s reactions. Adam peeled the suit past his engorged penis. It sprung out straight in front of him, veins popping out, his huge ball sack hanging perfectly under his throbbing shaft. Pre-cum moistened the tip of his cockhead.

The reactions ranged from silent awe with hand covering the open mouth, to a half whispered “oh my god!” and hand covering an open mouth, to an audible gasp also with hand covering mouth, to a grinning Kelli saying “That’s my boy!” The girls were transfixed by Adam’s cock and they just stared. The moment seemed to last for an eternity. Adam drank in the silent awe and admiration from the women. Then he announced, “I guess we’d better see who winds up winning, right? “as he sat back down. This momentarily broke the silence and the girls, giggling and laughing, said “Yeah we need to hurry up and finish this game!!”

The girls could hardly take their eyes off of Adam’s chest and biceps. His cock began to make an appearance too – Adam needed to flex it now and again and when he did it came from laying in his lap to standing straight up and peeking up past the table. The girls all stopped to look and finally after it had happened enough times, they would say “Control IT Adam!” and “Now watch yourself big fella, we don’t want anything to get hurt there” and “Oh are you getting excited now big boy?” Paige and Heather had great views of Adam’s lap and were constantly ogling and losing track of when it was their turn. Every now and then, Adam would stroke his cock when it stood straight up. The girls were wet and had completely lost their inhibitions by this point. Sometimes they squeezed their tits or nipples and pulled on them. Sometimes they were rubbing their clit and slipping a finger up their pussy.

With Adam and Kelli out, it wasn’t long before Paige and Heather were also nude and Sherry only had a bottom on. Sherry brightly announced, “I win!” looking straight at Adam. Sherry’s big chest was second only to Kelli’s fabulous rack. Her nipples were big and round and fully hard. She flicked her tongue and bit her bottom lip sexily. Adam in mocked surprise said “What is the prize, Kelli?” All the girls looked at Adam and in unison said “You are stud.” Adam smiled and blushed.

Sherry stood and removed her bottom piece, showing her perfectly trimmed bush. Her snatch was wet and almost looked as if it were ready to drip. The girls were in lust and awe as Adam stood allowed himself to be led by the hand from the room. Sherry led Adam to his bedroom where after closing the door, she turned and said “This time I don’t need my time card punched; what I need now is for my pussy to be punched by that huge cock of yours…” She reached out and grabbed Adam’s cock, squeezing it and began stroking it. Adam pulled her close in an embrace with his cock pointed up reaching in between Sherry’s generous breasts. Her tits pressed against Adam’s chest.

Sherry said “You’ve grown since the last time I saw you! And your were plenty big then! But I’m not complaining one bit!” Adam said, “Yepper, I’m a little bigger than I was the first time we got together. Sherry, I’m going to fuck you with my big, thick penis and make you cum all over it!” Sherry just responded “I was hoping you’d say something like that! I’m all yours mister!” They kissed and Sherry grew even more wet from just embracing Adam’s beautifully hard body and having this overgrown hard cock sticking between her boobs. She bent her head down and began to give Adam head. She sucked and licked the huge rod sticking between her breasts. Then she began to fuck Adam’s cock with her breasts. She squeezed them together forming around his big, hard, erection and stroked him up and down as she mouthed his cockhead and swallowed his pre-cum.

She said, “You must be at least twice as big as you were the first time we fucked! Your cock is so big and thick, mmm oh my god I want you!” Adam said “You like my bigger cock, don’t you? It is so hard right now, I want to stick it in your tight little pussy!” Sherry simply said “Oh you big dicked stud, you’re going to hurt my little pussy, but I want you so bad! But first I want you to spray my big tits with your hot cum! I want you to shoot a load all over my chest!” Sherry had both hands on Adam’s cock and now Adam put both of his hands on his cock and they moved in unison, up and down his shaft. There were still several inches of cock left between the two sets of hands and Sherry locked on and started sucking the tip for all she was worth. Unbeknownst to Adam and Sherry, the others had crept up, opened the door and were watching the whole show.
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All were amazed at watching Sherry first suck, stroke, titty fuck, then both grabbing hold of Adam’s huge cock shaft and stroking it together. None except Kelli was prepared for what happened next. As Adam neared ejaculation, he said “Sherry, I’m going to cum now. I’m going to cream on your big tits like no one ever has. Are you ready darlin’?” Sherry had no idea, but she said she was ready. Adam could feel the huge load erupting from his ball sack and traveling up his long shaft. The tip of his cock flared and Sherry latched on and began to suck. The first shot hit Sherry at the back of her throat and was then followed by such volume she gagged at the first salvo. She began swallowing and of course, couldn’t keep up with it. His cum dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin.

