REAL penis size...

I appreciate the feedback guys. It looks like everyone is pretty much in agreement. And by the way, I thought the same thing about Peter North & Tommy Lee. A funny example of how women

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I appreciate the feedback guys. It looks like everyone is pretty much in agreement.

And by the way, I thought the same thing about Peter North & Tommy Lee. A funny example of how women exaggerate is with one girl I slept with and her comments.

She thought that I was 10", and of course I wasn't going to argue with her. One time we were hanging out with her girlfriends and they started talking about a Ron Jeremy porn they saw. The girl I had once slept with commented that he was 12". I promptly replied that this was BS and that he was only 9-10". Meanwhile I had forgotten that she believed I was in the 9-10" range (for the record, I'm 8-9" range...usually around 8.5".). Anyhow, I realized that of course she's going to think Ron Jeremy is 12" b/c her only experience in real life with an unusually large penis had been with me, and of couse Ron Jeremy is about an inch longer. I guess I probably caused her to question her scale...I should have just left well enough alone.
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BRMSTN69: I mentioned this on another thread , but I know Falcon's Joe Young. The studio advertise's him at 13" to 14" and when he was on the cover of Inches magazine (9/01) they claimed he was 15" but he admits to his friends that he's only (I love the way he say's ONLY!) 11.5"and yes he's told us about camera angles and using smaller models ( he's about 5'7" & 125 lbs ) to creat the illusion he's much bigger.
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It's funny...I hear about the average being 6, and from this discussion it would seem that people believe that. But strangly my personal experience has been different. I'm gay and a bit of a slut, so I've probably played with several hundred dicks (not full sex, but at least jerking off with..enough to see the goods). Now, I'm just over 7 (real size, measured from the top, etc) and I would say that at least 75% of the guys I've been with were as big or bigger than me. So I would say the average was more like 7 or 7.5 Am I just lucky in who I fool around with? Are gay men bigger? I don't know how to explain it, but if the average is really 6 than a lot of guys are hiding from me.
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Hotboila, I am intersted in that topic too. I have often wondered if gay men are bigger. Not being a gay man, I have no idea, but gay men in porn tend to be bigger, from what I've seen, as well as more attractive. Another way to ask the question is- are hung guys more likely to be gay? Is it possible that growing up with a large penis would arouse penis interest in a man? Seems to make sense to me, as well as answering MY question of why so many str8 men seem smaller.
Any other insights or opinions would be appreciated.

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gigantikok: Are you sure gay man are usually more attractive then straight men, or do you just find that which you cannot have more desirable? ;) I hear a lot of women comment about how sexy gay men are. It really makes me wonder whether or not they find them sexier because they are gay, or whether feminine guys are more attractive to women... Would these same gay men be as sexy if they looked exactly the same way, but were just straight instead of homosexual? Is this psychological issue? Does one tend to desire what one can't have? All interesting questions to ask.

In regards to asking whether or not well hung men are usually gay because being larger leads to a fascination of the penis... that's like asking whether or not a vast majority of large breasted women are lesbians because being larger causes them to pay attention to breasts and the female body. I am pretty well hung (about 10 inches) and I am straight. Sure, the penis fascinates me, and at times I like looking at pictures of other well hung men to compare to my size. However, this doesn't mean I would enjoy having sex with them. Maybe it is coincidental that a lot of gay men happen to be well hung. Maybe a lot of gay men actually aren't well hung. But, I don't think having a large penis is an indicator of sexuality.
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Auncut10in: When ever this subject comes up, I usually start laughing to myself. I am amazed at how much people want to believe a dick is bigger than it is. When people ask me how big I am, I tell them I am 10" or 14" if they are using aol measurements. I have had guys ask me if my dick is real when I pull it out. And virtually every time I am with someone, they tell me my dick is the biggest they have ever seen in real life. As many of you know, I entered the contest on Bigcocksociety.com and ended up winning last December. The guy that shot my photos shoots for Inches magazines. So of course, he has seen a lot of huge cocks. I asked him what the biggest dick he had ever shot was. To my suprise, he said he has never shot a dick bigger than mine. He has shot some just as big but most are in the 8-9 range. I don't think I have the biggest dick around, but I have come to realize that a 10" dick isn't all that common. I know many of you guys have had similar experiences. And I know there are many guys on this site that are much bigger than I am. I think this is a common situation we commonly encounter. This site is one of the few sites where reality comes more into focuse.

