humongous: The sheer size of this big black cock was mesmerizing. My own cock is raging hard as he slides that monster black cock meat into my mouth. My wife told me to stay that

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humongous: The sheer size of this big black cock was mesmerizing. My own cock is
raging hard as he slides that monster black cock meat into my mouth. My
wife told me to stay that way (on my knees) for a minute as she took some
video of me. She had her black lovers in the living room watching me
swallow Richards giant black cock as the other black stud lovers were each
taking turns sticking their cocks in my wife's mouth, pussy and ass! She
managed to bring the video camera from behind the couch and in one hand was
taking shots of me being a total faggot cocksucker and her other hand was
stroking massive black cocks. Sheldon had managed another great sex party
with me as the main event and feature big black cock worshipper!

Sheldon has been me wife's main lover for many years and he has brought
both of us into a world of black cock servicing. Especially my world, I am
a 40 year old white man with exceptional good looks and this brings a
sensation of extreme contrast to what most consider normal for a hot white
man. But I am on my knees for big black cock all the time! I was a male
model as a man in my twenties and did some movie work and have always
maintained a very masculine straight life. And this is a story that white
straight males all over the world relate to, even if only in their
fantasies. I worked late weeknights and this is how my wife came to land
Sheldon as her main man lover. She had him over when I worked late and he
fucked the shit out of her almost every night of the week. She would take
off from work with him and they would make out in his car during lunch
time. Sheldon is a very nice good looking black man but has captivated my
wife with his big black cock which is 9 and a half inches and very thick
almost 6 inches around and a real nice smooth shaft with a giant cock head
that she absolutely adores to lick and suck on.

Sheldon came to the condo where we lived one particular night and made my
wife his bitch and she told him how much of a fag that I was. She always
wanted to see me suck cock and now I suck black cock. Giant black cocks!
The smallest cock I've ever sucked was his! Now I'm on my knees in our
living room performing for seven black dudes each with a beautiful big
black cock none of which is less than 9 inches. Carl has a beauty and it
gets rock hard at 10 big black inches. Carl came to the scene even before
Sheldon. When my wife was dating back in '92, a white girlfriend of hers
was living with Carl in Long Beach and my girl used to go over there when
the girlfriend wasn't home and this made Carl think my slut was hot for him
so he raped her! He shoved her to her knees and told her "I know why you
always show your little slut ass over here, suck this bitch!" As he took
his big 10 inch black cock out of his already open jeans. His cock was big
and hard and she knew this was going to be a good rape. A rape that she
could never possibly take legal action against, because her slut mouth was
drooling for him to fuck it! Carl proceeded to take full advantage of her
willingness and came in her mouth after throat fucking her and then almost
immediately turned her over and shoved his still rock hard cock into her
ass! At that time I was fucking her in the ass regularly but she later told
me my little cock did nothing to get her ass hot. She needed giant black
cocks all along. She was always hungry for more black cock. Even when we
got real serious as a couple, she kept flirting with black men behind my
back cause she truly needed a big black cock all that time, and I couldn't
give it to her.

She would come to my house where I lived as a single guy dating many hot
looking bitches. I was really into (and still am) very large titties and
she had 36 DD's and those tits were why I had her around. I used to suck on
those big fucking tits while I fucked her missionary style, she would
whimper like a slut and then I would turn her around and give her the cock
in her ass and she could take my 7.5 thick cock with ease!

Carl delivered another load of cum right up her ass that day she as he
cheated on his girlfriend! My wife was hooked on black cock from that
moment on. Carl later fucked her pussy and came in her mouth again that
day. She would show up over there many times as Carl liked to verbally and
sexually abuse her. I loved that a master black stud with a giant black
cock was plowing her. She started talking dirty to me during our fucking
and she discovered that I got real turned on when she mentioned cocks. My
cock gets rock hard every time a big cock is mentioned, always has, always
will. She started licking my ass and eating out my asshole then finger
fucking me and eventually dildo fucking my mouth and ass!