Sherry then took Adam’s cock and pointed it at her chest. “Cover these, you big stud!!” Adam did. Adam stroked his shaft from top to bottom slowly in time with his spurts as he applied rope after rope of gooey white cum against Sherry’s chest. “Oh my god! I can’t believe how much cum you have stored in there! And god, it tastes good!!” Sherry was half dazed. The onlookers were in disbelief. Sherry was saying, “Okay stud, let’s get you hard…” but faltered as she realized Adam’s erection was still rock hard and was not showing any signs of shrinkage. “Oh my god.. You’re still hard??” Adam replied, “I’m hard as a rock and ready to fuck you and your wet little pussy now sweet darlin’.”

Sherry lay on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide and Adam approached her with his huge cock in his hands, stroking it slowly. The girls watching were growing weak in knees just watching Adam’s profile: a big hunk of muscled man, with an even bigger penis, long and thick beyond belief. Adam placed his cockhead at Sherry’s sopping wet opening. As he rubbed his cockhead against her opening, Sherry moaned and groaned and bucked her hips. Adam began inserting his tool into her waiting snatch.

“Oh Yes! Yes! Oh Adam, you are so big! Yes, stretch my little pussy with your big cock!! As Adam began inserting his penis, Sherry cried out “Oh you are so thick now, you stud! Fuck me, fuck my poor little pussy!” Paige and Heather were moving through the doorway now and Kelli was hanging back a little. Sure enough, as Adam kept forcing more cock into Sherry’s hot little box, she began to cum; likewise Kelli had her first orgasm of the afternoon. Adam pulled out a little and then stuck his swollen cock back in further each time. Sherry was spreading her legs and matching Adam’s thrusts to help get as much of his cock inside her as she could.

Adam knew not only was he pleasing this girl, but also Kelli with every orgasm; but even more so, his cock was reaching untold new heights of pleasure. Adam continued to fuck Sherry. As he worked 7” of thick cock shaft into her tight wet snatch, Sherry was cumming again as he felt her vaginal muscles contract around his huge penis. Sherry was encouraging him “OH YES Fuck my pussy you big stud! Oh Adam you are a god! You are fucking my pussy so good!” The other girls were practically standing next to Adam and Sherry now taking in this real time porn show happening right before their very eyes.

The others, including Kelli, were rubbing and squeezing their tits and fingering their wet pussies as Adam continued to plow Sherry’s cunt. Every girl’s nipples were hard and their pussies wet. None doubted that they would have their turn and that Adam would be able to equal or better his performance with Sherry. They began to move up on the bed now with Sherry – Paige on one side, Heather on the other. Sherry was only vaguely aware of them being in the room for the first time. All were focused on Adam’s thick shaft and length as he continued to stuff Sherry’s little pussy.

Sherry continued to focus on Adam and then on his cock as it traveled in and out of her hole. The lips of her pussy were stretched around his girth and gripped his cock as he plunged in and out. She had long since felt him hit bottom, but now he was stretching her out further and deeper. She had thought that Adam had bottomed her out the first time they had fucked in the pool office, but now she knew she had more to give and Adam was filling her the way no other man ever had.
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Paige and Heather began to fondle and then suck each of Sherry’s generous tits. Then as they became further turned on, Paige, Heather and Sherry began to exchange kisses and suck each other’s tits. Kelli had now moved to directly behind Adam and pressed into him with her naked body and firm tits. She reached both arms around Adam’s waist and found his shaft and began to stroke him as he was fucking Sherry’s pussy. Sherry came more with the extra attention and Kelli’s knees nearly buckled once or twice, but she hung on. Kelli’s juices flowed freely down her legs.

