Experience with inflatable penile implant?

I am scheduled for surgery in 30 days. At first I put this in the same category as a walker for the infirm. After learning about the benefits I asked my urologist why young people

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Experience with inflatable penile implant?

I am scheduled for surgery in 30 days. At first I put this in the same category as a walker for the infirm. After learning about the benefits I asked my urologist why young people don't request this because of the benefits. Imagine being able to fuck for as long as you want and have multiple orgasms. Now who would not want that? It makes your flaccid penis almost as long as your erect penis. Also it adds girth. Unfortunately for some, not all, there is a slight reduction in length... maybe 1/4 inch.

So does anybody out there have one of these and what has been your experience?
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One of those things you don't want until you need.
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There is pill that will do all that, it is called Viagra. I took a half a tablet once just to see what it would do and it gave me the hardest boner I have ever had, and I had multiple orgasms, and it never got soft. I actually was starting to get concerned that it wasn't gonna go down. LOL
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Viagra and other oral ED medications will only work for certain men, not all. There are medical conditions where injection therapy is necessary, and beyond that then an implant is the way to go.
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My brother-in-law has a penile implant and he and my sister swear by it! He is 73 years old. He is diabetic and that has caused problems with maintaining an erection, but with the implant it is no longer a problem. They say you would never know he has the implant. There is a little pump inside his scrotum that he pushes with his finger and it pumps up the pennis. After use he must push something to releave the pressure and deflate the pennis.

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Thanks for the feedback. Here is an update.

I spoke to someone who got the implant 15 years ago. He said this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to him. He is able to get an erection, any time, any place for as long as he wants one… even hours. His cock is thicker and longer than before the surgery. He did not lose any sensation or ability to orgasm. In fact he is better off because he does not have any performance anxieties..(am I going to cum too soon?) He is more relaxed and can concentrate on his orgasm or his partner’s orgasm knowing that if he goes off he can just continue with his thrusting without missing a stroke,,, and cum again. No pressure,,, no mind games etc.

He says his partners (except for his wife who knows) have a clue that he has the implant. He Is able to inflate his cock gradually to simulate a natural erection. He can walk around, change positions, carry on a discussion, etc. without losing his erection. He stays as hard with no softening.

He claims that he is thicker and longer as a result of the surgery. He hangs weights and does vacuum pumping when he wants. But He says he is plenty big enough and does not feel he needs to do that now.
He has a small 1” scar above this cock on his abdomen which is covered by his pubic hair. His partners cannot see the cylinders, the pump or the reservoir used to store the fluid.

OK, this sounds great, but is this guy being truthful? I think he is because all of my reading from other sources confirms all of this. Moreover I got this guy from my urologist who could be a real pioneer in this field. He has been doing this for more than 20 years. I think he would be stupid to refer me to a “shill” for false information. He has too much to lose if this got out. He has done more than 2500 of these procedures. I have been going to his urologist for years and have a sense that he is conservative.
But there is that chance my referral is overly enthusiastic. So does anybody out there have any new information?

Personal comment (as if the above is not personal?): I know that the idea of stickomg something inside your cock sounds crazy and scary. Why take the chance of screwing up a good working cock? But this sounds really promising to me. Obviously just solving my difficulty in maintaining an erection while fucking is reason enough for me. But to also have the ability to have multiple orgasms without interruptions? Now you have my real attention. Not to say I am also interested in the largest possible cock I can produce.

Comments please. Surely I am overlooking something. Bring me to my senses, because I am actually getting excited about someone sticking this implant in my cock. But I feel like Columbus… “tell me again what you think is over the horizon?” I am getting ready to sail and I will not be able to return to port. I am committed once I do this. What say you?

By the way, all of you out there will probably have a hard time getting an erection as you age. At least file this away for future reference. Believe me your outlook changes. I am just as horny now as I was as a teenager. When you get surprised when it does not come up and stay up you will start to panic or at least ask questions. This is worth learning about. Does this implant really work?

THis subject might be one of the most important topics on this site. This is not the usual "my dick is bigger than your dick" talk. We are talking about major changes to our sex like. Talk to me.
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Implants work, but I recommend other forms of ED therapy first. Injection therapy is generally very good for most men, and relatively easy to administer. I'm a diabetic, so I'm used to injecting several times a day, so I don't think much of the 'too squeamish to inject myself' argument.

The problem with implants is there's no going back, and if there's post-operative infection it will have to be removed and replaced. Given you're sticking something mechanical inside yourself, there is a small risk of infection and complications. For this reason I recommend other treatments for ED, until those treatments fail to work anymore.
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Surgeries are always risky, I wouldn't go through with it unless I had no choice, it can go wrong quickly. Taking a pill is probably the best option.

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I had am implant done 2 years ago due high blood pressure and CAD......My penis is 1" shorter due to the fact the implant does'nt inflate in the head.This is true of all models. When you deflate it,you are not completely soft because of the design of the implant.For me it was the best thing I could have done for myself.
Feel free to email me if you would like to talk more.
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Thanks for your reply.

Update… since posting I had the opportunity to actually see an implant on a real person. I watched him pump it up and deflate it. I have never touched another man’s cock, but I had to see if I could feel the cylinders and what the pump was like. I was amazed. I could not feel any ridge or interruption of surface indicating there was a cylinder lurking behind the skin. As far as the pump is concerned I found it with some small effort. It was hidden slightly above the right testicle. My conclusion was that the implant is not obvious and certainly can be kept secret if you wanted to. In my case I do not think I would care if the woman knows or not.

This implant has lasted for 15 years. He says he pumps it up every day at least once and fucks his wife at least 3 x a week now. Was going daily up to several years ago. He is 73.

His cock was really big. His girth was about 6.25 inches in the mddle and obviously much bigger at the base. He easily is 8” in length, probably more if use the bone pressed method.