Although I was fucking other bitches, it was clear then she was to be my
full time girl and that's how it ended up. We spent more and more time
together cause she knew I was a model and was getting all the hot pussy
almost every night of the week. This makes girls competitive and it was
certainly no different for her then. She would come over just to suck my
cock and get fucked. Then I would leave her there and go out myself to meet
other bitches that needed my sex. I was fucking some rather hot looking
big-breasted bitches back then. I fucked a few somewhat well known models
and actresses. Living in Southern, Ca and being in modeling has it's
rewards. I met very hot ladies and fucked the shit out of them. But they
are for the most part, such fucking weird chicks. You all know what I
mean. Most hot looking girls are fucking stupid, money hungry, nasty
attitude, bitches! My wife at the time was nice and not looking for money,
just wanted to fuck. She was getting Carl's big black cock and my white
cock all the time. She was content. So we kept up the relationship. After a
short time she moved in. I was still able to fuck other girls and this
excited her. Guys, this is the type of girl to marry if you want to get
married that is. So after a short while I had brought into our sex life a
few really huge dildos which were left their for me by my previous model
big titted girlfriend who would make me suck them for her as she played
with her pussy and talked dirty to me. She called me a cocksucker and asked
me if I wanted to get fucked in the ass. I miss that chick, she was
beautiful, a true centerfold with 39DD's and Blond, blue eyes, real pretty
face. She left me for a lawyer. Figures huh? She said that I loved those
big dildos and that she needed a real man. What she meant was she needed a
lawyers income. Funny thing is I now make 5 times what average Lawyers
make! Ha stupid bitch. Anyway, my wife saw these big dildos in a drawer and
brought them to bed and instinctively brought them up to my mouth while we
fucking and I went lust crazy and immediately deep throated the 8-inch
realistic! My wife climaxed and I knew she was into seeing guys suck each
other. All girls are. Don't be fooled by words, all girls are hot to see
men suck cock! Period. So after that, all we'd ever do during sex was feed
me those big dildos, a realistic 8", a black 10-inch and two big 12 inch
white ones. The black one got more and more attention from her. She would
also fuck herself with that one. I even shoved it up her ass, and she took
the whole thing! (Carl must have broke that ass in good) Soon after that
she introduced my ass to that black dildo. Of course I had fucked myself
with it a few times and I had been fucked by black men on my own in between
girls and such. I had also been throat fucking those dildos in the shower,
as this is what my ex loved to see me do the most. She would stick the
realistic against the shower wall and hold it with her little hand and tell
me "suck it cocksucker" while she fingered her clit. So now it was my new
girlfriends turn. Funny how girls seem to have the same sexual desires. I'm
telling you guys, women love to feed cock to men!

So after years of this high sex drive stuff, she became my wife and we got
the black cock into our lives through Sheldon and his friends were slowly
added. Mostly the black men like to have my white mouth on their massive
cocks. I am an absolute cock-worshipping expert! The bigger the cock the
harder I get and the more I go to work on it! I can suck and lick the
underside at the same time, really work that meat slab in my faggot mouth!
And I can service several at the same time!

Sheldon has spent years in the Army and is able to hook us up. I have
serviced many of his friends. Some he isn't really friends with, he just
ask around for big black guys to see if they want to be part of some real
freaky sex. I think he posted a personal ad on military grounds describing
a white married slut with a cuckold hubby that will suck cock. That's how
we met Richard. You should see this black man's cock! Richard's cock is
13.5 inches of absolutely incredible thick black cockmeat! And right now,
it's mine! Or, more correctly, I'm his! He slides this massive cock down my
throat with such ownership of my throat it is really something to
see. Imagine a real hot looking white man 5'11" tall, tan skin, golden
brown eyes, mustache, dark brown hair and a great build with a nice 7.5
inch cock of my own sticking straight up in the air due to the excitement
of having this studs 13.5 inch big black cock in my throat! But tonight is
special. One of the many great evenings that Sheldon has brought my wife
and I seven black men to force me to service. And that isn't all. I have
three more studs that I invite on my own that I found from responses to my
story posted at various sites. And three real pretty breasty sluts that I
fuck too. The house is active man! Chicks on their knees right next to me
as I worship Richard. They're gasping for air as their mouths are getting
fucked like Richard is doing to mine. I am reaching over and pinching
nipples on a pair of monsterous gigantic tits that are 44ff!!! They belong
to a popular site host but I can't reveal her name. And she introduced
me to other big tit models (whores really). I love big tits! One stud sees
her next to me and decides to pull her nipples so fucking hard she choked
on the black studs cock she has been sucking. Another black man is on his
back with his cock being stroked by my breasty friends and the girl with
the 44ff's is about to feel his hot cock go up her pussy as she is on her
knees with her legs apart he wiggles in there and almost effortlessly
slides his fairly big cock up into her tight fuck hole. He says that she is
real wet. I see all this as my mouth is being fucked and then another great
surprise happens. The wife comes into this area of sex action with two more
really great looking totally athletic black studs, each swinging cocks at
least 10 inches between their legs as they take slow steps toward my face
and she says "there he is on his fucking knees just like I told you, the
worthless fag!"