If you wanta see some of the pictues they shot of me, Madame Zora was kind enough to post some for me on the member pictures site.
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tommy lee isnt that big, it annoys me when people talk about how huge he is. I am not big by any stretch of the imagination (7 inches at most on a good day) and i cant imagine tommy lee being bigger than 8 inches. Its like this people have never seen a porno
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Originally posted by captainstupid@Jun 5 2004, 05:27 PM
"tommy lee isnt that big, it annoys me when people talk about how huge he is...i cant imagine tommy lee being bigger than 8 inches..."
Captain, I often feel the very same way!

--But then, I remind myself what we call "big" around here and what the common everyday world determines as big......

are (apparently) two entirely different things!

Such a dilemma, uh?
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LoveGirl: It seems like the average person on this website has an I.Q. 20 points higher than the rest of america/the world. I know I.Q. is skewed, but it seems as though everyone I talk to here is at least 20% smarter than people I meet in real life. Are people interested in meeting people with large penises on the internet smarter than people who aren't interested in meeting people with large penises on the internet? I actually believe it logical that gay men have smaller penises because with a smaller penis and a society that is obsessed with retarded things like penis size, you would become more insecure and perhaps begin to question your sexuality. Just a thought and I hope I don't offend any gay males, or anyone else for that matter. An opposite could be said though in the other direction. (I thought of this while typing my message) Gay men seem to be more obsessed with the size of their partners so men with large penises *may* be drawn towards homosexuality where they will be seemingly more welcomed. I dunno just kinda showing you how logic rarely shows you one true path but only ways to explain the paths that are already there. Just so everyone knows, don't take anything I say to heart, I'm a moron and my messages should be treated as such. :wacko:
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BRMSTN69: sweethart , beeing gay has nothing to do with penis size, it's in the genes(or more to the point our intrest in whats in the other guy's jeanes) LOL
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LoveGirl, I acknowledge we do have a lot of intelligence around this forum.

Higher IQ's or not---much wisdom exists herefrom all walks of life and from all ages, for that matter.

What I'm seeing around here is the confirmed need to allow individuals to be individuals and not pass judgments upon them. We are "who we are" and that should suffice. I think we all have opportunities to learn from one another.

The help, advice, guidance, and encouragement are (or, should perhaps be) our main goals here in this forum....with a bit of fun thrown in for "good measure". :D
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Well, penis size is in the genes. The jury's still out about homosexuality; there's little evidence for any behavior being genetically determined.
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D_Humper E Bogart

Not even the sexual ones? Or anger, the need to "Kill everything and be pretty f-ing destructive?

Anyhow, that's off the point.

Lovegirl, maybe it's the fact that if we were that stupid then we'd NEVER get along. And you're not stupid, by default you're 20% smarter than everyone else as well. :D

About Tommy Lee, he gets Pamela Anderson..can everyone here spell "jealousy?"
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VH1 is having another clip show (i know, shocking) called Most Metal Moments. They bring up tommy lee/pamela sex tape (i forget were on the list it falls) and once again they said how huge tommy lee is.
I have no idea why this gets on my nerves, but it does. He is larger than average but he isnt outrageously large (in fact his dick is pretty skinny). Its like the whole country got together and wanted to be nice to tommy lee and this is the only compliment they could think of.
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Originally posted by A_B@Jun 3 2004, 06:35 AM
Penis size seems important in porn, but have you ever seen a porn actor
measure his dick ?

I have found this John Holmes clip where a chick measures his dick.
The tip of his dick is at the 12 inch mark alright, but where is the
other end of the measuring tape ?

yes i would agree that this John Holmes measurement is false. First of all it seems that he is measuring from the bottom and if you really watch the whole video closer, he is no bigger than nine inches long.....but his girth is quite impressive....

your 5'4" 130lbs wrestler......8.5x6.75
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penis, real, size

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