Bad head pains after ejaculation

Originally Posted by bravestarr Hey ......... You are now on a strict diet ... NO MORE CUMMING for YOU lol And no more cumming for you either...

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Originally Posted by bravestarr View Post
Hey ......... You are now on a strict diet ... NO MORE CUMMING for YOU lol
And no more cumming for you either...
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Uhmm ... I am going to revert your diagnosis .. Uhmm ... those druga wont help and your body does not need diet, you are perfectly healthy and normal so you still need TO CUM lol by doctors order

Originally Posted by xsjackage View Post
And no more cumming for you either...

( o o )
--ooO-( )-Ooo--

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Getting back to the serious ? of the OP, try drinking sports drinks now, until you are pissing often. If that does not stop the headache the next time you cum, see a doctor before cumming again. Those who had this might chime in again but it seems to me that headache with nausea and vision irregularities dictate you see a doctor. If you call a doctor's office and you are completely honest with the person scheduling your appointment, if they want you to come in right away, you know it is nothing to joke about and you should not delay. Even if it is dehydration, it could take a few days to fully recover.
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Like it's been pointed out, it's undoubtedly what's commonly called a post coital headache, it feels like lighting going off in your head but is normally of fairly short duration HOWEVER you should get it checked out just to ensure there's no other underlying cause.

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This is a ton of posts to read through, but I had this as well. I went to the doctor for it and they said it's surprisingly common...yet there's no real explanation for it. They said it was a combination of things like stress, internal chemicals, water levels, etc with no real way to prevent/cause it. Once I went to the doctor about it I had no further trouble with it though.
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Originally Posted by bravestarr View Post
Huh? lol ok I am prescribing you now ... Indomethacin, DHE (Dihydroergotamine,) Imitrex, Zomig, Maxalt, Amerge, Midrin, and Propanolol ............. I am covering my ass and pussy here lol
Or you could drink Gator-aid.

Hey Kitana, just do a fatality with your fan blade. The decapitation should cure the headache.

OK, now I'm surprised!
Whats with this place?

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folks...post coital migraine....not un-common....have had a couple....GAWD awful!!!.....will def ruin a good climax....has been a few years for me....pray i never have another..GOOGLE it...sorry for your luck XS...will miss your work in chat room....

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I've never experienced head pains, but have noticed my vision is not as sharp for 10-15 seconds after an orgasm.

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Those are drugs for migraine among other things. I would check on cephalgia.
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