Adam had now planted up to 9” inches of steel shaft into Sherry’s dripping pussy, leaving the remaining 4” for Kelli to grip and stroke. Adam was in heaven and announced he was ready to cum. Sherry yelled “Fill me with your hot cum you big dicked man!” Adam’s cum erupted again and began to pump through his shaft. His ball sack was huge. When the initial shot of cum exploded against the back of Sherry’s pussy, she let out a scream of pleasure. Cum began to flood her pussy, hot gooey cum. The cum now began to coat Adam’s shaft as he continued to fuck her in and out. For good measure, Adam flexed his super hard cock muscle and the familiar tingle began. Sherry’s eyes opened wide at the new sensation and could only look on in wonder at Adam with her mouth agape. Sherry’s pussy leaked cum with every stroke.

The girls were in awe of Adam’s cock, their senses overloaded. As Adam’s latest eruption subsided, He looked up and consciously for the first time, realized everyone was in the room, although some how he knew that Kelli was wrapped around him and had her hands on his still raging hard on. He looked down at Sherry and said I think it’s someone else’s turn… as he slowly began to withdraw from Sherry, her pussy just gripped his shaft. When he finally pulled out, Sherry was left with an empty void in her pussy, even her being.

Heather looked up at Adam and said “My turn, you stud!” Adam grinned and said “I’m all yours Heather. How do you want it?” Heather could not believe Adam was still as hard as ever. He just flexed his cock muscle and made his cock throb from the pleasure at being so hard. Of course it made it bob up and down and the girls just looked on staring. Adam was slowly stroking his cock all the way to the tip. Heather was very petite and her perky tits were beautiful. As she moved closer to Adam, the scene seemed almost incongruous – Adam’s cock was huge next to Heather.

Heather said “Do you think you can cum again, all over my perky little tits?” Adam just smiled and said “Sure.” Kelly continued to pump Adam from behind, Heather began stroking Adam’s long shaft from the front. Their hands were little and dainty compared to Adam’s thick pulsing shaft. Adam began to massage Heather’s tits, squeezing and pulling on them, then rolling her nipples between his thumb and fingers. Adam said “There’s nothing little about your tits, Heather…” She just smiled, pleased that Adam liked her rack. In deed, even though she was the smallest in the room, she had more than a handful for any man. Both girls gripped Adam’s cock tighter. Adam said “Yes! I love it when you squeeze my cock! Squeeze as hard as you can, you can’t hurt it!”

Adam applied his hands to his shaft with both Heather and Kelli and all three stroked his cock while Heather sucked and licked his cock head. “Come on stud! Shoot your huge wad of man juice all over me! I want you to cover my hot little tits!” Heather’s petite commanding presence and look of lust sent Adam over the edge. Adam’s cock again sent forth load after load of cum. It splattered on Heather’s beautiful face and then dribbled down her face and chin and began to drop onto her chest. This was joined by spurt after spurt of white, hot cum from Adam’s telephone pole cock.

Adam started with the horse collar technique and had Heather impaled on 8” of his throbbing cock and began fucking her by the motion of his hips. He was supporting Heather with only his cock as he grabbed her ass and fucked her pussy. “Fuck me harder you big stud. Pound my poor little pussy with that big fuck stick!!” Kelli was still behind Adam stroking his shaft and hanging on as much as anything. Heather’s multiple orgasms had made Kelli’s knees so weak she almost couldn’t stand on her own. Kelli’s tits were lactating from all the orgasms. As she rubbed her tits against Adam’s back, her juices mingled with Adam’s sweat.

