Question for bottom guys who love big cocks!

Ok guys, i'm not the one with a very large penis, but... i am bottom and admire large cocks. And i know i'm not the only one... Here's the question: Are we bottom because we

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Question for bottom guys who love big cocks!

Ok guys, i'm not the one with a very large penis, but... i am bottom and admire large cocks. And i know i'm not the only one...

Here's the question: Are we bottom because we do like big cocks and love the feeling inside us, or... are we bottom because we're not the one with the big cock and like to be submissive to the guy with the big tool and take it up the arse...

Am happy to hear what you think. And also like to hear what the 'big tool top guys' think...
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i am a bottom and i have a big cock (9).i think it depends on the person. i my self have toped before. and the guy's i were with had big cock's one guy was about 11 inches.. but i much prefer to be a bottom. to me getting fucked is the best feeling ever
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Perhaps ur right. I think if i would have a huge cock... i still want to be bottom...

But how about you top guys with a big one... Why do you love to top?
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dick size doesn't have anything to do with your top or bottom preference. I've known guys with really big dicks who were really frustrated because everyone wanted them to be a top and all they wanted to do was get fucked, and I've known guys with smaller dicks who really wanted to fuck... the world is a funny place...
Garg MAn
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Originally Posted by scottredleter View Post
dick size doesn't have anything to do with your top or bottom preference...
I totally agree with Scott. I'm amazed at how many hung guys are total bottoms, and have that frustration of guys always wanting them to top. What's worse though, is when they hide being a bottom, just to hook up. I've had it happen that a guy approached me, and went on and on about, "Do you think you can take it?" Once things started getting fun, he suddenly kept throwing his ass up in the air, and started in with, "Well, you fuck me first, and then I'll do you."

I have to say, that a LOT of hung bottoms are the source of their own frustration. You can go on just about any hookup site, and you'll see profiles, where they show nothing but shots of their big amazing cocks, and then you read the profile, and they say "100% bottom, not vers." Um... WHAT??? Of course, you'll find 100% tops that do exactly the same with sexy as hell ass shots all over their profiles, and not a cock shot to be found. Eeesh!

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dylz is online now

im mostly a bottom and i have a big dick so i dont think that has anything to do with it
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Has nothing to do with your preference.

But I would say this: the cocky (for lack of a better word) feeling that having a big dick gives you is probably a plus when you're feeling toppy. Least it works for me.


Check it out, guys! I'm blogging every sex act I have this year (Oh, wait - I'm still catching up on last year!).

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Hung bottom here with occasional versatile tendencies. lol
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I like being a bottom and a top. I have had lovers with small cocks than I have and they fucked my ass great! I love to give it though.

pounding your ass with my big cock
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I am a bottom with only an avg (5-5.5") cock. I matured early about 9 and was had the biggest dick I came into contact with except for a few older black guys that had been held back in school and were two to three years older than my the rest of us. it was only in my junior year in high school that other white boys dicks were bigger. Among a small group of fuck buddies I always insisted they could only fuck me if I could fuck them also, but this was only because I didn't want anyone knowing that all I wanted was to get fucked. Then though I was fascinated by big dicks I didn't really care how big they were. It was more about the reality of having a cock in me than how it felt. It was only in my junior year two classmates kept at me to first suck their cocks with no reciprocation and then to get fucked by them. They were both bigger than me. This was when I first discovered how good it felt to be fucked by a bigger dick I still get off on the stab of pain of the initial entry and never use toys because I don't want to loosen my sphincter up too much.
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I have also had some severe disappointments with horse hung guys that are as much a bottom as I am. I always feel very cheated.
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I've topped twice once on purpose and the other time the guy hopped on me. Neither time did anything for me. I love being a bottom... the tops that I have been with love bottoms with big dicks.

Tis I
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A frind of mine says (he's top with u hige cock) if he sees a bottom with a small cock: The good thing about those boys is... they love to get fucked hard by a big cock!

And i think he's almost always right...
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D_Trimbley Trousersprout

Hey! Both statements are true, in my case. First I really admire large cocks it turns me on like crazy and I like worshipping them and being submissive to the man who has it. Then, when I started getting fucked I discovered it does feel so good inside me! I do enjoy getting fucked hard by huge dicks a lot more than by smaller ones, the stretching sensation it provides that is on the border between pain an pleasure is just too good!

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