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Usually get laid at weddings, especially if I'm wearing a tux. Turns me on big-time to fuck in my suit or tux. As much as tux rental is these days, I rarely feel badly about

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Usually get laid at weddings, especially if I'm wearing a tux. Turns me on big-time to fuck in my suit or tux. As much as tux rental is these days, I rarely feel badly about returning it with day-old cum stains.
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. . . on another note, as a dentist who always wore linen slacks, crisp cotton shirt and silk tie, there were many times when my GFs and then later wife loved to fuck in my dental chair in my dress clothes. Patients would come on to me all the time, both male and female but I did maintain my professional integrity and never fucked a patient who i hadn't fucked before they'd become my patient.
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Ya one time me and my girlfriend went to my cousin wedding and she kept massaging my dick threw my slack so we decided to go to the restroom and ended up going to the family restroom well my girl dosnt like having sex without a condom so instead we had oral but we were making out I had her up against the wall pulled up here tight dress then went down slid her thong off and stated licking her pussy then she went down on me and sucked me off good when we finished we went back to the party but when we went back to my house we fucked all night!!
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Young professional here....always been a fantasy of mine to have sex while wearing a suit, but alas haven't had the pleasure yet. But I do love rubbing the bulge and jacking off in one. BTW, some very hot stories and guys on this thread, lovin it!

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I've had sex in my tux at a black-tie wedding, and I have been the recipient of a few blow jobs while I have been in my suit at work. I wear briefs when I wear a suit to keep everything in place, but sometimes I will pull my cock and balls out from the leg of the briefs, and once my bulge is showing, it doesn't take long before someone's mouth is on my cock.
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Hotter than hot. There is nothing sexier than going down on a guy in a suit or tux.
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Hot stories. I had my last suit and tie experience on Friday - both of us got a lot of cum on our ties...
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I wear suits (and the socks) to work every day, but haven't had sex in them. The whole pulling my dick out for a quickie thing isn't my style. Do it up right, rolling around together naked, or not at all.
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My biggest fantasy! Love seeing vpl in hot, suited guys. I would love to feel their hardon....

If only I could meet more people with suit fetishes.
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I wear the dark suit, blue shirt & tie each day.

I have very thick calves, so to keep the black dress socks up, they go up my legg pretty high. Often I thought about...what do call them....sock belts?....I hate socks that fall to the ankles.

Sex in my suit, no, not that I can recal. But..I like bucking the system and just wearing a jock or no underware...especially if I am in a meeting...little do they know...and that this dapper dude is sporting a p/a.

Dare to be different.
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Once I had sex while wearing my suit pants. When we were done I went to work. Later in the morning one of my co-workers came up to me & said that looks like dried cum on your pants. I said, yep that's what it is & I went into the bathroom & washed it up with a damp paper towel. The co-worker just about fell out laughing. I was kinda "oh well".
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I was 26. I fucked a guy from the mail room in the mobile wall pockets in the company cafeteria.
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SR_Pepe Le Pube

i wear a suit and tie every day. i almost never wear undies and sport wood way too often at work. have i had sex with the suit on while at work, just BJ's.
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On the FOX Show I hate my teenage daughter tonight one of the main characters gets a "makeover" into a more interesting stereotypical souther lawyer and at the end they throw up a lower third just before he unbuttons his coat, but when they cut to a wide show they show that his suit pants are hiked up high and as he walks you get good bulge shots.

Im sure it will be on Hulu within the next day or so for us US viewers but here are 2 screenshots until then
Attached Images
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suit, tie

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