Magic Penis

Chapter 1 – After They were in their favorite spot, doing their favorite thing. “They” were Adam and Kelli, both in their mid-twenties. Adam was 6’2” and about 200 lbs. of muscle. He was good-looking,

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Magic Penis

Chapter 1 – After

They were in their favorite spot, doing their favorite thing. “They” were Adam and Kelli, both in their mid-twenties. Adam was 6’2” and about 200 lbs. of muscle. He was good-looking, but not arrogant about it. He had been an athlete in High School and College, so he was graceful and confident and in good shape. Kelli was about 5’5”, 120 lbs., long, thick brunette hair and blue eyes. Kelli was drop-dead gorgeous and had a perfectly shaped body: huge DD breasts, thin waist, round hips and a great ass and beautifully shaped legs. Her stomach was flat. She took great pride in her appearance and worked out to keep fit. Her breasts were full and round. She dressed to maximize her effect on all – cleavage baring, tight tops and short shorts. She loved to tease and to show off. In every sense, she was a hottie.

Their favorite spot was a secluded camp spot, far off the beaten path near a river. They often camped out over the weekend. This was the very spot where “the change” had occurred and where they had had a few other encounters which created special memories, among them, one with the nearby local nudist colony and another they simply referred to as “the showdown.”

Their favorite thing was, of course, fucking each other’s brains out, or to put it more accurately, Kelli’s pussy getting stuffed with Adam’s cock and nearly losing consciousness with her brain being overloaded with pleasure from fucking Adam’s cock. Not that Adam didn’t enjoy the fucking; and since the change he loved the sensation of his cock getting big, heavy and full. He really loved the domination that his cock gave him over others. He loved the visual effect it had on others, the pleasure he received from both the adoration and from the tight wetness of whoever he chose to fuck. Then there was the enhanced ability he had of keeping his cock hard, no matter how many times he came. And cum he did, in volumes he never had before regardless of whether it was his first or last time, and everyone who tasted him commented on how sweet and good he tasted.

Adam had done his striptease for Kelli, taking off his t-shirt first. Kelli never failed to catch her breath at the sight of Adam’s naked upper torso - his broad shoulders, trim waist, slight six pack and bulging biceps. Then he slipped his jeans down and stepped out of them, leaving his briefs clearly showing his package. In the couple of years they had been together, neither Adam nor Kelli ever grew tired of seeing each other strip or nude. Kelli always made Adam rock hard just by standing and staring at him with lust and adoration. Now she was beginning her striptease and seduction of Adam and of the center of her lust – his all powerful cock.

Kelli began by slowly unbuttoning her blouse and revealing more of her cleavage with every button. Her tits were huge and so full and firm. She knew how to take in a deep breath and maximize the way her tits raised and lowered. Her bra was delicate and lacy. She unbuttoned it and her tits actually seemed to grow a bit as they came free of the material. Adam licked his lips in anticipation. Sometimes Kelli’s tits would lactate a bit and her juice was so good, her loved to suck on her tits. Her tits alone made Adam as hard as steel and his cock stuck straight out. Kelli grinned at the effect she was having on Adam. She had always loved his cock, even before the change, and now even more so.

Kelli finished pulling down her too short denim cutoffs, revealing her bikini panties which were already moist from her pussy juices. She tucked her thumbs into each side of her panties and thrust them down in one smooth motion showing her tits off as she did. She walked over to Adam looking him straight in the eye and grinned her sexy grin. “Are you happy to see me, big boy?” Adam said, “I love your big tits Kelli, I never get tired of seeing them and touching them and sucking on them.” With that, Adam reached with both hands and grabbed her huge, firm tits. Kelli moaned as he gave them a squeeze. Kelli responded, “They are all yours, babe. My whole body is all yours to do whatever you want, baby.”

“I know kitten. I love how you look, and show it off, but I know it belongs only to me.”

