Foreskin pulled back or covering the head?

There's a social group on here - Foreskin Retractors - for those of us who follow 'The Third Way' ...

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There's a social group on here - Foreskin Retractors - for those of us who follow 'The Third Way' ...

Circumcised - and proud
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I keep the skin pulled back all the time, I'm cleaning ewery time I piss and I love to have an semi all the tim so people can se my VDL!!
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Normal, covering the glans. but sometimes the skin is pulled back during erection of sometime it just stay covered, and i just pull it back, NO pain/ nothing uncomfortable/
I find it weird that there are uncut men, who have trouble or discomfort pulling their foreskin behind.
I Remember when i was small, and start experimenting with my toy hahaha i had dificulties because i never had sex before, after having Sex it got teared from the base of the head, took a week or 2 to heal. after that, nothin to worry about.
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I keep my foreskin covering the head. I think that it would slip forward on its own anyways.
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Same than Tintin! I usually go commando an love feeling the fabric on my softest skin haha.
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I tried it once....but my underwear would get too wet from precum...from all that rubbing.
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Pretty much the same as yourself here.

Skinned back since the age of 10, and sometime next year due to medical need (Ripped the frenelum, and two botched op's), I'm hoping to get cut and be done with it all, to which I have been in this situation for well over 4 years, so high time I got something perm done about it.

Originally Posted by rubbercock View Post
I always skinned back to piss for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure why I started doing that as I certainly wasn't taught to do it by my parents; I probably saw other boys do it at school. When I reached 12 or 13 I started leaving it back after pissing because I liked the feel and thought it looked "grown up" after I'd seen some cocks with exposed heads in a porn magazine.

It was probably a little uncomfortable at first but after a while it would roll forwards again. After some months I started trying to get it to stay back for longer periods of time. I remember using the round part of a regular rubber balloon with the thin bit that you blow into and tie cut off as a device to keep my foreskin pushed back as I slept, wearing it over my glans a bit like a condom. I love playing with condoms and rubber cock and ball sheaths to this day.

After a while and with the onset of puberty, which made my cock grow but left my foreskin behind, my skin stayed back much more easily until it reached the point where it seemed to prefer to stay retracted. If I was to push it over the head it would roll back by itself. I've always peferred the look and feel of the exposed head and at the time I thought I was the only boy doing it and to this day I get a thrill if I see a cock with the head exposed. It simply looks sexier to me, while a cock with the foreskin covering the end looks juvenile.

I wore my foreskin permanently retracted for many years but I did have the courage of my conviction and at the age of 31 I decided to be circumcised. My experience is that it's so much better without the skin and my only regret is that I left it so long before choosing the circumcision. I'm not saying it's right for everybody but it is for me.

I can wank dry or with lubrication but for extended edging sessions I'll often wear a condom or a rubber sheath because I enjoy playing with them and ejaculating into them so much. My preference, when playing with another guy is for him to be circumcised too but if he has a foreskin that's not a problem as long as it's clean and retracts fully.

Tight, unretractable foreskins do seem to be on the increase here in the UK. OK, some people find phimosis a turn on, which is fine. What I'm talking about is the seemingly increasing number of men who can't skin back and who rather wish they could and who feel the need to apologise. They can be helped and I don't necessarily mean by circumcision because the foreskin opening can be stretched gently, the important thing being not to tear it and cause scarring.
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My foreskin is thick and heavy as you can see in my gallery. Usually stays where I put it forward or back, but sometimes has a mind of its own.
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I always keep my hood pulled down...I have a pretty long foreskin and my head is pretty sensitive, so it works out nicely. I often find that if I get hard and soft throughout the day, my foreskin will sort of bunch up a little bit and leave the tip of my head poking out, so I am always tugging it back by pulling at the tip. One of my favourite ways to do this is by grabbing my cock near the base and snapping it down really fast a few times and my foreskin just slides all the way back down into a nice soft pucker.
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Like I have a choice? Mine rolls back into place just like it,s supposed to.
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I leave it covering the head. When I pull it back, it does not stay that way for long (unless i'm hard). Prefer the feeling & look of having it back though.
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I keep mine over my cock head at all times, cant stand to have it exposed, unless it's being serviced...

"A healthy Penis is a used Penis..."
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I like to get some sperm under the foreskin, and have it cover the head so it fements during the day or night, and then when I piss I slowly draw the skin back allowing that wonderful cock/sex odor waif up into my nostrils
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I agree, I work hard to not have that oder...

"A healthy Penis is a used Penis..."
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