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Originally Posted by MisterThickDick I posted some more pics in my gallery. What do you think the girls will say? got to say..impressive girth, bro!

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Originally Posted by MisterThickDick View Post
I posted some more pics in my gallery. What do you think the girls will say?
got to say..impressive girth, bro!
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What do you think the girls will say?You want to put that WHERE?????
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I've been fortunate enough to chat with MisterThick while he's camming and he's one of the nicest and most obliging guys you could ever chat with. His cock is just astonishingly huge, one of the most impressive and magnificent I've ever seen...and I've seen a few;-)

It must be true, I read it on the internet.
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How many ladies on LPSG would love the opportunity to have their way with MrThickDick? This is for ladies only to answer. Yeah, I know a ton of you guys would like to have at him. Go away. lol
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Count me in...I'll give it a go!!!
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The girls will LOVE! The girls will be in total awe..so big, wide and powerful!
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Can you imagine a cock you can't even get your hand all the way around it? Now that is thick! How lucky can some guys get?
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Hey, how about another link to your video? That megaupload one is broken.
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wow! so hot!
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Well am impressive massive cock,
of 8 inches length and 2 inches diameter
think over 8 inches and same diameter its very rarely
may be 1 man among 1000
that's maximum may consider normal big cock size
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Its awesome girth seen be constant in flaccid and rigid condition
but length increase from 5.5 inches flaccid
that is average rigid size regular men,to 8 inches
its interesting that cock thick its very close to length rigid increment
i mean around 2,5 inches diameter
even increment manly is by reason of gland head volume,coincidence gland full length its around 2,.5 inches too.
Whole would indicate perfect size,for a big cock.
Don't bigger but neither don't shorter
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Like other, i'm very impressed, that sure is a giant! One of the
biggest dicks I have seen, not in porn or perhaps ever. I'm not gay. Perhaps your mission in life is porn or something! Find a place for that thing in your life

But I would never ever like to have it, it would destroy my dating scene , would not trade it for anything, and in fact it would be more problems than actual satisfaction. I guess most women here are size queens, so of course all would like to fuck it. But normal chicks, cute collage girl or whatever, the percentage of women would never put it inside. I would say, just a guess 2% of women, going lower in age for OP you have even more problems! And forget ONS, its like lottery for you. Three hours of foreplay and still would not fit! This is of course OT, but had to say it. I've been with roughly 50 girls and my size 5.5 is tight sometimes.

I guess OP needs to find a wife directly, or find a girl that have been around for a long while, screwing around will not be an option. Most women start having problems with dicks from 5.5" girth and up. OP has 2" more than that... Look at shane diesel, he has somewere around that thickness and he fucks chicks that have problems with him and this is pornstars.

MisterThick...please if you have any response to my post and have found happiness from it that would be great for you, hope that is the case! Perhaps women can take more than we think, please share. Because that one might bring more problem than pleasure, at least with a female.

And...misterthick...have you been doing any penile exercises?
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Originally Posted by MisterThickDick View Post
I'm thicker at the base, but I've always given my girth as what it measures at about midshaft. Thought I am a little guy too. I'm only 5'7" and I weight 135lbs.
And it isn't even hard!
do you beat 8 inches girth when you're hard? gotta be some kinda world record
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A big cock is not only the main reason to enter porn film world
.around 6 or 7 inches length its good of course thickness up to 6 around
that for those are white complexion.
Those with dark one,its very hard they could enter porn world,with a cock under 8 inches length.
But for both case,actor need extra auto control of cum or ejaculation
plus an erection,much better with flexibility or elasticity
in big cock such last part its normal
rest all cool,
years old, fat. Or slim,ugly face or not ect don't mind
only all qualities commented of the cock,and ability to move body properly
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He has the real "Stimulous Package." Everytime I look at his "package," I get stimulated to erection. lol
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dick, misterthickdick

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