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I typically can hafe only have one orgasmva day (my body lays it all on the line once) therefore, with only one ejaculate a day, I shhot a lot. ~half an oz if it's been

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I typically can hafe only have one orgasmva day (my body lays it all on the line once) therefore, with only one ejaculate a day, I shhot a lot. ~half an oz if it's been awhile. Plus thick (ala Shane diesle).
Yup gotta love us big dick big cummers. Really surprises the ladies

5' 10"
9+ x 6 (6++ at base)
The size is in the color. The color is in the size.
Dick will make you slap somebody!
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D_Passmoore Fearsomgas


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D_Passmoore Fearsomgas

im a heavy cummer just ask some lpsg members ;)
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Ha ha, I actually just wrote a blog about this. I've shot so much sperm before it completely soaked a wash cloth (a mediumish thick one, nothing fancy).

...and just realized this thread is really old.

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I have been a heavy cummer ever since high school. My wife agrees that I really cum a lot. So much so, that when we begin to have foreplay she rolls a condom on me, as I drip a lot. The first time she masturbated me one of her first comments was in relation to the amount of cum I shot. I do shot about 4 or 5 ropes of cum and it does go some distance, depending on the last time having had sex, etc. But I do shot a lot. My wife makes me use a condom prior to sex as she doesn't like wet sheets! But that is always fun having her roll one one me.
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vids or it didn't happen =P

I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent...

That having been said... Don't argue with idiots! No seriously, they'll just pulled you down to their level, and beat you with experience.
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i shoot about 10-14 shots on average, if thats a lot but not gonna use my measuring cups for volume haha . i have a vid in my gallery
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i am . how do i upload a vid of me ? it contains me shooting 6 lengthy strings and some minor dribbles
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It varies a lot. The general is 7-8 spurts, some of which are really...high recoil ;P

My "record" of sorts must've been one time I had anal sex with a former girlfriend. I've asked her moments earlier where she wanted it and she had told me that she'd like it on her ass. I guess I lost control a little sooner than I wanted to and I spurted out a couple of times into her before I "regained consciousness". I tried to make up for it by pulling out and shooting the rest on her butt, and it was insane! I swear, I had like a dozen more spurts, a lot of these where after the orgasm in itself was over, so I just stood there and thought "what the hell is going on?"
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D_Vladimir Jurkov

I just got a gold membership here and haven't put up any videos yet, but there's a link to my XTube in my signature.
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i cum a lot, im me and ill give you a private show
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i've been told i cum a lot
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D_Keziah Itchybutt

im not sure how you measure a heavy cummer... but i squirt between 8-10 bursts of cum and i have seen it go about 4-5 feet. I like to imagine what it looks like blasting her cervix (kind of graphic) If we lie still when im cumming she can feel it painting her inside
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Can I nominate myself?
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Originally Posted by amazongal View Post
So... who are the heavy cummers on this site?
I demand to be informed. ;)
Check out the 2 cumshot pics in my profile & tell me what you think.
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cummers, heavy

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