Bent Dick - Fix?

My dick bends about 30 degrees to the left, when hard. It's been like this as long as I can remember, and there were no traumatic injuries. My guess is there is no way to

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Bent Dick - Fix?

My dick bends about 30 degrees to the left, when hard. It's been like this as long as I can remember, and there were no traumatic injuries. My guess is there is no way to fix it, but thought I'd ask anyway.

The left side of my dick is super super firm/hard, compared to the right side. And it's really just a small strip on the left side that's really firm. It's firm the entire length, even the part that starts going into the pelvis.

When non-erect, my dick doesn't have any firm/hard tissue on that side....however, if I stretch it while soft....the length of the left side is very firm. It has no variation.

I thought it might be Peyronie's, but from what I've read of that disease, it doesn't seem like it.

My guess is the answer is to see a urologist, but thought I'd ask in this forum anyway.
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dude penises come in different ways/colors/lengths just like ppl its fine as long as its not hurting or wat not
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werd...learn how to use it to ur advantage.

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D_Leotols Toy

If it was Peyronies, there would be pain. (Or so I've read, I'm no doctor) Take the advice of the others and just know how to use and be happy with it. No one penis is the same, man
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One question I have is:

Are you circumcised?...I've heard and seen where sometimes circumcision can cause a penis to bend....
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i'd say, should be an easy cock to deep throat...natural curve of a throat.
if the curve is not painful its unlikely its not Peyronie's.
Peyronie's didn't seem to bother Bill Clinton, tho after he left office, its been reported that he had surgery to fix his cock.

Not sure if he used Dr Eugene Tardy on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago...i had my nose done by Dr Tardy as Hillary had her face done by Dr Tardy. but that was in the early 90's..i had a deviated septum, over 90% blockage...he is a great plastic surgeon.
He is on Commonwealth off LSD..if u think u need a consultation.
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Bent penis - WrongDiagnosis.com
something to read up on

Review the treatment information pages for various causes of Bent penis: .................................................. ....................

Penis/Scrotal Surgery
Penis/Scrotal Surgery
Congenital and acquired abnormalities of the penis and scrotum are not uncommon and require reconstructive surgery. Because these deformities can be very challenging, a team approach is often used. Therefore, I frequently operate on these patients with Dr. Richard Ehrlich, a world-renowned pediatric and reconstructive urologist. I believe that the combined input and expertise of a pediatric urologist on congenital cases and a plastic surgeon/urologist (myself) provides the best possible care.


Congenital Curvature
Buried Penis
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D_Leotols Toy

Hypospadias doesn't mean a curved penis. I had that as a child and all it means is that your meatus opening is lower (hypo) then normal.
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Hypospadias is a somewhat common birth (congenital) defect in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside, rather than at the end, of the penis.
See also: Epispadias

The condition varies in severity. In most cases, the opening of the urethra is located near the tip of the penis on the underside. More severe forms of hypospadias occur when the opening is at the midshaft or base of the penis. Occasionally, the opening is located in or behind the scrotum.
Males with this condition often have a downward curve (chordee) of the penis during an erection. (Erections are common with infant boys.)

Other symptoms include:
  • Abnormal spraying of urine
  • Having to sit down to urinate
  • Malformed foreskin that makes the penis look "hooded"
Infants with hypospadias should not be circumcised. The foreskin should be preserved for use in later surgical repair.
Surgery is usually done before the child starts school. Today, most urologists recommend repair before the child is 18 months old. During the surgery, the penis is straightened and the hypospadias is corrected using tissue grafts from the foreskin. The repair may require multiple surgeries.

Hypospadias affects up to 4 in 1,000 newborn boys.
Some cases are passed down through families. In other cases the cause is unknown.

Tests & diagnosis
A physical examination can diagnose this condition. Imaging tests may be needed to look for other congenital defects.

Results after surgery are typically good. In some cases, additional surgery is needed to correct fistulas or a return of the abnormal penis curve.

If hypospadias is untreated, a boy may have difficulty with toilet training and problems with sexual intercourse in adulthood. Urethral strictures and fistulas may form throughout the boy's life, requiring surgery.

When to contact a doctor
Typically a child is diagnosed with hypospadias shortly after birth. Call your health care provider if you notice that your son's urethral opening is abnormally located or that his penis becomes curved during erection.
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A congenital curvatureCurvature of the penis of the penis can be caused by several things. If your curve was to one side, it might be due to a disproportion in the length of the two tubes inside the penis which hold blood under pressure during an erection. These tubes are called corpora cavernosa. Ventral or downward curvature like you are describing is seen in association with hypospadias because the scarred or underdeveloped urethral tissue tethers the penis toward it. In the case of congenital scrotal webbing, the scrotum is adherent to the underside of the penis which causes curvature toward it. Acquired curvature due to scar formation, as you may know is called Peyronies.
Surgical correction for chordee is the only proven technique for good cosmetic results. There is a chance the penis can be shortened because the longer side of the penis ( the top side in your case) may need to be tucked. There is a small chance the nerves which run along the top may become damaged. This might result in impotence( the inability to obtain and keep an erection for adequate intercourse). Especially if you are having much difficulty with erections now. As normal men age, the quality of their erections also decrease. Sometimes during repair of Peyronies, a penile prosthesis needs to be inserted for the correction of impotence and also to help the penis heal straight.

Re: penis curvature - Urology - MedHelp
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Just keep the curve, man - some of these responses are killing me! Its a 30 degree curve without any pain... Enough said.
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Originally Posted by Swordie View Post
Just keep the curve, man - some of these responses are killing me! Its a 30 degree curve without any pain... Enough said.

im with swordie....keep it the way it is ... unless there is pain then why mess with it. it does work...right???????
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Hehe....it works fine. I have no pain whatsoever, but I'm thick and have decent length, so add a decent curve to that and I have to be a bit careful when having sex.

I'll read-up on some of those links.

Oh, and I'm circumcised (at birth), although I don't seem to be severely done. When erect, I still have a bit of loose skin. I think I read something about a "french style" of circumcision, or something like that where the doctors cut it differently, so not as much is removed.

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Originally Posted by lineok03 View Post
im with swordie....keep it the way it is ... unless there is pain then why mess with it. it does work...right???????
I'd agree with these guys, but since you asked for a possible fix, I'd direct you to Penis Enlargement exercise websites. People can say what they want about exercise enlarging or not, but there's a very strong case for using the exercises to lessen curvature, in the same way that masturbating has been shown to cause it. Basically, just do the basic jelq excercise and pull against the curve.
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I'd basically have to jack off with my left hand, and of course I'm right-handed.
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bent, dick, fix

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