“No other man will ever have a chance with me. My body was built to please a man, and you’re it. And yes, I am your kitten, your pussy.” With that she took a hold of his cock. Adam’s cock was 7” x 5” when he was erect. She dropped to her knees and began squeezing and stroking his cock. “I love your cock, Adam. Even before the change, I loved your cock. No other man has ever filled me so fully and always made me cum. Now there is no man on earth that can compare to you. I want you so badly, my pussy begins to tingle just getting near your cock.” Kelli had only begun to understand the connection between her pussy and Adam’s cock since the transformation.
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Nice temptation.. keep the magic coming

You know you've watched too much porn...
when you start recognizing the furniture.
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Adam smiled and asked, “How do you want it?” Kelli said, “I’m going to stuff your cock in me first and then we’ll see where we go from there. Now lie down, please.” Adam got down and lay on his back, his fuck pole sticking straight up. Kelli straddled him and squatted with Adam’s cock rubbing up against her pussy and stomach. She had already sucked him a bit although she didn’t need him wet – her pussy was almost dripping from the anticipation. Adam was thoroughly occupied with her tits. His hands continued to squeeze and manipulate her melons. He would roll her nipples between his thumb and finger and massage them. All the while Kelli just moaned and groaned and bit her lip at the pleasure she was receiving.

Kelli took Adam’s rock hard fuck pole and rubbed her clit and the opening to her pussy with his swollen head. Adam’s pole stiffened as she did so and she closed her eyes at the pleasure his cock head gave her. Slowly she began to take Adam’s meat into her wet, tight, pussy. Again she bit her lip as she experienced his hard, full cock making its way into her pussy. She rocked her hips gently, each time taking more of Adam’s cock into her waiting moistness. Slowly Adam’s cock disappeared into Kelli’s pussy. It was pure heaven. She buried the full length of his shaft in her pussy, grinding her hips and squeezing his dick with her pussy. Adam grinned and asked “Feeling good babe?” “You already made me cum once, asshole!” grinning as she said it. Kelli arched her back and thrust her tits out at the same time. This brought them close enough for Adam to begin sucking on them. Kelli came again. “God I love for you to suck my tits! I’m cumming again.” With that, Adam continued sucking and began thrusting his hips as Kelli’s pussy clamped down on his cock. Kelli’s eyes widened and her mouth was agape. Adam flexed his cock muscle and this gave them both all the more pleasure.

Silently, Kelli and Adam matched each other’s thrusting and kept fucking each other. Finally, Kelli broke the silence, “oh god, Adam, you are making me cum!... oh god, it’s so good… oh god I love your fucking cock!!!” Adam grunted and kept stroking Kelli’s pussy with his man-piston, her juices flowing freely down his shaft. After a bit, Kelli looked down at Adam and asked, “Are you ready to kick it up a notch big fella?” Adam said, “Ready, willing, and able darlin’…” Kelli responded, “You are more than able mister!”

With that Kelli straightened up a bit her pussy resting on Adam’s pubic bone. “Okay, you big stud… I want your cock to fill my pussy.” As soon as she had uttered the magic words, Adam’s cock began to grow and swell. Adam simply said, “I love this part”, to which Kelli replied, “Oh baby, me too!!” Adam could feel a strange sensation in his cock and could feel it growing and forcing its way to be bigger, fuller, and stronger. This change was not lost on Kelli. She felt Adam’s cock begin to grow inside her and to widen. His length began to push at the back of her pussy, where no man had ever touched her before. His cock grew thicker and she writhed on his cock and felt herself cumming again. “oh god; damn Adam! I love your fucking prick. It is so huge and making my pussy stretch so much. Oh baby, you are my man and I am your woman. I love what your cock is doing to me!”

Adam began to slip into an alternate state of consciousness as his cock began to take charge. As he flexed his cock muscle, his cock would tingle and this sent vibrations through Kelli’s pussy which sent her into another orgasm. “Oh fuck me Adam; your huge, beautiful cock owns my pussy. Oh fuck! Yes!! Oh you horse-dicked man! Fuck me with that horse cock of yours!!” Adam’s cock now was all that mattered. He loved the thick, full feeling attached to his loins. He impaled Kelli now with his new length and girth. She was helpless and totally submissive. She fucked his length, pulling it almost out and riding it up and down. His new girth pulled her pussy lips as they stretched to accommodate his width. His cock shaft glistened with her juices and his pre-cum.

