Big balls?

i asked myself if it is really possible to have balls (not pumped, or saline) huge like Oranges. Did you ever saw something like that, or do you have balls that huge yourself?

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i asked myself if it is really possible to have balls (not pumped, or saline) huge like Oranges. Did you ever saw something like that, or do you have balls that huge yourself?

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No saline or pumping here. Yuck. :o

No oranges either .. But I can claim a couple of lemons. ;)
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i dont have big balls, whats it like? WOuld you rather have bog balls then small balls and would you cum more?
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XXLHS: hmmm... I know, I know... *Raises hands, waves frantically*

I have big balls and bigger ball implants around them boys. I think that was what got me into that in the first place. Then I wanted bigger.

Testicle size is from what I have seen pretty diverse as much as penis size. They can get big - just look at praie oysters...lol. on humans I would say jumbo eggs are large, lemons are huge. One doctors site I looked at that did Penis and Testicle enlargement stated" " oversizing is to be avoided, anything over 2" in length is extremely abnormal... so I went for 6" of couse...lol.

Pumping and Saline are "temporary" and best 72 hours. I have asked many other guys about how much cum is produced as well as considering my own history. I would say that three things affect cum volume:

1. Being in shape - the best shots I ever have are after have run a few miles each day... something about running regularly really get sexual energy flowing. I highly recomend it. I am an off and on again runner right now :( but working on getting back to every day. When I was running everyday - my loads were huge provided... the second item:

2 Hydration (H20) lots of water helps alot with cum... cause its not your balls that make semen, its that little gland thats on top. but big or small, if your inshape and hydrated... your loads are good sized to huge...

3. Age... just a fact of life... older you get the less you shoot... but the first too are the fountain of youth and cum and best thing... its FREE...

Oranges naturally, probably not, barring some health issues. With help, implants, or whatever sure, as big as your scrotum will allow.

well thats all I can think of that I found out and thought about sharing here. lots of this stuff is on the web if anyone whats to look... Google some key words from this and you'll find it.

Ciao B)
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Man, I thought I had kept up with all the available info, re. cum volumn production, etc., but I had never heard of your number 1 'thing', XXLHS! You have just explained to me why until recently I had traditionally been a "cum factory". In my early 30s, I started lifting weights regularly and began running, regularly, at 38.

For your number 2 'thing', since I taught high school health for a number of years, I tried to 'do as I say' and drink fluids to stay hydrated. Back then, the belief was to drink 8 fluid ounces of water, 6 to 8 times a day, plus enough to make up for any coffee/caffeine containing drinks which was drunk. Needless to say, I have stayed hydrated!

Number 3 -- Due to some injuries, I stopped lifting a year ago and turned my 'run' into 'walk'. Along with cutting back on fluid intake, my cum volumn has dramatically decreased. My goal is to soon be back to my old exercise routine and we'll see how the cum production gets restored at age 75.

--Just thought you might like my living testiment to your 'right on the money' epistle, a true LPSG example of beneficial info., my friend.

Luke :)
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I first thought this said orangs. (Big like the Malaysian word for "man", sure.) I like my balls the way they are; the size of oranges sounds painful. Actually even the size of tangerines sounds painful.
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lowboyz: XXLHS.... Ball implants? I've been trying to find a place to have that procedure. Is it safe? Please share more.
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I would think having huge balls would in some ways be worse then having a huge cock. Your cock isnt nearly as sensitive as your balls. I would think you would smash the hell out of them.

Mine are average sized and I wouldnt want them to be bigger. Having one aspect of my sexuality to cope and deal with is enough.

It's bigger then my foot!
I'm 13 x 7.....Always up for a chat if you want.
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HORSEHUNGshowoff: The only thing more unattractive to see than a little dick IMHO is a Huge dick with small balls , ewwwwwwwww lol . I dont think ORANGE SIZED balls are normal excpet with medical conditions but some can be naturally huge , Mine naturally are somewhat bigger than Golf balls and I can pump them up to about Orange in an hour and if I pump at least in the next 6 hours for 30 mins or so I can maintain that indefinitely though I seldom do lol . As far as saline I am not sure how safe that is and is permanent as well , ok , BALL IMPLANTS ? that is NEW to me Dayummmmm I have to do search on that

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My Balls are the size of large eggs and hang low. They are very big and like their size the way they are now - I would NOT like bigger ones.
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Originally posted by HORSEHUNGshowoff@Jun 25 2004, 11:20 AM
The only thing more unattractive to see than a little dick IMHO is a Huge dick with small balls , ewwwwwwwww lol .

That's me. All cock and no balls. I look like a eunoch. I wish they were larger, 'cause it does look silly.
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HORSEHUNGshowoff: oopsssssss Now I feel bad , I really hope I didnt hurt you or offend you in any way was just merely stating my dislike

The REAL deal
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XXLHS, chime in here baby! Check out his pics in the gallery, that is one beautiful set, and thanx for being so open in talking about it here, I'm sure many would like to know the particulars of your procedure and how it feels now. The look is, well, inspiring, to say the least!

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XXLHS: Please, tell us about the implants and the procedure. I'm sure I'm not the only one who want's to know about that.
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lowboyz: On the subject, does anyone know of any sites featuring balls other than this one? I've heard of implants that cup the balls but never found a place that does the procedure.

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