How long do you stay hard after cumming?

My wife was noting the other night how long I stay hard after my orgasm. Sometimes 10 or 15 minutes. Is this unusual? Just wonder if anyone else has similar experiences.

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How long do you stay hard after cumming?

My wife was noting the other night how long I stay hard after my orgasm. Sometimes 10 or 15 minutes. Is this unusual?

Just wonder if anyone else has similar experiences.
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Usually several minutes. Not 10 or 15.
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It varies and depends on several factors. Mood, the other individual, cocktails, etc. But I love to let it soak.
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Two nights ago; I stayed hard and couldn't cum again. She politely asked me to just lick her. She gets a bit sore after an hour.
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D_Eliassaph Daniell Goosegarden Jr

I have always wondered about this as well. According to the women I have been with (not all that many, but...) most guys tend to wilt pretty quickly. I have always stayed firm at least and have usually been able to go for another round. Never knew it was unusual.
Age has tempered that a little bit. I still stay hard for a few minutes (5?) but the 2nd go-round is a bit iffy sometimes.
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B_The hung one

yea, i dont go soft either... i stay hard thru a few loads...
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It varies. Sometimes I'm limp as soon as I cum. Other times, I'm good for up to 5-10 minutes. When the sex is intense, it stays up.

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D_Bob Scratchit

I can, based on how into the sex I am continue fucking right after cumming, usually recovering after about 10-20 seconds. I have been able to have multiple orgasms, about 4 in 15 minutes with my girlfriend. I think with age this might go, so I try to enjoy it while I can :)
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Normally after I came I would go soft! But lately since I've been using a prostrate masager (Aneros) my wife even commented on how much longer I stay hard after I cum!
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I vary. If I'm not tired, I can usually go for at least 2 rounds. I will usually soften up after 5-10mins, but stay hard and able for at least 45mins (that I've tried) for ages if I keep the little man busy :)
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Mines goes down pretty quick if I've been having lots of sex. But like cqguy, I usually go a few rounds so I can usually get it hard again in 5-10 if necessary. If I've only had sex/cum once a day or less, it can often stay hard enough to start round 2 pretty quick.

I don't see a real problem with staying hard 10-15 minutes. IMO, it just means more uninterrupted sex as long as your partner can take it.
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I usually stay up for awhile. 15 minutes or more is not uncommon. Sometimes I'll hop in the shower, dry off and still be mostly erect. Sometimes it's nice, but sometimes it's annoying.
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Everywoman I have been with commments on that, even after cumming I can pull out another15 minutes, sometimes if i get past that hump, i literally cannot come again, and my dick will just stay hard for another couple hours. Even if the woman is sucking me off or I try to take care of myself.

Its good sometimes, but that stamina is crappy when your girl wants to get you off badly.

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I'm good for a couple minutes of hardness before I slip into a nice full rubberyness then some time later into plain old limpness.

Sad to say, I've nver been a multiple cummer. :(


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