Adam grabbed her hips with each hand and began to pump her body with his new found super dick. Kelli was lost in one orgasm after another. Each thrust gave Kelli new pleasure and reminded her of how her pussy was stretching to take this new cock and how much she had been able to take since Adam’s original 7 inches. They had now worked up to Adam having about 11” and his girth was 7”. “Oh baby, you have such a huge dick! You are such a big-dicked stud! You own my pussy! You are making me cum whenever you want! Oh my god, you are so fucking huge!” Kelli’s body glistened with sweat. Her head rolled back and she just kept cumming.
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Finally, Adam felt the familiar tingle start in his balls and his cock began to tense up even more so. Kelli looked down and said, “You’re about to cum aren’t you baby… Cum and fill my pussy to overflowing!” Adam obliged. His cock cannon started shooting and filling her pussy. Since he was impaling her and filling every nook and cranny of her pussy, this cum immediately began to drip out of Kelli’s snatch. At the start of Adam’s ejaculation, Kelli had begun another orgasm. Now she raised up and took herself off of the telephone pole cock she had been straddling, with an audible ‘pop.’ Adam’s cum shoot straight up into the air, ropes and ropes of gooey, sweet cum. Kelli bent over and fastened her mouth to Adam’s cock and began to gulp and swallow as quickly as he shot.

She knew she couldn’t keep up with it, but she loved his man juice. It dribbled down her chin and down her tits. It finally subsided. Adam just smiled, Kelli was partially dazed and totally in heat and lust. “I think you are stretching me out Adam, look at this size of your cock!” Sure enough, Adam’s still rock hard erection had to be at least 12” and every bit as thick as Kelli had ever taken it. They knew from an earlier event with one of Kelli’s friends with a fisting fetish, that Adam could get very, very thick, even more than Kelli was used to. She continued to suck and lick his cock.

“Your cock is truly a treasure”, Kelli said. Adam said, “Maybe Kelli, but you are definitely the key. Without you being able to summon my cock to whatever size you want, I’d still be stuck at 7 inches.” Kelli responded, “I guess we are stuck with each other babe. But I have also learned that sharing my treasure with others also brings me just as much pleasure.” Adam thought back on Kelli’s friend Jennifer. When she had made him so big and he had fucked her, Kelli actually was having orgasms just watching. And the night they had been surprised by the nudists, again Kelli was cumming as often as she would if Adam were fucking her.

“Are you ready for round two, lover?” Kelli was asking. Adam just smiled, “You know it babe.” They both looked down and of course, Adam’s cock was perfectly hard and almost throbbing waiting for more action. Kelli laid down on her back, her tits just standing fully up and she spread her legs for Adam. “This time I want to see more of your cock than I can get in!” Adam knelt down and positioned himself between her legs. Kelli reached down with her hand and took a hold of Adam’s 12” raging hard-on. Adam grinned because he never knew what Kelli was going to ask for next, but all he knew was it felt soooo good to have his cock so big and thick and heavy and so strong. “I think you’re plenty thick, so I’m going to go for more length… I want your cock to be the same thickness and 15” long.”

Again, the magic went into effect and Adam’s already too big cock began to grow even more. Adam and Kelli both loved to watch this transformation take place. His cock gained and they both smiled. “Fuck me, you donkey-dicked man!! There is no one who can compare to your cock.”

Adam’s cock continually oozed pre-cum, so he took the tip and rubbed it against Kelli’s pussy lips. Her clit was swollen and her pussy was still slightly gapped open from the huge rod that had just been inside her. “Oh Adam, I need you to fill me up and make me cum… Please baby fuck me silly!!” Adam began to fuck her pussy with a little each time, then backing out and then forward again. Each time, Kelli just moaned and groaned and grunted. “Oh my god, you are so fucking big, you hung horse dick man… I love the feeling of you filling my pussy the way no one else can! Yes!... yes!... oh fuck me! Yes…”

