Does your wife still suck your cock

Originally Posted by lloyd2525 mine barely fits in her mouth mine has similar problems. But she does the best she can. But yes, she does suck my cock.

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Originally Posted by lloyd2525 View Post
mine barely fits in her mouth

mine has similar problems. But she does the best she can. But yes, she does suck my cock.

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Yes, we have been married for years and it keeps getting better and better. Very lucky.

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Likewise, we've been married a long time, & she just couldn't get the hang of swallowing. If I would have insisted she swallow, I'd have gotten 4 blowjobs in a lifetime-this way I get 4 a week. I always give her a choice-if she wants me between her legs or between her lips-very lucky here.....
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Originally Posted by cockneedy View Post
not anymore, and only very early on was she into it. but she does have a boyfriend and she loves sucking his cock. i guess she enjoys the thrill of cheating.

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My wife of 4+ years sucks the hell out of my cock. Almost daily, I get some form of oral action. In fact, I wake up about the same time she's leaving for work, and my past two days have started off with me sitting up in bed and her immediately walking over and putting my dick in her mouth.

Shit, that sounds like a letter to Penthouse....
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Oh yeah! I eat her out and she sucks me probably 99% of the time that we hook up. If she is bleeding, she still sucks and swallows. I have never been sucked by a guy, but I can't imagine that it could be any better than what my wife does. She knows what I like and has perfected her actions. She can get me to shoot really quick or edge me out as long as she wants.
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D_Drew Peacock

My wife just does not like the look feel or smell of a penis. She likes how it feels inside her, but otherwise she avoids it altogether. I shaved my pubes at the start of the summer, it has grown back now and she never noticed. That is just the way she is. Low libido too, only wanting it at most once a week, and content with twice a month. Just my burden to bear I guess. I would like it daily. Be thankful most of you guys who posted here.

Originally Posted by ladsonbehr49 View Post
question, for the ones that dont have their wives suck their cock...any idea of why she does not? I would say withhold funds or buying here anything and see if she responds to that...no sucky no money or anything...or maybe it is her libido is shot to hell in a hand backet
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D_Deceptivus Wrongpeter

Sorry to say, this is common. I have one buddy whose wife sucked him 2x a day BEFORE they got married and now 2x in 10 years AFTER. Too bad, he's a horny Mexican dog that loves head. Now he fucks her and gets his head elsewhere...

Got another buddy... wife screws him once a month. Missionary, and she won't let him cum from fucking... gives him a handjob to finish. He gets oral satisfaction elsewhere too...
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I've been married for 7 years. My wife still very much enjoys sucking my cock. I also very much enjoying eating her pussy just as much. It's a pretty fair trade off. Plus we very often bring others into the mix and we do just the same for them and tend to receive just as much back.
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include me in with the lucky ones. Been married 20 years now, and she still loves sucking my dick and balls. In recent years she's even taken up and perfected the art of rimming. Yeah, we do it all every time, atleast 3x/week. I'm a happy man.
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D_Drew Peacock

Interesting thread here. I am going to unsubscribe though. Too depressing. Bye all.
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Me too lucky. Married 11 years and she gives me a head at least every her women's day. I hope she likes do it. I've never asked her to suck my dick.
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Yes. She does me for a quickie or as a substitute during her time of the month. During foreplay she puts it in her mouth for a minute or two as a tease.

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After 33 yers of marriage, my wife still likes sucking my cock and I still love giving her head in her thick still black bush!
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D_Killingsworth Kilbasa
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Oh hell yeah she does!

cock, suck, wife

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