public restroom masturbation

ok so i have a question. alot of people are talking about how they go to like walmart or another public store and go to the restroom and masturbate with the guy in the stall

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public restroom masturbation

ok so i have a question.
alot of people are talking about how they go to like walmart or another public store and go to the restroom and masturbate with the guy in the stall next to them and my question is, how do you know if the guy in the stall next to you is going to be open with doing it with you?
ive masturbated in places like this before but never got the guy next to me to do it with me
how do you know?
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D_Amyntas Lillydong
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you start the conversation by saying, "hey, how's it going?"
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Look what happened to Larry whathisname, the senator from Idaho. Don't do it. There's places for doing stuff like that, like the peep show booths in the dirty magazine stores.
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Hehehe...this made me giggle because it made me remember a story I was told last summer by this cop I was dating. They had gotten a call out to one of the hospitals for lewd behavior being committed. When they get there, one of the valets tells them he had went to the restroom and it was obvious someone in the next stall was masturbating. The guy said he was making all sorts of grunts and sounds. Next thing he knows, the guy pops his head under the stall and smiles. So the valet hurries out as fast as he can and reports it to his supervisor. He also had recognized the person in the stall as one of the elderly men who volunteered in the hospital gift shop.
The cop told me since they hadn't actually seen anything all they could do was give the old guy a warning.

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It's an odd subject. Men did it openly in Austria, in the subway's rest rooms.
Other men watched, or ignored, but it was no big deal.
However, in the men's room of a porn store, it was met with abject horror.
Go figure.
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Public restrooms are too gross to do anything in.

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Yea I agree public restrooms are really dirty and I don't know why anyone would want to do it in there.
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This isn't the 1980s or 1970s.

Meet someone online if you need it that bad.
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If I'm in a public restroom and some asshole is tossing off in the stall next to me, grunting and moaning, and then pops his head under to see if I'm game, I'll wait for him to come out so I can kick him in his fucking balls. What the fuck! Are people fucking stupid? I mean come on now. You can't assume someone is down for that silly shit.
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Anyone doing this these days is taking incredible chances. I knew a fellow about ten years ago who was caught by an undercover police officer. We are talking nothing more than a jack-off. The fellow was arrested, and the vice officer in question was himself less than an upstanding citizen. It cost the guy $6,500 in Attorney's fees and to keep from being classified as a Registered Sex Offender he had to plead to a lesser charge when in fact the only thing he was caught doing was jacking off.

If I were a parent and took a kid in that restroom I would not want to hear the "joys of sex" and see rattling walls in a couple of stalls.

The risks these days are extremely high. It is also the highest risk form of sexual activity because of the anonymity of the act in that setting.

Find some other and safer way to get off, this has incredible potential to turn into a personal disaster that could last a lifetime. . .
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You simply have to ask why? If you are caught the results can last a lifetime. The news here in Cincinnati has a story a few times a year of guys caught in public restrooms (always the same locations, you think people would learn). Meet in public, take it somewhere private!
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