Kelli loved watching Adam’s too big cock stuffing her and then seeing the rest of his shaft still trying to get in. She was mesmerized by his size. They had often played with making him different sizes and as far as they knew, there was no limit to how big he could become. Of course, he stayed as hard and as big as she made him until they both fell asleep. Then he would return to normal until the next adventure.
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Great start, can't wait to read more.
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love this story. keep it going
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Chapter 2 – The Beginning

Memorial Day was the typical time for outdoor pools to open and the pool at the university was no exception. Adam had managed to get on as a lifeguard and as a lead due to his previous experience. He had learned lifesaving during Boy Scouts and later had taken another course and then had served as a lifeguard at the community pool at home during the summer throughout his high school years. Adam was a natural – big, strong, and always calm during a crisis. It didn’t hurt that he was also a good swimmer.

Adam was in great physical shape, broad shoulders, trim waist, muscled biceps, and not bad looking either. There were times when he filled out his lifeguard swim suit in more ways than one. The girls usually noticed him both for his physique and for what was suggested in his trunks. Adam was not above using their attention to get dates. Since moving to town to go to the university, he was new in town and making new friends and still didn’t have a girl friend as of yet.

He was admiring some of the local ladies from his lifeguard tower stationed down at the deep end of the pool. Blondes, redheads, brunettes, one pieces, bikinis covering a little or a lot…, he licked his lips and rubbed his thighs – this was going to be a good summer. He smiled at the ladies and was glad he had his sunglasses to hide his lustful stares.

He had already spotted and made mental notes on two or three girls that were well endowed and had slender and toned bodies. Adam was a tit man, no bones about it. He loved cleavage, firm full, and big. He began to get hard just thinking about them. He rubbed his crotch as discretely as he could, readjusting his cock as it grew. He looked at his watch and was just about to give the signal for all the lifeguards to rotate. He was now fully hard and had a nice bulge in his trunks. Part of him was slightly embarrassed, and part of him was ready to show it off, he was young and part exhibitionist.

He stood and blew his whistle in the code for the other lifeguards, and they began to rotate to the next station. Adam took this opportunity to jump into the water to cool down and to make his swim suit cling better to him when he got out of the water. His next station took him closer to the group of girls he had noticed earlier.

When Adam had stood and stretched and blown his whistle, members of that group, along with others around the pool who were secretly noticing the new lifeguard, all noted the complete package and many were thinking “and he’s hung too!” They all followed him as he swam partly under water, then on the surface to the next lifeguard tower. Each watched as discretely as they knew how when he climbed out of the pool. Sure enough, his rock hard erection was plainly visible under his dripping swim trunks.

Although Adam was the lead lifeguard, he had delegated the roving lifeguard to one of the others, a busty redhead. He had picked her partly because she was qualified, and partly because she had a great chest and solid body. Sherry now came sauntering over to his tower. He watched her as she approached. She was otherwise slender and had great legs and ass. He grinned at her and thought “maybe Sherry, but we’ll see.” Sherry came and stopped close to the tower. He eyes were about level with where Adam was sitting. Both were practiced enough to look out over the pool and watch the swimmers for signs of trouble, but also able to get in quick looks in other directions. Although he couldn’t see her eyes for her sunglasses, Adam was pretty sure she had been looking directly at his still hard cock, bulging in his trunks.

Sherry said “Hey, how’s it going today?” Adam replied, “Hot, but I think I’ll live. How are you?” Sherry said, “You’ve got the right idea about getting wet in between stations.” Sherry’s one piece was completely filled and she had delicious cleavage showing. Her breasts were full and round and her nipples looked to be erect. Adam looked down and smiled, taking in her smile and body. He stayed rigid and if possible, got even harder. Sherry licked her lips and said, “I might need you to look at my timecard when you have a chance. I think I screwed up and need my supervisor to be sure I’m good.” She was grinning sexily when she said my supervisor. Adam said, “I’ll be glad to. In fact, it’s about time for two of us to take a break. You and I can go take care of it now.” Adam signaled another lifeguard that he was leaving his tower and to take over.
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Adam climbed down the tower and he and Sherry headed towards the pool office. Adam’s erection did not abate and he did not try to hide it as he walked. It felt good to be hard and he only wished he could do something with it… Sherry followed and admired Adam’s physique and ass. So far, so good…

