Sex fantasies about nazi uniforms.


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Sex fantasies?


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D_Jared Padalicki
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Nope... but intresting to hear. Only Nazi-uniform then?
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I have met a lot of gay men who also have these sorts of fantasies and I do not feel bad about them because they are just FANTASY and nothing else.
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Originally Posted by pieterjoke View Post
Nope... but intresting to hear. Only Nazi-uniform then?
Well it's about the man wearing it. It is not like we are doing holocaust roleplay or anything like that more like I am his prisoner and sex slave.
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It's called appropriating the affect - and the gear. The unsophisticated cannot separate that from the politics and context of the 12 yearThird Reich. Even a claim to real WP, Nazi or Fascist thinking in 2008 along with the gear is simply imitation or reenactment of style. No matter what the comparisons, we live in different times. So wear it, use it, lick it, fuck in it and enjoy it. This ain't the 1930's or 1940's anymore.
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Originally Posted by LizardLeatherBoots View Post
It's called appropriating the affect - and the gear. The unsophisticated cannot separate that from the politics and context of the 12 yearThird Reich. Even a claim to real WP, Nazi or Fascist thinking in 2008 along with the gear is simply imitation or reenactment of style. No matter what the comparisons, we live in different times. So wear it, use it, lick it, fuck in it and enjoy it. This ain't the 1930's or 1940's anymore.

I've read some pretty weird shit on this website, but this really takes the cake. As someone who has studied in great detail (in university) the horrors of Nazi Germany, and as someone who has visited a former Nazi concentration camp in Germany (which today stands as a memorial to the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, political dissenters, POWs and other "inferior races" that perished in that camp), I find what you are saying here incredibly disturbing (translation: so fucked up that I'm completely lost for words to express my revulsion). The swastika still serves to this very day as a powerful reminder of the evil that many suffered at the hands of the Nazis. Look at the fallout from when Prince Harry wore a Nazi uniform to a Halloween party a couple of years back. I don't think you would have found these uniforms so sexy back when the Nazis were in power as they would have murdered you just for being gay and finding them attractive in the first place. The only thing that I feel when I see a Nazi uniform is bone chilling terror. Thank God those who came before us had the courage to confront and defeat the evil that was Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Hitler was Satan incarnate, and will be rotting in the very bowels of Hell for all eternity.

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You definitely need to see The Night Porter.

LizardLeatherBoots is right. Appropriating the affect is a real term applied, in this instance, to people who have a sexual fetish for role playing. What occurs during that role play is not necessarily what those people desire outside of the sexual context.

In BDSM play, Nazi role playing serves to heighten the experience of potential fear on the part of the bottom and to enhance the sense of authority for the top. Nazi fetishes are actually popular because the Nazis stand as a symbol for strict authoritarianism, torture, and efficiency. If they weren't so bad, they wouldn't be so popular.

It may be offensive to some people that other people could role play something so horrible as Nazism, but it's important to note a few things:

  • Role playing is just that, play. Role playing allows people to indulge their fantasies in a safe, consenting, and (for them) erotic environment.
  • What people role play does not necessarily equate with their actual desires outside the bedroom. The great majority of people who role play have no interest in actually becoming what they are role playing outside of a sexual context.
  • We cannot control nor decide what we find sexually exciting.
  • Nazi role playing is exciting because the role players are aware of just how dreadful the Nazis were. The scarier the Nazis are, the more effective the affectation is.
  • Not all people into BDSM find Nazi role playing erotic nor are all Nazi fetishists into BDSM.

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I still think it's very poor taste. Are there any KKK fetishists out there? Ted Bundy/Fred and Rose West re-enactors? Al-Qaida captive scenario, anyone?
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Sorry. That's a fetish I can't get behind.

Instant gratification takes too long.

Please, don't send me a friendship request unless we genuinely have a relationship or you've at least discussed it with me first. I'd appreciate it. Muchly.
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maybe one with a big ol hung blond German muscle boy........it is a fantasy so it's not real
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I must be appallingly normal as I found the thread topic to be in poor taste.

The swastika symbol was of Hindu origin. I have old temple bells predating the 1930's with the symbol on them. It represents a man (I read somewhere). There is a left handed symbol and a right handed symbol.

Over the years this insight has eroded to nothingness.

Let's have a roleplay. I'll be a little kid and you can be John Wayne Gacy....there's nothing I'd love so much as to insulate your house.

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I learned on LPSG:
- The men are here to get laid, the women are here to get attention.
- Penis enlargement is a scam.
- Foreskin restorers need psychiatric help.
- "Bone-pressed" is for pansies.
- No you don't have a 10" dick, nor have you ever met anyone who does.
- "Squirting" = pissing
- If you know the exact dick length of a relative, you're insane.
- 99% of women don't care unless you're tiny or huge. Neither is good.
- You're lying unless you have a photo with a ruler next to your junk.
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It is not my thing but apparently this is more common than people want to admit. Max Mosley: Maybe Nazi So Bad? | Guanabee http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...Nazi-orgy.html
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I see nothing wrong with adults doing this sort of thing since it's all consensual and even straight people apparently do it.
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How is a sexual interest at all different from design interest? Many people find the movie "Starship Trooper" to be a cult classic, it is filled with uniforms and symbol blatantly designed to look like German uniforms and iconography in the intent of connecting that view of the future with the events of WW2. Star Wars characters where also designed using these in a much more subtle way. Darthvader wears a a stylized german with a skull gas mask. The use of these uniforms connecting to sexual interest isnt limited to gay people, there are men who look at sexy women dressed in remodeled SS uniforms. I understand that to most people it might be just thought of as "in bad taste" but it's hard to believe you dont understand why people find this interesting. How is a sexy Soviet officer in a Bond movie different? The idea of wearing a devil's costume, or a witch is blasphemous and offensive to hard line religious types we dont care that we offend them by wearing them. Its one thing to aspire to be like something its another to dress up and play around in a costume. Harry was fucking around and wanted to get a rise out of people. It may have been dumb and insensitive being the position he is in but it was stupid drunken intent none the less and and had no political connection. To many Ukrainian people I know and Czech people these two images would likely be considered just as offensive but I still find them hot, perspective is the word here its all one's perspective. So think you thought enjoy your things cause its unlikely your going to convince each other to think differently.
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