anal sex with women and big dicks

the new girl i'm hooking up with says she enjoys having anal sex, but that i'm too big (about 8 x 6). do people have any insights on this? is it possible for her to

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D_Sheriff of Nuttingham
anal sex with women and big dicks

the new girl i'm hooking up with says she enjoys having anal sex, but that i'm too big (about 8 x 6). do people have any insights on this? is it possible for her to make it work?
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Show her porn and she'd get it that you're normal size! LOL. Nah man just do alot of foreplay, I take it the big dick guy before you was not kind at all! So she may be scared!
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Cowgirl. Let her control depth, pressure, etc. Take it slow, be patient, prepare for a long night.

I'm 'around'.
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I have had anal with lots of women who thought I was too thick to fit up their ass, but lots of foreplay and tons of lube changed their minds.

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I knew girls who liked anal sex but didn't want it with me because of my size (7" x 6"). I also have had anal sex a few times and it worked well. One woman suggested a different position which allows for natural relaxing of the anus. She was on her back, left leg pulled back near her left shoulder, me above. This worked a treat. Another position I read about was girl laying on her stomach with legs spread, man above. This seems to relax the anus for big-girth men like you and me.

The other trick is to have a bit (or a lot) of vaginal intercourse first. This'll arouse her and get her mentally into the moment.
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Or you could just settle for the fact that she doesn't really want to have anal sex with you?
Novel idea.
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I don't see why, I mean women are never given the advice to let thier man just not want something on this site
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Well they are now! :-). We all want things we can't have after all.
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If I had a partner who didn't want to do something with me I wouldn't dream of trying to persuade them or coerce them into doing it.

Just accept she doesn't want it and do the other stuff you both like.

I enjoy using the comedy technique of self-deprecation - but I'm not very good at it.
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(1) go buy some silicon lube. That water-based stuff is garbage. It dries out and will leave her sore. Use LOTS of it. Then apply more.

(2) be prepared to spend a good long time with your finger, then two of your fingers then maybe even three of your fingers up her ass while she relaxes and gets used to it. And while you're doing this, lick her tits, nuzzle her neck, french kiss her, tell her she's the hottest thing you've ever had.

Then she'll be rarin' to go.


Check it out, guys! I'm blogging every sex act I have this year (Oh, wait - I'm still catching up on last year!).

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i've been with a few girls who upon seeing my dick have proclaimed, "you are not putting that in my ass." which i always found strange since i've never asked any of them if i could. lol! i've got no real desire to do it, and no girl has ever asked me if i would so it's all worked out quite nicely. ;)

"While most books on sex say that penis size doesn't matter, there are two groups of people to whom it does matter. One group includes almost every male alive. The second group includes every woman who derives sexual pleasure from intercourse."

-The Guide to Getting it On.
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Good to hear Reverend - the girls wre probably just so used to being asked or having guys do the 'surprise' attack on them they were just getting in there first!
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Of course the topic originator indicated that the gf was interested. That is half the solution.

Now, as others have indicated, plenty of pre-play, fore-play and working a few fingers, etc, and you and her will be good to go.

Enjoy it.

Enjoy Life.
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Originally Posted by joeweekend View Post
(1) go buy some silicon lube. That water-based stuff is garbage. It dries out and will leave her sore. Use LOTS of it. Then apply more.
agreed that lube is key, though I find that some silicon lubes can be just as irritating. My wife and I started using Maximus, and with that, she can handle me without a problem. Just use lots of lube (too much is almost enough) and go slow.

Of course, that's only if she's actually interested in trying... Firm believer that if she doesn't want to, it's not your right to make her regardless. Good luck, and be patient...
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my ex gf LOVED anal

it would take us several minutes to deal with my girth but DAMN she then got into it. She would lay on her side and when she was ready to go wild she would all of a suddenly push her ass up against my body - taking me all in

And she could moan and shout in ecstasy! And we are talking loud! I thought someone was going to call the cops on us!!

But the key is that she is comfortable and then they get lost in that orgasm cloudy moment and forget who they are


Just call me the PLUGGER

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