Adam took out the key to the office and let Sherry and himself in, closing the door behind him. As pool offices go, it was small and crowded, even with just the two of them. He turned and ran straight into Sherry. Her tits pushed right up against his chest and she could feel his rock hard erection pressing against her tummy and groin. “Oh mmm sorry!” Sherry said, but didn’t back up. Adam said, “I get the feeling your timecard is just fine…” Adam didn’t move either. He was rather enjoying Sherry’s big tits pressing against his body and the firmness of her body pressed up against his cock. Sherry said, “I couldn’t help but notice how you look in your trunks and right about now, I’m hoping that part of that is because of me…”

Adam smiled and kissed her. Her lips parted and her tongue invited him to explore more fully. Her body began to melt into his and she put her arms around his waist and pulled him closer. He could feel her full tits, so firm and soft at the same time. He put his arms around her and pulled her closer to himself. He flexed his hips towards her and dropped his hands to her hips, then her deliciously firm ass. He pressed her bottom to him and ground his cock into her pussy. She responded by kissing him even more passionately. She brought her hands to Adam’s trucks and felt his cock through his suit.

“Oh my, it’s even bigger than I thought! I know we don’t have much time, but I want you!!” Adam responded, “We have enough time for me to fuck you before we go back from break.” Sherry responded by tugging Adam’s trunks off while Adam was pulling her straps down and revealing her huge tits and nipples. They both stepped out of their suits and embraced. Now Adam’s erection was between her legs and she squeezed him with her thighs. She began moaning and groaning as Adam’s hands were now on her tits as he squeezed and pulled on them. He bent down and began sucking on her nipples and she was gently humping the shaft of his cock which was now between the lips of her pussy. She was already thoroughly wet.

Adam picked her up and placed her on the corner of the desk. Sherry was amazed at how strong Adam was and did that without effort. She took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it. “Oh my god, you are huge! “ She grabbed hold of Adam’s cock and used the tip and began rubbing her clit. Sherry closed her eyes for a moment as Adam moved closer and pushed his cock into her opening. “Oh yes, I want you to fuck me with your big cock.” Adam’s erection was as hard as he could remember. He began to insert his dick into her hot, tight pussy. Sherry looked down to watch. “Oh yes, fuck me with that big cock… oh yeah! Oh Adam, fuck me!!”

Sherry began to meet Adam’s thrusts and soon they were working his cock into her pussy. Each thrust forced more hard dick into Sherry’s hot, wet box. As Sherry rocked her hips, she just moaned and said “oh fuck me, fuck me, please don’t stop fucking me!!!” Adam had no intention of stopping. He fucked her until he had began to bottom out and felt the back of her pussy with the tip of his dick. Sherry’s eyes opened wide and her mouth was slightly agape, “oh my god, you are fucking me so good, I can’t believe how big your cock is. You are the biggest I’ve ever had… You are stretching me so good. You are hitting the back of my pussy – I’ve never had anyone do that; I can’t believe how deep you are… and you’re making me cum….!!”

Adam was ready to cum and let Sherry know. She said, “I want you to pull out and cum all over my big tits!” Adam was already pulling her close and fucking her and pressing her tits against his chest. He was ready to pull out and he gave her one more deep thrust and held it. She said “Oh my god you are the best fuck I’ve ever had!” With that, Adam pulled out of her with a noticeable ‘plop’ and began to stroke his wet cock a few more times. Sherry dropped to the floor expectantly. He felt the eruption start deep in his ball sack and then it was shooting out his shaft and spurting onto Sherry’s chest. He had half a dozen shots and creamed her chest very nicely. She licked the tip of his cock and sucked on his dick a bit more and then scooping up some cream from her tits, she stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked and licked it off. “And not bad tasting either!” And she smiled.
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They both got dressed back in their suits and headed for the showers. Adam’s erection began to fade, but Shelly’s body looked just as good to him. Shelly looked up at Adam and said, “That was a great quickie, maybe we can get together some time when we’re both not in such a hurry?” Adam was totally in agreement, “Sure, anytime Shelly.” They made their way back to the pool and picked up their stations. Shelly had her usual big smile and Adam was feeling very satisfied. Hardly anyone had thought twice about the two going off to take care of some matter, and then coming back within a reasonable time. Except some of those who knew Shelly, and those that noticed that the stud lifeguard didn’t have his boner any longer…

