Were you ever surprised how hung he was?

Did you ever see a guy and kinda think he wouldn't have a very big dick, and then, when the pants came off, you think to yourself, holy S*&#, he's HUGE!!! I had this with

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Were you ever surprised how hung he was?

Did you ever see a guy and kinda think he wouldn't have a very big dick, and then, when the pants came off, you think to yourself, holy S*&#, he's HUGE!!! I had this with a guy who was 5-foot-7, maybe 135. Well, he was 9 inches and thick as my wrist. Impressive site on a body like that. Share your "surprise" story................
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I've had quite a few girls say to me after they've seen it that i don't have the 'telltale' big hands or feet lol I like surprising people like that...I'm 8.5x6 for the record.
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I've been surprised by how big a guy was once. I know he was a big guy 6'5" ~220#), but I had no idea what he had between his legs. When I found out, I was totally surprised. I've not seen one that big in person since him.
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I once met up with a guy I'd met online he had told me he was just a bit above average and when we hooked up he flopped out an absolute monster, easily 8-8.5 and quite thick with it.
I'd only been with average guys before that, he got me hooked on big cocks, wish he was still living around here.
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How about the other way. Big guy. I mean big boy. YUM. Dropped his pants and nothing there. And for his size it looked even smaller.

this? well, yes, i guess it is big! I got it from my dad. Thanks dad.
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I have surprised a few ladies with my skinny bod and thick cock when I was single. My wife said she was shocked the first time. She said she was so in love with me up to that point and then to get a "big dick" also was unbelievable. She said she almost told her mom I was big and she had her 1st orgams, but did not want her mom to know we had sex.

I have a friend from grade school who was always short. we drifted apart for a few years until our early 20's. one night we were pissing out back of a bar, and I could not help but notice this big cock on such a little man. I was friends with a little petite gal who dated him briefly, and she said they had sex once and she could not get him 1/2 way in.
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Ive experienced several 'BIG DICKED' (10 inches up) guys, and it became the only ones I'm looking for ! :-)
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Kimahri, how big was that guy?
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I posted in another thread before that I had PE in college with this guy whom I'd seen around campus and talked to! He like this girl I went to high school with! I remember thinking that he really didn't HAVE anything despite him being a nicely built black man! Then, when I was changing for PE one day, HE was in the locker room, TOO! he had on a TOWEL, and when he TOOK THE TOWEL OFF it was like OMFG!!!!

The DICK went ALL THE WAY DOWN TO HIS KNEECAPS...on SOFT! I know people say that's an exaggeration, or that it just LOOKS that way because the GUY is SHORT!!!! But THIS guy was a LITTLE TALLER than me...and WELL-BUILT!

He noticed me CHECKING HIM OUT on a COUPLE of occasions and started changing clothes in another area of the locker room! He was the subject of MANY a session!!!!

OH that I might have GIVEN SUCK to thine COCK!
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I've been "surprised" several times but the most was a guy who I had known for about five years as a customer. Being in business in a small town, I didn't mess with my customers (yet!) but one day he came back to my office and watched some porno.
One thing led to another and I saw his dick. Besides being big, the mushroom head was the crowning point. I still see him occasionally and cherish those long-awaited moments.
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I was surprised when I first saw Rope's cock. Not because I thought he was going to be small. I just didn't expect it to be that big.
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had some what the fuck wow never thaught that was down there how do you hide it.
also had this girl who asked how big my feet were, and i have really small feet for a guy that is 6,2 tall around a 8 UK size, and she said shame sorry for you babe, well later on in the week we got a little drunk and she got the shock of her life and i said sorry for you when i went balls deep and winsed.
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My current man was a great suprise. I had heard he was big, average stature guy in every sense, and he made me wait for it, but when I finally got to see and ride it, everything I had heard did not do the experience justice. I enjoyed big cock before I had him, now I NEED big cock
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I have a surprise story. In college my roommate was very well hung and we arranged to surprise my girlfriend. Needless to say she was surprised and took very little convincing to start playing with it!
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I once hooked up with a guy that was about 5' 2" (a foot shorter than me) that I met at an adult video arcade. Turns out, his cock was huge, thick and meaty (bigger than mine). That was very unexpected. Fortunately, he had an apartment nearby, so we had a nice place to play.
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hung, surprised

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