My wife greets Richard and stands next to him and kisses him passionately
as the two gentlemen slap their huge cocks all over my face. "Suck this you
queer white boy" one puts his cock head next to Richards as his fell out of
my mouth due to the concentration my wife's tongue is giving his. My hands
go to the two new slabs of meat and stroke them hard and strong as I am now
totally on fire! I want each of these cocks and I will do whatever it takes
to make sure they never leave my mouth! I suck two into my mouth at the
same time and really make a noisy effort at slurping up the pre-cum that is
already at the tip of both of them. "This bitch can suck cock, man" one
say's to the other. "And that ain't all he can do" one of our breasty
girlfriend's said. "Take the cock baby make them shoot it down your throat
you cocksucking faggot!" Richard told the two studs that joined that I like
it in the ass and their eyes widened and my wife said to "fuck the fag, he
loves a big black cock up his faggot asshole, in fact he'd love two up his
asshole! Wouldn't you fag?" The two girls nearby stopped sucking off the
black cocks just long enough to giggle a bit and say, "really, he can take
that much cock?" Richard took his hands off my wife's tits and pulled his
cock from my face then ordered me to "show them faggot!" People started to
mumble and whisper and rustling about as I got on my knees and Richard lay
down and leaned against the couch. The two black studs I was just sucking
separated and one laid on his back saying "yeah you gunna get fucked
bitch!" The other one told me to start sucking Richards cock again. I
wasted no time and bent forward and took his massive black cock in my
slobbery mouth! "AHHhhhhh that is such a hot mouth baby" Richard said to my
wife as she took his face in her hands and continued to deeply kiss
him. Sheldon was fucking some fat creamy ass white slut on the couch now
and everyone seemed to gather at the living room instead of being at
separate parts of the house like usually gatherings. The first of the black
guys positioned under me got hard and started rubbing his black cock up
against my ass and he had his upper body turned a little sideways so he
could fondle my wife's pussy and finger her pussy. She kissed Richard more
hungrily and opens her legs for the attention. I was sucking Richard and
loosening up my ass which I had previously lubricated before the sex
started. My asshole was feeling really good and I was ready for some cock!
He shoved it in and pushed up with his hips and that thick cock thrusted
right up my tight man ass and he made an "mmmm" sound and I did too as this
cock felt great fucking me. He started a slight upward motion and then he
brought it back out and slapped it against my puckering asshole. Then the
breasty girl next to me was getting fucked doggy style but insisted on her
face to be right up against my ass so she could see this big black cock
invade my white ass. "God that looks so hot, fuck him" she told my black
stud and she kept telling me to ride that cock!" I took many more upward
thrust from this thick black cock and then she reached over with her wet
tongue and licked the shaft of his cock as he kept plugging My raging
asshole. Then he was about to CUM so he took it out and just let it dangle
in her face so she took the entire cock down her throat! My black ass fuck
was being temporarily interrupted by a rather talented big titty cock
sucking slut! Then she let his cock pop out of her mouth and she put her
mouth on my asshole and started sucking it out! "Ah yeah!" was all I could
say because Richard could tell my mouth was getting wet with hunger for his
CUM load and he increased his passion as he moved his hips in a circle and
worked his monster cock into my throat. She kept sucking my asshole and let
the black cock back up against my asshole and she sucked him too. My
asshole and his beautiful black cock were being sucked at the same time!
Then she felt her stud begin a gyrating rythym which meant a CUM blas twas
going to happen inside her from behind. So she let loose of my asshole and
the cock was pushed back in. Richard saw that my mouth was getting full of
saliva and he loves that so he stopped kissing the wife and playing with
her tits so that he could position his body to be able to fuck my mouth and
throat. If yo read my last story you know I can take the biggest cocks and
not choke or need to spit them out. So Richard decides to announce his need
to CUM and buries his cock root all the way down my faggot throat! I was
ready for it and I opened up my throat muscles and took every inch he had