Heather leaned into Adam’s chest and pressed her breasts against his rock hard body. She watched his long thick shaft travel in and out of her pussy, her clit and lips stretched so tightly around his member in amazement. She was helpless to do anything but ride this hunk’s monster cock and receive the pleasure it produced. She came and continued to cum over and over again.
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What happened next made Kelli have to just sit at Adam’s feet and lick his ass and balls from underneath. Adam had laid Heather down on her back, and still in her pussy, began fucking it deeply and slowly. Paige could no longer stand it and crawled on top of Heather with her pussy just above Heather’s while Adam was fucking it. Then she arched her hips and began to ‘ride’ Adam’s cock with the outside of her pussy lips as it relentlessly stroked Heather’s pussy. Paige’s full D cup tits were pressed against Heather and they lay tightly together and began to kiss. Paige’s too perfect ass was a bigger turn on for Adam and he pressed Paige’s ass and hips down on his shaft as he fucked Heather. When both girls began to cum, Kelli’s knees buckled. Long enough afterward, Adam came, filling Heather’s stretched and wet pussy with his hot, gooey cum.

Heather was in a daze of lust and sweat, her body dripping wet from Adam’s cum, her juices and sweat. Her tiny pussy felt an empty void with the withdrawal of Adam’s huge rod. Adam had begun fucking Paige doggy style after he came in Heather. He grabbed her hips and thrust his long cock into her tight, waiting pussy. He gave it to her deep and slow, then hard and fast, pounding her pussy and stretching it with his girth. She clenched her pussy muscles against his steel shaft and stroked his shaft as she rocked her hips. Then they switched positions and Adam laid on his back with his cock sticking straight up into the air. Paige’s long legs ended at her shaved pussy as she stood over him and began to kneel.

She squatted at his cock head and grabbed his dick, rubbing her pussy with it. Her tiny hands couldn’t encompass his girth, but she had a firm hold on him. “I’ll take my cum bath later, you big stud. Right now I want to fuck you until you cum inside my pussy!” Her full, firm, round tits were heaving on her chest. Adam was staring at them and licking his lips. “I’m glad you like my tits, Adam; I love the way you look at them! They are all yours if you’ll fuck me!” With that, Paige began working her hips and taking Adam’s fuck pole into her twat. She took inch after inch and Adam was just still, letting her; meanwhile he was stroking and squeezing her breasts and nipples.

“Oh Adam! My pussy will never be the same again!” Every girl there knew the feeling. Paige took 10” of rock hard cock and rode it up and down. Her big breasts bounced as she fucked Adam’s horse cock. She leaned in close to him, her chest rubbing against his and softly whispered “Your horse sized cock totally owns my sopping wet cunt. I am yours any time you want me! No other man will ever be able to satisfy me!”

As Kelli took her turn, she amazed all by taking more of Adam’s cock than the others had. Her huge rack was delicious and the girls helped suck and lick her breasts all the while swapping wet kisses. Kelli had so many orgasms that day, she thought she would never be able to walk again. Adam knew she was tired and so he did all the work, fucking her every which way and making her cum especially hard with his tingling cock. In fact, she briefly fainted a couple of times and then would awake to that wonderfully hard cock still in her pussy and still bringing her nothing but pleasure.

Adam fucked each of the girls again and again. It was a long night, but none noticed, as the time seemed to fly. No one could get enough of Adam’s huge penis. It was a night of lust and animal fucking. The girls were walking slightly bow legged when they left. They all slept well that night. The next day and the next time they came into contact with Adam, there was a whole new dimension to their relationship. They had all lusted after and thought about being with Adam and now they felt as though they were a part of the ‘family.’

