Has anyone ever tried this? I kinda wanna go buy one and see how it turns out! Clone A Willy Kit FREE SHIPPING, FREE DVD, Your Cast A Penis Kit, Penis Casting, Clone-A-Willy Mold A

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Has anyone ever tried this? I kinda wanna go buy one and see how it turns out!

Clone A Willy Kit FREE SHIPPING, FREE DVD, Your Cast A Penis Kit, Penis Casting, Clone-A-Willy Mold A Penis Adult
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I made one for my gf once (her idea). Be sure to get the larger vibrator and extra rubber compound if you're large, and make sure you stay very hard while molding. Having my gf assist in the process helped.

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1) You need to keep it up for at least 60sec while the goo hardens
2) That shit starts to harden instantly
3) It can be messy

Have a helper, for best effect.

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There is at least one other thread on this. This is a posting of mine one one of these:

I've done it and sucked/fucked myself with it... kinda wierd. changes the whole context of "go fuck yourself" from a scathing remark to a bit of a turn on...

I have done one a long time ago, and it is quite difficult! For several reasons, but the first being it is indeed not easy to stay hard for that long with your dick in a tube of cold goo. I got around it by putting on a really tight cockring, which helped.

The other issue is you can either put the tube on the floor and dip your dick in it like you're doing pushups, and hold it for 5 minutes without moving, or you can invert the thing on you really really fast, but it will be messy and you have to press it into you to avoid leaks, which also hurts a bit after a while.

Then when you pull out, the directions say to let the mould sit for 5 minutes, which is wierd because it's already set, but also the mould starts to loose it's water content which makes it shrink a bit. The end result is you end up with a dildo that is a bit larger that you actually are, which I guess to many is a good thing, but I felt kinda cheated. The point of doing this is to get an exact replica, not a slightly bigger version of me.

Finally, I think the kits (in my local adult stores at least) only come in two skin tones. And the rubber they use becomes very very hard, so the dildo can actually hurt because it's not flexible. Also, for someone my size (7"), they don't send you enough rubber to fill the whole mould, so you HAVE to use the mini vibrator component and dip it in to fill it up. And if your dick curves a bit like mine, it's kind of a bitch because the vibrator tube part is a straight tube looking thing, so my dildo had the tip of the tube visible at one point on the side of it. And i didn't want a vibrator, just a dildo. Oh and you can forget about trying to get your nuts moulded in with your dick too.

Last words of advice: ALWAYS use a condom with these clones. Some lubes discolor them, and they end up looking like they got used once and never got cleaned... Which is why I never use mine anymore. Just looks dirty even though it isn't.

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yea ill probably have some help me with it, sounds like it could be fun though
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let me know if you need help! :-P
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Originally Posted by devontx View Post
let me know if you need help! :-P
haha i might have to hit you up :-p
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order two and we can both make one! =)
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I did it once - I wasn't aware of exactly what "begins to dry instantly" means.

So that got all fucked up.

I emailed the company though and they sent me a new bag of mold stuff (free, how cool are they) and I took much more caution this time. If you do it- USE A COCK RING.

Even if you think you'll stay hard - come on, you're making a cast of your cock. You want to be ROCK HARD. If you are rock hard putting it in, and it shrinks 5% during the mold, that's actually a lot. So, make it as hard as you can as long as you can.

Having it was a mixed bag - it was totally hot, but the dildo itself was very hard - not soft at all. This made any real fun somewhat difficult. Though I did get a guy to double fuck me with it once. Which was...amazing. There's something very gratifying about being really, really filled up by...yourself. ;)

Also, I'm 6.25 around, and the tube wasn't really wide enough for me - so if you're in a similar situation consider making your own tube and getting more mold stuff.
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