to offer and was ready for a massive CUM blast! The cock in my ass really
felt good and I needed to get fucked so I was actually conscious of that
cock at the same time I was about to swallow Richard's CUM load straight
into my throat! The girl behind me took a CUM load up her ass and moved to
the front of my head and motioned for me to eat her ass. Richard took his
cock out and I put my face up her ass and she told me to "suck my ass you
fucking fag" and I did just that I took only a minute to feel the black CUM
ooze out of her asshole and into my mouth. Then she collapsed next to my
wife and the two girls kissed and sucked each others lips. Richard said
"get back to it faggot" and shoved his long black cockshaft back where it
belongs in my throat! And he pumped it a few times with his hand as the
head was in my throat and then he shoved the remaining last inches all the
way to the pubic bone. Folks remember that his cock is 13.5 inches long!
Imagine the hooting and whistling that the crowd was making to see my mouth
stuffed and then it happened. The first wave of CUM shot form Richard's
cock right into my throat! Then another, and his cock spasmed and grew
harder, thicker, longer and he shot more CUM, and he was loosing his
footing so I held onto his hot shapely legs and helped him steady his
middle torso so I coud get more of that cock and then he blasted a huge
load of CUM that just went on for ever and flowed like a faucet into my
throat and I never even needed to take my mouth of it! I am a cocksucking
expert! I will suck the biggest hardest, thickest, longest blackest massive
cocks that anyone can bring! "No question 'bout it, he is a fucking faggot
cocksucker, man" one of the black studs said to my wife. As Richards cock
was finishing dripping CUM in my mouth all the people were telling the guy
in my ass to fuck me hard! I needed to get fucked I was so hot and really
needed to feel like a true faggot for my wife and girlfriends watching I
needed to perform and take a nice wet CUM load up my ass! He wasted no time
and I felt his cock get stone hard and pump two or three times then bam,
bam it shot straight up my ass and went deep into my bowels and it felt
good. I love to feel a huge cock shoot in my asshole. I just wanted to feel
that hot black cock keep shooting. My wife moved to my face and slapped me
and said "you are such a fucking worthless fag, you're a total fucking fag"
and she slapped me again and then the group wanted to see me eat out all
the girls pussy's because by now all of the girls were wither wet from
watching, or had CUM shot into them several times and the first of the
girls told me to get on my back and she squatted over my mouth and said to
eat it fag boy. I put my mouth on her entire pussy and licked and sucked it
out and I indeed ate her cum mxed with the CUM from a black studs. Next the
big breasty girls with the 44ff's sat on my face and said that I really
needed to do her good and I did just that. I like this bitch and she really
likes me so I ate her good. I spent lots of time sucking her pussy. She
went wild! "eat me your fag" she said, then a black stud came from next to
my wife as the two were whispering something before and he slid up between
my legs and threw my legs over his shoulders as he positioned himself to
fuck me. I was happy to get another cock up my faggot asshole and took it
with ease and this excited the stud cause he shot a load up my ass in
record time! It felt good! If you ever get the chance to get fucked, make
sure you can be certain that the partner has been tested for aids and let
him shoot inside you. It feels so fucking good to let that CUM load blast
up in the bowels. So I ate all the girls pussies, I ate and swallowed
Richards cum, I took a few cocks up my asshole and got to feel massive CUM
loads up my asshole too. My face is now covered in CUM and my lips are wet
with saliva and CUM and pussy juice and next thing I know that hot little
big breasty girl that all the black studs love to fuck came to lay next to
me and licked all the CUM off my face, then whispered in my ear, "I want to
take you home to teach my husband how to be a fag". This is my life
everyone, I hope you all want to hear more. I have stories about my
cocksucking in public, in offices, with younger men, older men. I have the
best of all worlds. Chicks dig me and I love big tits, black men love my
faggot mouth, my wife only fucks black men now and tells me that I have a
little dick, I get to feel massive black cock up my ass and I eat loads of
master black CUM!
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