Don Johnson

Donkdick: allegedly his cock is as thick as a beercan. As per Famous Sweet Connie of seventies groupie fame.

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Donkdick: allegedly his cock is as thick as a beercan. As per Famous Sweet Connie of seventies groupie fame.
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Big_Mike91070: Don Johnson is naked in "The Harrad Experiment". After seeing it, I highly doubt it's beer can sized.
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Don Johnson is rumored to be hung like a hamster1His name shouldn't even make this group
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I think a lot of Celebrity size gossip, especially from Gary Griffin and other groupies, is BS. I have seen his pics and he doesnt even look average flaccis. Yes, he could be a grower, but I dont think something that small gets huge. I have read stats like 9x8 for him. No way.
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I'll "fess up" here (but, nowhere else ;) ) that several years ago now, I bought virtually all of Gary Griffin's "books" (I suppose one can call 'em that!). I didn't buy just one book at the time. No. I bought the "ensemble" . At the time, I was really mesmerized and quite impressed. (Afterall, Griffin's efforts were probably the preliminary steps in our culture of changing attitudes in discusssing sexual matters... having more open discussion among men about penises! Griffin's publication efforts were "underground" --at least among those men who would dare admit to being curious and even venturing to show an interest, let alone BUYING such books on the subject.) Griffin's line of topics was captivating!
--Polls and Studies on Various Sizes, Circumcision, De-circumcison, Penis Enlargement, Top 30 Big Ones of All Times, True (?) Horse-hung Accounts, Help for Male Problems...Griffin covered them all it seemed....penis subjects which would interest ANY and every man. So, I was taken then... fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Oh well. --Griffin's publications at least got me started on my own "research mode" on the penis and related men's health topics. I'll give him credit for that.

Now, in retrospect, and having re-gained my wits---FINALLY having access to more, shall we say, RELIABLE information about the penis, via the internet and more credible publications....all I can say about Mr. Grifffin is that aside from getting the ball rolling to better discusss a once forbidden subject; the real merit of his work IMHO is unfortunately, most limited. There was a pronounced bias to it all and that bias was "size". My, but did Griffin ever take a fancy to the big ones! This obsession carried over in every one of his publications. Seems Mr. Griffin couldn't help himself either. Granted, much of his overall information about the penis and various penis-related medical "facts" held some truth; it was his "knowledge" of celebrity sizes that I eventually found downright hilarious. NO WAY could some of that fodder be true! Speculation and rumors don't spell the facts and it was a waste of my personal time to read over that bunk. To make matters even worse (or more insulting for this reader and certainly others!) were all those caricatures and sketches of the purported sizes and not real photos! to verify these stupendous claims. I mean--come on now! So, if anything, it merely brought some fanciful reading as a temporary escape-- that's all. To this day, some of Mr. Griffin's "information" is still being referenced as THE source of the truth. --Okay.

Gary Griffen, now deceased, was quite a fan "for the big size" and as noted, he wove that fact into every publication...down to even describing a fictious John Doe who went for a male health check-up (as desribed in one of Griffins books on Male Dysfunctional Problems, etc.). I found it more than interesting that Mr. Doe just happened to exceed the measurement scale used by this fictious urologist examining him...exceeded it by several inches beyond the average size in fact!
"John Doe had quite a whopper!" I recall reading. :D
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Don Johnson is naked in "The Harrad Experiment". After seeing it, I highly doubt it's beer can sized.
well here are some stills from that movie, and I have to ask ,what was that movie about? Because it looks like gay pornDon Johnson
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VladtheImpaler: [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=purple]
"The Harrad Experiment" was an early-Seventies "counter-culture" flick about an experimental college where students studied sex, had nude yoga classes, and were expected to screw their roommates. The college was all supposedly some idealistic project about breaking down sexual inhibitions. By most accounts it's a bad movie. But remember, back then nudity in films, particularly male frontal nudity, was a shocker, so Don's johnson made history in its own way. And I agree, it doesn't look that big; probably average, above-average.
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tenkiller: By the pics linked of Don Johnson naked in the Harrad Experiment, and saying his hands are appox. a little more than average 4" wide. His dick is about 3" soft. It don't look firm at all and actually looks slack. It could grow. The only thing definate about it is that he is uncut. He refused the operation needed to marry Barbara Streisand and they broke up.
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There was another of his cinematographic epics where a still was lifted from a swimming pool scene...and it looked reasonably fat. I figure he's got "girth" but not the "length." Hell, I don't know.
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don, johnson

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