embarrassed by wearing tighty whities

Originally Posted by digdugm2000 I agree with Monster. I hate boxers, no support. I do remember when my mom bought my underwear. Always tightie whities and then my dad bought me a pair with "The

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Originally Posted by digdugm2000 View Post
I agree with Monster. I hate boxers, no support. I do remember when my mom bought my underwear. Always tightie whities and then my dad bought me a pair with "The Kangaroo Pouch" by Munsingwear and they fit much better. Anybody else remember the Kangaroo Pouch?
I agree - I have tried other types - but only the tighty whities feel comfy to me.

I get the "sweaty balls" thing - sticking to my leg in boxers - but no problems with the tighty whities however
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wore boxers for a short period in my life never really liked them. have worn the "tighty whites" and now prefer bikini briefs which i have worn for years & am content with the look and feel.
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I just wear whatever is comfortable or clean left to wear. I get kinda lazy doing laundry.
But besides that I usually wear boxers or low rise, and sometimes briefs.
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I've worn tighty whites my entire life. Almost every guy I know does. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Most girls an guys think it's sexy on country boys like myself
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To me, boxers are just sad. They're old man underwear. I don't know how we moved from briefs in the 70's and early 80's to boxers, which are ridiculously huge, bunch up, provide no support for low hangers, and generally bespeak an attitude of covering up the best part of a man. At the school my sons attended NO ONE, even in the middle school, wear briefs-only boxers, which I think is pathetic. (And forget about seeing a jockstrap anywhere near the place.)
I wish all guys still wore white briefs. I thought Jockeys were kinda hot in hs, especially seeing athletic guys' bulges in them, and now with pouch briefs, they're even better. But boxers? Please...
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variety is the spice of life
this is not the 70s, many styles and colors are worn world-wide by millions
jockstraps are NOT dead, for workouts or as a daily alternative
all bodies are different
going commando isn't just a joke on FRIENDS or a high school dare
we all have different personalities,likes and define sexy in different ways
while all men have cocks, not all are proportioned the same, or hang the same way
some days you feel like bouncing, other days you feel like you want to be supported

does this list need to continue? Never be embarrassed, wear what you want and mix it up! If you feel sexy in something, good for you! If you want the support, go for a nice fashion brief that gives you a pouch to ride in and a sexy lift. Or hang the snake free in boxers and show it off paired with some sweatpants. Be a leader and set your own terms. If you let someone else dictate what type of underwear you wear, well I wouldn't want to see you try to make more important life decisions!
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I tried boxers my senior year of hs, just curious as to what the buzz was about... After a day or two in them, I couldnt wear briefs anymore, I found myself constantly grabbing and rearranging... it felt too bound up. So Im a boxer dude... for 10 years now.
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Originally Posted by watcha View Post
when i started high school i made a big transition from a school of 200 to a class of 200 so i was pretty well sheltered and didnt see much, so when i got to high school i would start noticing guys in my classes were wearing boxers, and i began to feel embarrassed because i was still wearing tighty whities so because i was noticing the guys in the locker room wearing boxers i switched from tighty whities, to boxers, has any body ever had a situation like this or does it just sound stupid, please explain


When I was in Jr. high, I felt the same awareness/anxiety about my underwear. The only difference was my buddies were wearing bikini briefs. Bold patterns/colors. They used to have contests to see who could get certain girls to notice if they left their fly open. I think it's a pretty common urge to want to fit in with your classmates. Only later in life do we really get comfortable in being ourselves and no longer fear what "the guys" will say...

Hains even capitalized on this in a commercial many moons ago.
YouTube - Michael Jordan Hanes Locker Room Commercials

I still have a thing for red briefs...
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Is this more about boxers v briefs? Or specifically white briefs? I am in the age range where briefs were more common in the 70s. I still wear tighty whities but I'm selective about what's down there. CK or 2xist low rise are incredibly comfortable. I have almost 2 dozen, mostly white. I won't wear old man briefs because they don't fit snug. They have a tendency of being baggy. I saw my brother in Fruit of the Loom briefs a few years ago (he's in his 40s with two teenage boys) and his ass was drooping. Looked like a loser! I told him he looked stupid and told his wife to spend a little more money and get him some CK briefs. He's hooked now.

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Personally, Im a briefs guy. I just dont find having my junk flop around in boxers to be very comfortable. I also have a pretty low set of nuts too, and find that briefs keeps things nice and tidy.
I actually prefer seeing other guys in briefs as well, as it gives you a better idea as to what they are packing.
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I wore tighty whities untiI discovered bikini briefs. I wore them for several years. I decided to find out what all the rage was about with boxers. I didn't like them. Too much material, too hot in the summer. Having to reach down in the legs of my pants to pull them down. So I went back to
bikini briefs. Now wear 'string bikini's'. All one needs is a back panel and a front panel. Works for me. :-) The boxers didn't have any support. I don't care who sees my string bikini's. I wear what I like.
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When I started High school I noticed the same thing. The worst part was that under class men and upper class men changed together.
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when i was eleven i started wearing nylon bikinis underwear (and still do). i got my balls busted all the time by the older guys and my buddies in Jr and Sr high school. however, i later found out that some of them owned the same nylon bikinis like i did, i was just the only one man enough to wear them to school.

i wouldn't worry what other guys think about your underwear, it's the women (or guys) you are attracted to that you need to worry about, and i have never had a woman disappointed to find under my slacks, my cologne covered balls in a pair of nylon bikinis!

wear what makes you feel comfortable going about your day, not what some guy you probably won't see after high school thinks about your underwear. be yourself!
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I had wore only standard white briefs back from growing up to high school.I've seen almost all guys wore white briefs and almost none wore boxers in school gym lockeroom.I've never had or seen any guys being embarassed or teased by wearing briefs in there.I remember quite few times which is not pleasant sighting of several guys wore old dingy holey briefs in lockeroom.When I left high school ,started wearing boxers,bbs,bikinis and didnt like em well and back to my favorite underwear is white and color briefs.
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I used to wear Boxers, they are comfortable, but I find Boxer Briefs and Briefs to be way better. I occasionally wear boxers but mostly briefs.
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embarrassed, tighty, wearing, whities

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