smallest dick???

Exactly - which just makes me feel sad for them, and far less inclined to actually mock them!

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Exactly - which just makes me feel sad for them, and far less inclined to actually mock them!

I enjoy using the comedy technique of self-deprecation - but I'm not very good at it.
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But even worse than a tiny dick, you've left your socks on in one photo ;(

There's no point to a friends list so don't ask to be my friend. Bugger off
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hey janpa, i don't mean really to intervene in your life, but just a word of advice, think you must see a gynecologist or whatever..oh boy you must have an ambiguous genitalia...now that i have seen it, at least in the picture..you need a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) though, it's the more potent form of testosterone...not that i mean to say you do not have any testosterone at all since you still have your balls...

not really an emergency...
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Do u need to sit down to take a piss? Or lie on your stomach across the toilet bowl?
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I mostly sit down
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Wow. Stunned silent. I've seen small before, 3 inches and thick (or not) as a pinky but wow.

this? well, yes, i guess it is big! I got it from my dad. Thanks dad.
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D_Rawkesbye Deadheade

I'm not very sure how to respond to your circumstance. But you have a very decent body.

Shit... that doesn't really work, does it?
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any pics of it with an erection
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Account Disabled

Originally Posted by Countryguy63 View Post
Ahh, gottcha. Humiliation by choice - vs humiliation by circumstances
Man, to each his own ... but for me, I can't feel sexy and be humiliated or humiliate others, no matter what the details of the situation are.
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Originally Posted by krispdx View Post
Man, to each his own ... but for me, I can't feel sexy and be humiliated or humiliate others, no matter what the details of the situation are.
Is there an echo in here

Seriously, my thoughts exactly. Probably why I'm not into, or can't get off to S&M

Freud - to constrain sexual drives to socially accepted "norms" is something that we "learn."
Why is it so important to you whether someone calls themselves straight or not (unless they choose to berate gays)
I Love him 100%, and his 50% belongs to me
It takes more love to share my saddle than it does to share my bed
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Sorry to see that,
hunger to have a bigger dick is even rising on above average guy,
I want another inch of fucking length,,,, maybe ladies are having higher expctation everyday...
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As others have you said you do have a nice body, sorry about your problem bro. Have you talked about any doctors or are you not looking for a solution?
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medical diagnosis "micropenis"...
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Originally Posted by UKBBW_Denise View Post
I have a question about SPH.

Do guys will small willies really enjoy being humiliated or do they just get into it because it's the only attention their penis is ever likely to receive? Much how freaks used to join Victorian freak shows... they don't grow up thinking "all I want to be is a side show attraction" but there is little else they are able to do.

Surely these guys don't, from puberty, decide they want to spend their sexual lives being mocked.

All quite tragic really isn't it!
Not all of them do. It's a fetish and humiliation is a fetish in general. Some people get off on being told they're nothings. Those will small dicks, well, it's something to be made fun of over, so they enjoy it. It's the similar, in fact the exact opposite, of guys who want to be worshiped for their size to the point they get surgery/use saline/pump to the point of disfigurement.
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I can definitely understand the humiliation mentality. It's a natural response to an unfortunate situation (e.g. being born with a micropenis) that one would not have wished for themselves. It's kind of like turning lemons into lemonade - if someone can get an erotic charge out of their perceived or actual lack, why not enjoy that thrill? I sometimes get off when I think about my boyfriend having his face smothered by huge tits, because I know I'll never be able to give him that. It's not a huge part of my fantasy life but it creeps in occasionally and I try to enjoy it when it does.

As for janpa, I think it's good that you've found something that works for you - being a bottom. I'm sure there are some guys out there who are turned on by the fact that you'd be too small to fuck them even if you wanted to - and as long as you're getting your ass reamed and some 100% top guy is reaming your ass, everyone's happy, right?
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dick, smallest

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