Help with my first MFM

Just wanted to get any advice from people on here. I met a couple on a swingers website, which I had previously only used to meet girls while I was between gf's (not an uncommon

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Help with my first MFM

Just wanted to get any advice from people on here. I met a couple on a swingers website, which I had previously only used to meet girls while I was between gf's (not an uncommon use for these types of sites). Got to talking with a couple, the guy is in his 50's, the girl is 30. Basically, they entertain select male visitors, or rather, she does and he either watches or lets her have her way in private.

I've actually never done a mfm before, nor had sex in front of anyone. The wife is smoking hot, an Asian with big (albeit fake) boobs and a tight stomach. Pretty much a fantasy. But I'm nervous about taking someone's wife, to be honest, and kinda unsure how I feel about it. They're very cool folks, he has absolutely no problem with it and encourages her to find guys she thinks are hot, etc, but I just don't know.

So my question is, any of you other guys been in a similar situation? Did you have problems getting it up in front of another guy, or problems shooting too fast? Or am I being silly about this and should just go fuck her? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Nope, I've never had any problems getting it up in front of (and for) other guys --but I don't think that's relevant to your situation, is it...?

But seriously, I believe this is a dilemma that you have to decide for yourself. It would seem that you are leaning toward accepting, since you're going to the trouble to ask for comments. Perhaps just looking for reinforcement of your inclination? Whatever, one thing is certain--the wife should get the whambamthankyouma'am orgasm(s) of her life from your hottt mushroom-headed wang...!!!

Now a perhaps unnecessary word of advice: Since you don't know this couple personally and can't be sure in advance of the husband's possible real temperament, exercise caution....

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When I've done it, it's been with people I knew and was comfortable around so a little different, but I didn't have any problems.

I think you should just go for it and things will pretty much just happen. Just have a good time and don't stress about it.
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I've never been on this side of a MFM situation. I was always the husband whose wife was being fucked by another man. But I can tell you that the husband is so motivated by needing to watch another man fuck his wife that he will do whatever you need him to do, in order for it all to work.

Most guys will have no trouble "performing" in front of a husband, since it seems to be the number one fantasy of so many men to fuck a married woman, even in front of her husband.
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Ive done a few, big turn on as he watches. Some guys want to see a VWE guy fuck his wife. I loved every minuute of it
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I would say the 1st and most important thing would be KNOW FOR SURE THAT YOU WANT THIS! If there is any doubt in your mind, it will just compound any other issues.

Be honest with them Let them know that you are nervous. You are not their 1st, and they've been through it before. Have guidelines established.

Lastly, have fun with it. Being Bi, I wouldn't want the husband not to be involved, but in your case, try not to concentrate on his presence. It's you and her.

Good Luck

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What you're describing sounds more like cuckold than MFM.

Different scenes, but both can be fun. Let us know how yours went.

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I am with Nuke on this. The ones I did that I enjoyed were with people I knew, and happened to be comfortable with. The few I did where I did not know the people very well, I did not enjoy at all.

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Have had many, many MFMs since college days. Some included MM action but most did not. Some were with friends. Most were not. (Those with strangers were better.)

Here's my advice -- don't over-brain it beforehand. Once the fun gets going you won't pay hubby the slightest attention. If it's a hot encounter, if she's into you, you'll have no trouble getting and staying hard. If hubby decides to join the party -- still no big deal.
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