Balls deep

Any other large guys out there who never get to experience the feeling of their balls slapping against a woman's ass (or pussy if in doggy style)? I am a full 10-inches long when rock

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Balls deep

Any other large guys out there who never get to experience the feeling of their balls slapping against a woman's ass (or pussy if in doggy style)? I am a full 10-inches long when rock hard & always bottom out inside a woman's pussy 2 or 3 inches before my balls would touch her.

It has been frustrating to say the least. I have come to believe that wthe average woman is about 7 inches deep. I have had the pleasure of experieriencing over 70 women in my life & have only found 2 who were deep enough to take the full length of my cock.

Just last week I met a woman who could take it all & it was incredible! It has been many years since I felt that feeling. And catch this... She is only 5'-1" tall & only weighs 100 lbs! You would think a taller woman would be much more able to take a large cock than a tiny one, but this girl was amazing!
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I am a female who has experienced both, right now I'm with a guy who can get "balls deep" and I love that feeling of knowing he's completely inside of me. With bigger guys it can be somewhat painful, don't get me wrong it's a wonderful pain, but at the same time I wouldn't be able to fuck a guy that huge on a daily basis or I'd be in terrible pain. I do enjoy fucking huge guys though, just not on a regular basis.

When you're used to the size that fits you perfect, and then fuck a guy who is huge it's amazing, it literally feels like he's breaking you in half, but in a good way. There is nothing better than the feeling of a massive head stretching you open slowly, I get chills just thinking about it!!! I hope for your sake this new girl sticks around =]

Let's get on downnn to the main attraction, with a little less talk....and a lot more actionNNNnnn
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I'm pretty sure I've never experienced anyone of your size before but it's my understanding that given a warming up time, a woman is designed to expand to fit a size like that. Maybe you're just rushing too much into things. Maybe try playing with her more - finger and oral work? Again, having never had a true 10 incher before I don't know if that's true or not.

I have been with shorter guys who felt as though they were bottoming out and longer guys who didn't. Maybe it's all in the positioning?

Or, maybe, you poor dudes with 10 inches are just out of luck for the most part.
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Thanks for your responses ladies. regardless of the fit though, I love it all!
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OMG You are just simply huge..I have the same problem with peeps chickening out. Would love to bang my balls anytime soon....
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this thread is giving me a hard on
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I am just under eight inches and have bottomed out with all six women I have been with. I know, not a lot or women, but that is a different story.
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It's not like being with tons of women makes you more of a man. I personally only have sex with a woman I have strong feelings for and care about.
And I couldn't bottom out on my ex-fiancee cuz I'd hit her cervix.
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I've had it both ways, but only once with a woman that couldnt take it all, even after x amount of foreplay, it was very frustrating especially after being with a woman which loved me going balls deep!! Personally I feel it defintately hinders the whole experience.
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I'm in the 8-8.5 length range and pretty thick, also no novice to sex... and I've never had a girl be able to take all of me either... there's always a couple inches or so that is noticeably not fitting inside.

I actually kinda find that hot, although to experience deepthroat or ball slapping would be kinda cool.
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I suggest the following. It's advice you'll find strewn throughout old threads here:

  • Do make sure you have enough foreplay to make sure your woman is thoroughly wet. Have some lube on hand to help.
  • Have her elevate her pelvis slightly, a low soft pillow is best. This will allow you to thrust deeply while helping to avoid hitting the cervix.
  • The cul-de-sac, the space just beyond the cervix, is extremely sensitive. Many women find it uncomfortable for you to touch at first, but many women also report that its stimulation can lead to explosive orgasms.
  • Just as there are a wide variety of penis sizes, there are a wide variety of vagina sizes. Not all women will be able to accommodate you no matter how you both try. Whether this is acceptable to either of you in light of your relationship is something only the two of you can decide.
  • You may want to try a rubber bumper. These are rubber rings you place around the base of your penis which allow you to thrust deeply as she finds comfortable while freeing you of the need to constantly concentrate on how far you're thrusting. A good one will act as a cock ring, increasing your girth slightly and women love girth!
  • If your penis has a natural upward or downward bend, try one of the cowgirl positions. This allows her to decide how far to go down and she can find exactly the depth that's comfortable for her. Do a reverse cowgirl if your cock swoops up, regular cowgirl if it swoops down. This will also help to avoid hitting the cervix.
  • You may find that a woman who has given birth vaginally will find it easier to accommodate you.

Hope these help!

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about the size of the receptive partner....
i heard that skinny people are better competitive eaters actually because there is more "empty" room for there stomach to expand, maybe its the same with way smaller girls & their vagina's.

I always see these very tall guys with very short women and wonder "why" & "how."
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I personally think it's hit and miss when finding a woman that can fully take 10 inches. Your best bet may be to locate women who are actually looking for a 10-incher and then try to build a relationship from there, whichever kind of relationship that may be.

It may also be to your benefit, and hers, that you're up front about your cock size because you're on the extreme size and it's more of a warning and consideration to her than an arrogance.

Either way, i'm sure there are a lot of women out there who would love to try you on for size and that alone may be a fun aspect of your life, but if you want to settle down and build a solid relationship, then seek out the ones who want 10 inches and go from there; at least this way sex won't be the issue that ends the relationship.

Life is like a hard cock, when it gets hard... fuck it!
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You have an interesting predicament. I am happy to not share it with you. Female vaginas do stretch, but in general they do not even when tented achieve such lengths.

I'm 'around'.
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Originally Posted by whitters2000 View Post
OMG You are just simply huge..I have the same problem with peeps chickening out. Would love to bang my balls anytime soon....
My god, just say the word, stud
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balls, deep

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