Little did Adam know then, but someone who did notice began laying her plans and she wasn’t about to let Shelly get ahead of her in the welcoming of the new boy to town department. Her scheme began to unfold in her mind…

As Adam took up his station, his mind was awash with the most recent memory of Shelly’s body, how freely she gave it to him, how firm and warm it felt and how her tits were so big! He was pretty sure that he could still smell her juices, even though they had both showered. He looked around to find the party of girls he had noticed earlier. They were still in the same spot; he was closer to them now. Shelly was being cool and professional; whenever he looked her way, she would give the standard all’s okay wave and he was almost sure, a wink underneath the sunglasses with a slightly bigger smile than usual.

There were three girls in a group: a couple of blondes, and a brunette. All great looking girls, all with good cleavage – no wait! The brunette had just turned over on her back. Holy shit! Adam thought. This girl had huge tits, maybe even a double D cup, in a string bikini. Adam almost immediately began to get another erection. The girls were engaged in some discussion and every so often one of them would look over Adam’s way and then look back and sometimes they would giggle or break out into laughter. Adam wasn’t close enough to hear what they were saying, but he distinctly felt he was somehow part of the subject of their conversation.

The girls all rose up, still chatting and went to the poolside and sat with their feet dangling in the water. Adam was treated to an eyeful. The blondes were in varying heights, but both slender and one with what Adam estimated to be a full C cup and the other a respectable D cup; but now he was sure the brunette was a good solid DD cup! They all had bodies to die for and would make any guy proud. They glanced his way and waved and giggled; Adam smiled and waved back. The girls jumped into the pool to cool off.

It was all Adam could do to not only watch them, but to keep up with all his other responsibilities as well. The girls swam under his station to talk to him. “Hey!” the first blonde with the C cup shouted. When Adam looked her way smiling, she continued, “Are you new to town?” Adam smiled and nodded his head, “Yes, I am.” The second blonde with the D cup said, “Well, welcome to Riverdale!” Then the brunette chimed in, “Yeah, welcome! We’re glad to meet you!” Adam responded, “Thanks, ladies!” They giggled and blushed. Adam was in heaven.

Adam said, “My name’s Adam. What are yours?” C cup answered, “My name is Heather.” D Cup answered, “My name is Paige.” The brunette answered, “My name is Kelli.” Adam responded again, “Pleased to meet you lovely ladies. Thanks for the welcome to town.” They all laughed and smiled. They continued to chat and every now and then, Adam had to blow his whistle and call down some kids. They learned that they were all going to the university and were roughly at the same level of study.

Kelli asked, “What time does your shift end?” Adam said, “Actually in about another half hour or so. I have a split shift today.” Kelli indicated that they were staying longer today to work on their tans and maybe he could join them when he was off his shift. He agreed. Adam’s dick was now fairly hard, a fact not lost on the girls. At the end of his shift, Adam walked over to the girls. “Can I get anyone to put some lotion on my back? I don’t want to burn too fast today!” Adam was asking. Kelli was the first to answer, “Sure, come on over here and sit down.” Adam handed Kelli the tube of lotion and sat with his back to her on the edge of the lounger that Kelli was on. Kelli squeezed out some lotion into her hands and began applying it to Adam’s back. As she sat up and leaned in close to get into position, her tits lightly grazed his back. Adam noticed and of course, Kelli noticed; she had planned it that way.
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Another great instalment, already eagerly anticipating the next!
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good story.
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hot stuff
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great story
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Chapter 3 – The Rub Down

As Kelli began to rub Adam’s back, Paige said, “How about you putting some more lotion on me while Kelli is taking care of you?” bending at the waist and showing Adam her full D cup rack while she searched in her bag for the lotion. Adam responded with “Sure” while he drank in the site of her full, firm breasts. She straightened up and winked at Adam, handed him the lotion and then spun around to show her great ass and said, “Do you mind starting with my legs first?” Adam was in heaven again for the second time that day. “No, I don’t mind at all…” Paige was tall and had great legs. She stood with her legs slightly apart in a very suggestive and seductive manner. Adam’s cock was now at full attention.

