Curved dick homemade straightening

lickitysplit: I tried experimenting last night with something. Since I probably have a little higher then average curve in my dick, especially one that goes south, I wanted to see what would happen if I

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lickitysplit: I tried experimenting last night with something.

Since I probably have a little higher then average curve in my dick, especially one that goes south, I wanted to see what would happen if I tried straightening my dick without my hands.

I have always had to use 2 hands if I want to "really" straighten it out without enclosing the entire shaft in my hand. I make an ok symbol and wrap it just below the head and use my other hand to keep the base from "boweing" upward.

Anyways, I fit the cardboard cyliner (I think its about 5 1/2" long, probably around 5.25" circumference. Reason I think its that long is that since I am 7 1/2, I had about 1 inch of my shaft going through and my head, which is close to 1" long probably.

Anyways, I can't fit in the thing when fully hard, but if I have a semi, it fits. Its pretty snug to since its about my girth as well (the cardboard cylinder).

Anyways, once I am in, I push it back ALMOST all the way, but I needed to incorporate most of the shaft itself to being enclosed.

So I get myself fully hard, let go with my hands and flex, and sure enough, my dick looked straight :)

its quite a site. Looks stupid with a cardboard cylinder on my dick, but just seeing the fact that my dick looked straight without me even touching it was cool.

Maybe I can use it everyday and possibly see results in the future (yea yea, I know its probably not giong to work but even if it is in 1 year, maybe there could be some progress).

Anyways, if you got a curved dick, whether its left, right, up , or down, give this a try if your girth isn't too big, its kinda funny but cool at the same time.

Seriously, if your girth is above 5.25" or so, you probably don't want to try this with

a. Don't want to get stuck
b. Probably won't fit anyway
c. Cardboard pushing into the side of skin doesn't feel to good (which is a case for us curvies)

Let us know how it goes.
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Why are you concerned about straightening your dick anyway? Many (most?) dicks have some curve to them. My erection has a significant downward curve, and it has never bothered me. In fact, I think it gives it kind of an impressive look--like it's just to big and heavy to stick straight up--and I think it actually makes entry easier during intercourse. The only downside (pardon the pun) is that it limits my ability to use my boner as a towel rack.

Why isn't my penis an inch longer? Because then it would be my foot!
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Originally posted by Donk@Jul 8 2004, 01:20 PM
"Why are you concerned about straightening your dick anyway? ... In fact, I think it gives it kind of an impressive look--like it's just to big and heavy to stick straight up--and I think it actually makes entry easier during intercourse..."

Well said, Donk. I've always thought that. too.

If the bigger sizes often "droop downward" just a bit and BIG is what most guys seek....then why all the worry?

Lickity: Please be careful. I've been reading your other posts regarding trying to fix your curve. I worry you're going to hurt yourself! Some of your curve may indeed be irreversible and attempting a remedy could REALLY give you something to fret over then. My previous attempts to help guide you into cautious approaches to correct your curve (GENTLE vacuum pumping over a long period of time) are genuinely offered as perhaps the only way to "coax" a change in your shaft. Other readers then followed my comments regarding their wondering about possible scar tissue in your penis shaft which I concur could be the case. My point here is to try (somehow) to encourage you to look upon your curve as not something to be ashamed of. Indeed, your penis is "unique" in its own way (like other men's!) and it IS functioning. And, THAT'S what counts.

Seldom will one find "the perfect penis" in EVERY detail...if we were to get right down to a case study among men. Alll of us are different. It's probably what makes this subject of the penis so interesting for all of us. ;)
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lickitysplit: I appreciate your responses and concerns. Believe me when I tell you this, I am NOT putting my shaft under any extreme pressures, regardless of how my posts sound. I make sure they are minimal bends, but enough to where there is some minor tension.

The cardboard thing doesn't hurt one bit. To be honest, I am proud of my dick and I understand that "large" factor vision where it "seems" to be overly big and drooping down.

There is no way in hell I would expect it to ever get straight all the way. I wouldn't mind a minor decrease in the severity of the bend. Its just annoying more then anything, and I do understand the scar tissue factor.

Like I said, I do not feel, from noticing my own body factors (i.e; pains, tensions, etc...) that I am putting any extreme pressue on my dick. I may consider the tube option down the road, but I am not SO obsessed that I am going to hurt my dick over just trying to straighten it. I love my dick and I love how it pleases my girl. But standing up and having a full erection just to see it look toward the ground is kinda a bummer sometimes, especially when I am overly impressed when I see a guy with a straight one sticking WAY out there. Being bent does make for easier entry, sometimes, but I can't last when my girl is on top because for some reason, with the bend, I am overly sensitive. Plus I can't do her standing up while facing her. Some positions are uncomfortable.

Even though you think it looks bigger hanging down, personally, I think it looks bigger when I straighten it out.

Anywas, I do appreciate the posts and I do appreciate the concern. I will take it easy.
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Lickity---one other comment I will add which I failed to include earlier--

I am very respectful of any pain or discomfort you (or other men reading) might experience from a curved penis. For some men who have especially very hard, extra-stiff erections, then using a curved penis in intercourse DOES present "other" concerns to deal with of course. I can understand then a desire to seek some improvement!

Many of us guys with a larger size though, are not "inconvienced" as such from a drooping penis because our degree of rigidness (when hard) is not to the point of causing pain. The more "flimsy / floppier / swaying" nature of our erections make our penises more pliable when in use. So, in that situation, curving and drooping downward is not that big a deal to have to live with (as it could be for other men perhaps.)

As to a "drooping one" looking bigger over one "stuck straight out"--I couldn't say.
It's all such an optical illusion when viewing a penis! I was speaking more of just accepting that big ones are going to tend to bend or droop downward. Men with that situation can look upon it as a kind of flattering compliment for being "hung". ...it's just how the bigger ones tend to behave when erect.
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lickitysplit: Actually, I NEVER get pain or any major discomfort from my erection. I honestly feel I have a perfectly normal penis, thats just curved probably more then the avg persons.

I would say, on average, my erection isn't overly stiff or anything. I mean, if I am ROCK hard which every guy I am sure gets from time to time (you know, the type of erection where if you even touch it you will probably blow your load). But that has never caused a problem.

Like I said, this is something I am easing into and doing very gradually. I am not going for the straightest dick in the world award in 2 months :)

I appreciate the concern though.
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Mine curves a bit as you can see, nobody seems to mind at all.
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suaige: long time since last post - I hope you get this. I have done the toilet paper thing too partly just for fun partly part out of curve. I'm not much about 15 bend by base then its straight, but definately has a curve. Any way I asked my urologist about any non surgical way of straightening a penis. He said no and wont do surgery unless really needed -- cant get in or causes pain. The lkely hood of imptence is so high they automatically give you a prosthetic to be same. I asked about pumps that say they stretch is there anything like that that would work. He said no. So probably not even in the long run. I thought for a while it would be cool to be straight cause i have to adjust a bit like you were saying. but, I decided then I would have a pencil dick. so no luck there. Oh well its big it works. and I can brag just to harass people .

question mine not only curves it twists on the axis, the opening isnt vertical on a 45 or so. anyone else have this?
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