After that night, Kelli began to think of other situations and possibilities that she might be able to arrange. She knew the possibilities were endless. She loved having her own private cock that she could make any size and loved how it affected others. She too, loved the power Adam’s cock had over others. She felt it was her responsibility to make sure his cock was serviced and appreciated for all that it was. Adam now expanded his conquests to their close friends and they all fucked when possible, which the girls made sure they were available as often as they could manage. Adam never grew tired of the hot, willing women and different pussy. He also never grew tired of Kelli’s luscious body, magnificent tits and her wet snatch.
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great chapter, mate.

very hot and well written. :)

Sex with me is not so much a bang, more of a dull thud.
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i hope its not over!!

adam should fuck married women!
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excellent story !
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Chapter 10 – The Nudists

For all the places they had been, Kelli’s and Adam’s favorite place to fuck was in the national park at their favorite camp site. They loved the feeling of being nude in the great outdoors. It was such a freeing sensation and the cool air swept across their otherwise hot, sweaty bodies. They had often invited the girls (Sherry, Heather, Paige and Jen) to camp with them and they had in various combinations, all sharing Adam’s bedroll several times over the weekend. Kelli was always last to ‘bed’ with Adam and slept with him, making him big again the next morning before all got in a morning quickie to start the day.

This weekend, Kelli wanted Adam all to herself and so they were alone, or so they thought. With regular intercourse, they were very comfortably putting at least 12” of 8” thick cock up Kelli’s pussy and she was riding it for all it was worth. Kelli was determined to stretch herself out until she could take even more of Adam’s fabulous penis. Kelli had begun making Adam even bigger when they were alone and Adam was not expected to be somewhere that would cause too much of a distraction with his package. She had taken to giving him a 14” then 16” length with an 8” to 9” girth. She was determined to takeover Jen’s place as being the only girl who could handle more of Adam’s cock.

Besides, the larger Adam became, the more intense the orgasms. She never worried about being with another man, she knew no one would ever compare to the potential of Adam’s amazing cock. Adam, for his part, was living the dream. He had a tree trunk of a cock between his legs, the adoration of some of the hottest girls around, and he could fuck endlessly and cum buckets the whole time. Could life get any better? He never got bored and neither did Kelli. The attraction between them grew and became more intense as time went by. Adam’s cock needed Kelli, and of course, Kelli’s pussy required Adam’s cock.

Adam just plain flat enjoyed a hot woman such as Kelli: huge tits, flat stomach, great ass and legs and her being so fascinated by Adam’s penis. She worshipped his cock and couldn’t get enough of making his fuck pole longer and wider. For Adam, the feeling of his cock was indescribable. The weight and length was one thing, the solid feeling and the thickness when he tried to put his hand around it were even more amazing. When it was hard, it felt so strong, like he could do anything with his cock. His cock seemed to exude power and strength even when it wasn’t erect. He loved stroking his cock and Kelli loved to watch.

They had enjoyed a leisurely day of fucking. Kelli had taken the most of Adam as she had yet. As they broke for the preparation of the evening meal, Adam had made a large fire so that they wouldn’t have to interrupt the evening’s fuck fest to tend the fire. As much as they enjoyed the daylight fuck sessions, they loved the nighttime sessions even more. Something about the blackness of the night, the stars overhead, and fucking by firelight, brought them back to some sort of primeval urge with animal like passions for each other. Kelli became the submissive female and Adam became the dominant male he was meant to be.

Night had fallen and there was nothing quite like being outdoors at night with nothing but the stars out. The moon was not out this weekend, so the only light was by the fire. Adam and Kelli were stark naked as they sat opposite each other by the fire. They were on a pallet of bedrolls sitting cross-legged as close to each other as they could without being on top of each other. Kelli had had Adam at 14” and 8.5” around during the day and had been taking most of it. Now, as they sat, Adam’s cock was sticking straight up in between them. Their profiles against the fire would make any man or woman hot and horny. Adam’s thick cock sticking straight up beyond belief; Kelli’s huge rack and slender waist were what dreams were made of.

Not far away, two pairs of eyes were silently watching the couple. The man said, “Her tits may be bigger than yours, but not by much… but she is smaller than you”, while she was saying “I think his cock is bigger than yours and maybe thicker…”, to which he laughed quietly and replied, “I don’t know about that, I think the shadows, firelight and distance are making an optical illusion… I would guess his upper torso is in better shape than I am, but I still think I’ve got him where it counts. It’s been a while since anyone has even come close to matching up with me.”
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