My GF wants me to cum in her mouth, but I can't!

Originally Posted by dude276 I never cum from a bj either... My wife will suck on me for like a half hour, and I get close, but it doesn't happen... I just take a while

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D_Parkinsonne Partycocke

Originally Posted by dude276 View Post
I never cum from a bj either... My wife will suck on me for like a half hour, and I get close, but it doesn't happen... I just take a while to cum regardless of what we are doing, which is not a bad thing! One night we tried for over an hour, and nothin... So you are not alone!

Will she let you jack into her mouth? I've done that a few times. She's not crazy about it... Let her blow you for a bit, then start jacking and when you cum, aim it in her mouth.

I'm also like you in that a few minutes of a blow, and I am ready to fuck... See if she will compromise with you- that is key in a sexual relationship... LOL!

In actuality, for me I think it is a duration thing... I've never had a willing partner that wanted to blow me long enough to finish...
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First off, you're LUCKY, man! I have the same problem, but rarely get the chance to even try to cum in my wife's throat. I once had a girlfriend who would suck as long as it took--over an hour sometimes--to get the job done. My wife, on the other hand, dated a bunch of two-minute shooters and goes on about how she used to "like" giving head, and when she does it now (technically, just once in the last 8 years or so), she tells me I'd better not take too long ("long" being 5 minutes or more). Great mood setter, right?! Last week she said I'm "lucky" because most of her friends don't even do oral.

(And if you don't like a dick in your mouth and/or the taste of cum, you can't "like" giving head. I'm bi and have gladly given 50+ blowjobs. I would go as long as they wanted, 99% of the time to the delicious end.)

My advice: Don't just sit or lay there. Move around. Enjoy it. Try different positions. Work up to it mentally. Get in the mood before you start. Oral doesn't have to be foreplay to fucking. Get a timer and play a game where you just kiss for 15 minutes or whatever. Once, when I was really in the mood, I came like a horse less than five minutes into what my wife thought was a bit of oral foreplay. Shocked the hell out her! This is 50% mental on your part. Just relax and enjoy that there is a willing woman with an open mouth waiting for you.

You're not doomed to never cum from oral. (Unless you're 95 years old. Then you're screwed.)

fyi: pix of my one blowjob in the last eight years posted in my gallery.
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Add me to the list of non-cummers from head. And BJs are like my favorite thing. I have come close, but then my mind kills it because I get excited that it is actually going to happen.

Maybe my penis is like the Sword in the Stone. The woman who could make it cum is the one I will marry. Get in line ladies! (in my dreams!)

I have cum in women's mouths before, with a little help from me. Once I pass the point of no return I let them take over. Also, If they suck my balls while I stroke, I will cum in less then a minute. I wonder if two girls is the solution? Hmmm...

OK, now I'm surprised!
Whats with this place?

Dolfette says I am not a "Leg-Humper" (Yipee!)
but she also thinks I'm a twat!

Somehow, this place is less bright without the color RED.
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Not sure if this helps, but I can't cum in my girlfriend's mouth either sometimes when she's just giving me head. But what always gets me is if she lets me gag her or if she deepthroats. I don't know if you like that or not, but it always gets me off. Especially good to do in the morning, when there's nothing to puke up.
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I've rarely come from a blow job, just twice with blow job experts. At first I thought it was in my head, but what it really took was technique, especially given my length and girth. It was suction, if this helps.

Both times my orgasms were superficial, so I prefer good old-fashioned natural (condom-free) vaginal intercourse.
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I can have the same problem. Sometimes my girl wants to suck me off, and she'll go and go, with no more than a cramped hand and puffy lips for her and a rubbed raw dick for me. It does make me feel bad because I can get her off at will, and word is guys are supposed to be easier but I don't. It sucks because I have great orgasms from head when it happens.

Usually if I feel like I won't be able to cum from oral, I try to turn it into full on sex, which is the majority. If it feels right and she can make me cum orally, I let her even at the expense of sex sometimes to give her the 'win' and keep her trying.

countries? i didn't know they grow on trees.

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Do what my ex-bf used to do. When you feel kinda close pull out of her mouth and j/o. Maybe let her lick just the head while you do this. Then when you are ready to explode, shove that cock back in her mouth and let her guzzle your load.

A large, pretty penis is a wonder to behold.

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I've never had a problem cumming in the mouth of a woman who sucked my cock.
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I had trouble cumming in my wifes mouth the first few times we tried because I wasn't used to a mouth on my penis. Her technique improved and I learned to focus on the intensely exqusite sensations of her tongue and mouth. I also find that fantasy can play a significant role in my enjoyment and orgasm intensity. It may be your mastabatory fantasy or one you create in the moment coupled with her oral skills that provide a rich and overpowering experience. I know it intensifies her blow job fo me to the point that sometimes I have to ask her to slow down so I can enjoy her ministrations longer. Strong sucking doesn't do it for me, it is the subtleties of her oral technique and knowing that she wants me to cum in her mouth makes me blow every time, and sometimes twice.

I would still like to experience deepthroating during oral with my wife but I don't think that it will ever happen.
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My first wife swallowed and it was great. My current wife will suck me but as I get close she gives me a hand job. Have had to use "external" services to let loose.

Nothing like it. Although if you practice with a fleshlight a few times or get started on a fleshlight and have her finish you off.
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This may seem like a dumb question but, have you told her? I, like a lot of the other guys hare cant cum from oral either, my ex and I figured that out together. I would reccomend just being upfront about it, while still acknowledging the neccessity of oral, and just jerk it in her mouth, after a few minutes of enjoying the ride.
If you let her know you cant do it, and how common that is, she wouldnt insist, would she?

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I told her. I try to jerk off too, but it just won't work.

I think I'm just gonna have to do the pull out method....

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galaxus....yes buddy i have same curse...but may i suggest she lube up her fingers and slip into you ass while she is blowing u....relax and let it happen...focus but enjoy....have her also suck your balls and such......but really...a finger up ass maybe first knuckle...and then a bit more....it will happen.....good luck...lemmie know if this helps...

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Suggestion for her: tell her that as she's sucking you, she needs to follow the stroking of her lips with the stroking of her hand closed around your cock.

It'll get you off, promise.

And if it doesn't, try what Dan Savage (or The Savage Love column) counsels: if you're not getting off, don't go beat off or fuck 'til you cum when you fail to shoot during a blo. If you don't cum, just stop. Keep doing that, keep frustrating yourself. Pretty soon you'll get off.

Sounds like you want to do this for her. That makes you a totally great guy.

Give us an update, dude. We want to hear about how you filled her mouth, then kissed her. (Yup, that'll turn her on so seriously . . . and make her feel totally appreciated. Take a deep breath and do it for her.)


Check it out, guys! I'm blogging every sex act I have this year (Oh, wait - I'm still catching up on last year!).

Just posted: Cocksearch has a taste of ANOTHER gen-u-ine blond.

New post as of Friday, 4/9
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Originally Posted by Bluebiss01 View Post
Same mate, same.
Weird. I have exactly the same problem. Thing is, I thought I was just about the only guy in the world who doesn't come from getting a BJ
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cum, mouth

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