Kelli was beginning to really get into Adam’s muscular physique and was getting progressively turned on by this hunk she had in her hands, as well as Paige’s actions. Kelli alternately pressed her boobs into Adam’s back and then raked them across his back. Heather looked on and said, “Save some for me!...” and laughed. Adam squirted lotion into his palm and rubbed hands together and reached for Paige’s leg. He marveled at how smooth and toned she was. A gasp escaped Paige’s lips when Adam grabbed her and then a slight sigh. Adam’s hands were big and strong. He worked the lotion on one leg, then another. Up and down. Paige’s pussy was wet and she was licking her lips. She rocked her weight from one leg to the other flexing her butt in front of Adam and slightly thrusting it up and back at Adam. Heather had her eye on Adam’s fully hard cock. She noticed a wet spot where his pre-cum was oozing at this tip of his cock.

As Adam used both hands to encircle Paige’s thigh he worked up higher and higher. He wondered whether he should accidentally bump into Paige’s pussy. As he was contemplating this move, Paige solved the dilemma for him – on one of his up strokes, she bent her knees slightly and the edges of his hands were touching her box. Both froze for just a moment longer than would have been accidentally. Adam instinctively nudged upward and rubbed Paige’s clit through her suit. At the same time, Paige ground slightly down on his hand returning the pressure. Adam switched legs and made the same strokes and again met Paige’s wanting pussy with his hands and she again responded with like pressure grinding her pussy against his hands.

Heather said, “Come on you two…, I need some attention too…” Paige said, “I think that’ll about do it for my legs, how about my back?” Kelli, responded with “I think I’ve about got his back done, now it’s time for your legs. Adam you need to stand up…” As Adam stood up, Kelli moved to the edge of the lounger and began applying more lotion and stroking his legs. Paige was now ready for Adam and backed slightly back with her ass and bent forward a bit. She was in perfect position for Adam to fuck her from behind and her height was just right. In another place and time, Adam would have grabbed her hips and taken her right there. Paige was mentally already on another chapter with Adam. She backed up a bit more and Adam was pinned between her and Kelli. He just stood still, still massaging Paige’s back. Adam let his package bump up against Paige and kind of rotated his hips. Again Paige sighed and pressed back against Adam’s rock hard member.

Meanwhile, Kelli was stroking Adam’s thighs and loving his muscles and shape. She too had decided to accidentally bump into Adam’s ball sack. As she did, Adam ground his hips to show his approval. Kelli could tell he had a sizeable set of balls. She knew from experience this would translate into lots of cum. She licked her lips at the prospect. At the same time, Heather had begun to put lotion on Paige’s front side. She started up at the shoulders and rubbed her upper chest, putting her hands under Paige’s straps to make sure there weren’t any areas with out coverage. She pressed on the top of Paige’s big boobs and Paige’s tits heaved as she sighed in pleasure. Her nipples were rock hard and showing plainly through her top.

Heather began stroking Paige’s legs and could see her growing wet spot. This also turned Heather on more. As she finished up Paige, she announced “My turn!” Paige’s eyes slowly opened as she resigned herself to move. She was so horny she could fuck Adam right now in front of the whole pool. Kelli wasn’t far behind. As Heather and Paige were about to trade places, Kelli announced she was finishing up with Adam and needed him to turn around. Heather tried to say as gracefully as she could, “I guess Paige will have to start on me…” Adam was attracted to all three women; Heather was a petite, perky girl, with perky fully rounded C cup tits. As the group changed places, Adam turned to face Kelli in close quarters for the first time.
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