do pornstars jelq?

i have been watching porn alot more lately and started to wonder if these guys are jelqing or popping pills...pumping whatever, they are doing shit to their junk it seems. am i off at thinking

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do pornstars jelq?

i have been watching porn alot more lately and started to wonder
if these guys are jelqing or popping pills...pumping whatever,
they are doing shit to their junk it seems.

am i off at thinking this?
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No clue, a lot are blessed naturally, but when I worked at Fed-Ex, I worked out on the side to be stronger (lots of lifting job). Maybe they jelq to work on their 'assets'?

There's a reason I am called The Machine
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around 10 yrs ago, I once had a European customer who claimed that he was in porno business over 10 yrs ago (in his 20s and he did it for over 10 yrs before becoming a buyer). he was in his 40 when I met him.. we finally were close friends after the 5th flight (and my company's big customer too) that I was taking care of him every flight he flew in..

he packed quite a large tool.. around 7+ (never exactly measured), he claimed that he's got 8incher!! and quite thick.. and he once told me when he got drunk that started jelqing since he was teen (around 15-16), so it grew so bad... he stopped jelqing when he was 19 as his gf (at that time) couldn't take it all.. so he thought it was quite large ever since...

he did it again when he broke up with that girl and went into porn biz and he did it all those 10 yrs to maintain its size.. and the side effect was he gained more girth, not the length!!!
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The first thing that has to be remembered in any and all porn is that the idea is to create an arousing illusion. One of the ways that this is done is to of course hand pick the actors for these productions. They look for very specific body types and dimensions in porn. This is especially true of gay porn.

I go back a long time to when Hollywood and West Hollywood were then the main production locations and because of my work as a props supplier in the legitimate film and television industry, I also supplied vehicles on rare occasion for the adult film industry as well.

Most of the men hand picked for these roles are in fact very small men with regards to height and weight. There are exceptions, but, most of those men being worshipped for their size are in fact as a general rule maybe only slightly above average with regards to penis size, but greatly below average on everything else giving or creating an illusion initially on this level.

Scott O'Hara was, in reality, maybe only 5'2" on a good day. He was small boned and had very small hands and feet. Again, a hand jerking a 7 1/2 inch dick that is very small makes the dick look a great deal larger. Charles (Jeff Stryker) Peyton is maybe 5'4 to 5'5" in height and again body proportion makes a dick slightly above average look much larger by proportion. Lance and Leo Ford (who was Leonard Hilgeford) were probably 5'4" to 5'6" tall and neither one of these two weighed in reality over 120 pounds. In their heyday both were often found at Drake's on Melrose which was a porn parlor. I was good friends in those years with a couple of the clerks working there. Melchor Diaz was maybe 5'3" tall.
Al (Drew Okun) Parker was about 5'6" to 5'7" tall and in reality was probably about 8". I am 5'9" tall and I was taller than most of these men and though in those years I was probably 160 pounds, I was also much larger in body structure.
I knew Al Parker well and had been in the home he shared with his other half near the beach in a Los Angeles, Suburb many times. The only really notable exception to this rule that I met and knew was Ed Wiley (Dan Wesling) who left us only a short time ago. Dan was in height probably somewhere between 6' and 6'1" in height and weighed towards the end of his life somewhere around 180 pounds. Again we were at numerous gatherings together in Palm Springs, and he was one who was in fact extremely large in genital size.

In addition to the normal hand picking as has already been described there are a number of very subtle photographic tricks used to make ones genitals appear larger than life. These involve lighting and camera angles.

With regards to jelquing I would imagine that one would get the same cross section as anywhere else. I would with little doubt make the assumption that some do and that some do not. Al Parker was in to vacuum pumping as something he enjoyed. As a general rule however most people doing this are not into anything involving sex enhancement or male enhancement except for pay.
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That's awesome. Makes my skinny, 5'6, 120 lb ass feel pretty good about myself thanks.

Perhaps I should stop taking it as an insult when people say I have a "swimmer's body"
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i was an "intern" for a porn director/producer/owner when i was 18/19 for a few weeks when i was briefly stationed in C.A, and what fuzzy said is 100% on the nose, if you look in the gallery section the guys with impressive looking pics are large, but also have skinny legs, flat stomachs, narrow hips ect. a 7 inch penis is big, but itlooks alot bigger on a skinny fella, I;e , a tick tack dosen't look huge between a g.i joe (80's small g.i joe) legs, but you put it between the legs of one of the little green army men, it's like G.I shorty mac

and they jelq, pump, directly inject liquid viagra, take viagra pills, hang.... anything they can do cause 1 out of a million guys are a true "woodsman"
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I'm quite sure Billy Glide does PE since he's not that thick in old movies.

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In addition to the tricks and techniques mentioned above, some of them do indeed experiment with PE techniques. Here's an example of one: DLD...Ramone?

AJ "Big Al" Alfaro is a professional male enhancement coach, specializing in guiding men to improve their approach to PE. See www.maleenhancementcoach.com for more information.
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i've seen a vid where peter north promoted jelqing techniques so i guess they do.
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In addition to Scott O'Hara and Al Parker, a number of guys at Ragin Stallion Studios vacuum pump. Check out their vids such as "SexPigs" and "The Red and The Black."
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other pics are at http://www.myvacspace.com , www.asspig.com and www.realbodybuilders.com

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jelq , pornstars

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