What impressed me is the rigidity or hardness of his cock. It was like a rock.

This guy plays in a band and travels. He claims he has fucked hundreds of women. Who knows, but if I was a women I could check this guy out. I guess this gives some credibility to his opinions. I have had my share of women, (as we all have) but hearing from another is always helpful.

The point of this, for me, is his reaction to his implant. In short it was the greatest thing that ever happened to him. For me, I obviously have an ED problem and if I have advanced enough to be nearly orgasm, I want to slow down to last to let my partner catch up. However, I have the fear that if I do not keep thrusting I may lose my erection. So I am fighting this mental battle.

This guy says forget all of that. Keep thrusting… if you cum so what. Just keep stroking since his cock remains hard. He has successive orgasms. I really like this. He personally affirms this.

Technical issues: He has the Mentor Titan. He asked for and got the 100 ml reservoir which he says is really important to getting his hardness. My own cock is as thick, but I am shorter by an inch. He says don’t sweat it, ask for the 100 ml. He argues the length makes little difference…. It is the hardness and the girth. I believe that.

HOWEVER, I mentioned the AMS Ultrix which has both length and girth expanding cylinders. He really likes that idea and says I need to motivate my urologist to switch to this from the Mentor Titan which he plans to use. In my case, my original teen age length was right at 6”, but it shrank over the years to 5.25 inches. I start penis enlargement using weight hanging and vacuum pumping which worked for me. Today I am about 7.25 in length and my girth improved from 5.75 to 6.25. I want to keep those gains and worry that I have to stop at least the hanging, but believes that the pumping can continue. He argues that I should stop worrying about this because the implant will keep my cock from shrinking. Sounds encouraging, but why then does he like the idea of the expanding length of the Ulrix? Any coments or personal experiences?

One other point, whereas all of the implants, other than the Ultrix, resulted in an average shortening of the cock by about 1/3 of an inch. On the other hand, the Ultrix tends to add length of about ½ inch or more. So the length difference would be as much as I inch. Damn I have worked years to get this kind of gain. It sure pushes me to the Ultrix.

I have done a lot of research and I am so enthusiastic I would like to do this procedure tonight. I am scheduled for Oct 1.

I am familiar with the risks (at least I think I am). Boy they are worth taking when you consider the benefits.

OK I have talked too much. Any comments that might help me?

After deciding to send you this email, I thought I should post this also for other readers who have the interest. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST.
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has anyone had any experience with the rigid implants?
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I am in favor of implants when they work and there is a Yahoo group with this as a focus which might give you a great deal more information as well.

You have not stated at any point what the cause of your ED is. The fellow most likely to need implantation is a guy who has had a radical prostatectomy. If they do a "clean out" as part of this procedure usually the neural pathways used for erections are damaged as part of the surgical procedure. This usually guarantees a need for an erectile implant.

The erectile implants do work well and the surgical techniques used in implantation do vary. I have seen a few guys who were using the "inflatable" implants that in fact did have erections that were larger in both length and girth than they ever had before implantation. This depends greatly on the surgeon and if that is important to you, I would seek out some post operative patients who have had this experience, and I would deliberately use their surgeons. Some are conservative and some others will give you a gift of a bit more size and do know how to do that well. Not all will even try and the quality of these implants do vary.

One thing I would highly recommend first however is to be tested for injection therapy. I myself deal with moderately severe ED every day. There may be a day that I myself face implantation, but, coming from a medical family I want to postpone that day as long as possible. The cost of this surgery is as you already know substantial and if injection therapy works well for you, it is completely natural feeling and has a few benefits much like the implants with practice.

Medicine is making great gains in this area, and the main problem I have with implantation is that the procedures to do the "installation" will sever nerves that may be able to have some regeneration in the very near future. There are also several new drugs on the horizon for ED. England and Austrailia are going to have these by the end of the year in trials. These are injectables but are NOT injected into the corpus cavernosum as are the normal ED injections. There is also a nasal spray under development as well based on one of the new drugs.

Before you do the implant my friend try the injections. They are considerably cheaper than the orals and they do work in about 90 percent of the cases out there. The current injectables bypass most of the failure areas.

The ONLY problem with the injectables is that there are only a small number of MD's with proper training to do it right. ANY MD can write an Rx on these meds with no problem. The hard part is getting the initial program set up. After that it is cheap and easy.

If I can be of any help to you on this one and you have questions on it that I have not answered do not hesitate to PM me. I will get back to you as soon as I get the message.

Good Luck Friend,
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I too use injection therapy, and I find it marvellous. It gives me a rock-hard erection that lasts about an hour or so. I originally used Caverect impulse, but now I get the active ingredient (E3) mixed with sterile saline by a compounding chemist at a fraction of the cost. For me, this single-mix therapys takes about 10 minutes or so to work, so it's a quick injection prior to sex, and hugging and kissing my wife before, magically, I get hard. From there, we can pace whichever way it takes our fancy.

Like Fuzzyken, I have come to terms with the fact that one day I may need an implant, but like Fuzzyken I am deferring that day for as long as possible. I do work in healthcare, in a public hospital, and I know the most routine and simple surgeries can go horribly wrong. So I'm in no hurry, as long as I can inject and go for it.
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how old are u cbrmale? How many times do you inject say per month? What happens if you have a situation where you might have unexpected sex but did not inject?
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I am 51 and I suffered minor spinal cord damage from a disease that caused the spinal sheath to swell. Another side-effect of my disease is that I am diabetic, but that isn't the cause of my ED.

I have sex three or so times per week, so I inject my penis three or so times per week. I also inject five times per day for my diabetes. If I had an unexpected sexual situation and didn't inject, I would get partially hard but not hard enough for penetration.
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