Adderall- Weird Side Effect

For those of you that take Adderall, do you notice a lot of shrinkage when you're soft? I just started taking it after taking Concerta for a couple years. Its working great for me, but

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Adderall- Weird Side Effect

For those of you that take Adderall, do you notice a lot of shrinkage when you're soft? I just started taking it after taking Concerta for a couple years. Its working great for me, but it has that really weird side effect. It's normal when it gets hard, but whenever its soft its like I just got out of freezing cold shower!
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D_Leotols Toy

yea whenever I would get geeked up on adderall for a night of studying before exams it always had this effect on me. It would be like I was in the coldest of temperatures. My buddy who took em with me said he hadn't notice so I guess it all depends. I think it has to with the effect on the nervous system. Much like when you exercise and your heart rate speeds up causing shrinkage.
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Adderall has this effect because it is partially a vasoconstrictor, and it is a stimulant, the combination causes the body to remove blood from "unnecessary areas" and divert attention where it's most needed. The decreased blood flow is what makes the penis cold when flaccid, and it is also what makes the penis less rigid during initial arousal. The side effects decrease over time.
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i noticed this as well. i hated how adderall and ritalin made me feel, i had to stop taking them
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I had been on ritalin when I was younger and tried aderall in my early 20's when I was thinking about going back on something.

My Result: Erection problems. Solution: Stop taking it.
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I took both adderall and ritalin for a while when I was younger. Sexually, both of them had the effect of noticeably lowering my sex drive. Ritalin had a more pronounced effect in that regard than did adderall. Neither had much of an effect on size, as some posts here say, but maybe it's just that I wasn't feeling much into sex and wasn't paying attention to that.
Neither actually ever made it hard for me to get it up, ejaculate, and/or to have decent sex whenever I wanted to. It's just that on these drugs, I didn't feel like I wanted to all that often.
Just my 2 cents here.
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I don't have this problem on Aderall but then again I am a freak. Whenever I do something that ups my blood flow (exercise, stress etc) I end up getting erections. It's funny but it's also inconvenient.
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You are the same 19 YO asking about HBP (high blood pressure) meds! HELLO!!! Adderall is speed, no wonder you have HBP. You need to have a med reconciliation where a pharmacist (like me) and physician look at everything you are taking. You must be using several MDs and pharmacies or getting stuff on the streets. GET SMART OR DIE! Worse yet, have a stroke and spend the next 40 years in a nursing home.
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I was on Adderall XR - and that shit made me the most productive person, for 4 hours. Then.. BAM!!!! crash and burn, followed by a nosebleed that wouldn't quit.

I took it for it's prescribed intent though, not as recreation. I stopped taking it.

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D_Leotols Toy

The XR's for me were strange. I was up and ready for 2 hours or so, crash slightly, then randomly get a kick for the last bout of it's cycle, I suppose. I'm guessing that's cause it was released in spurts. If only it had the opposite effect of penis shrinkage and I'd be happy.
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D_Coupeland Clydesdale

The weird effect I had on Adderall, other than crazy productivity and focus, was precum. I'm one of those guys that never precums, but on Adderall there it was while jerking off. I loved it...kind of like thin, natural Astroglide. But alas, no Adderall equals no more precum.

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