nice dick

So I have a question for all guys and girls included. What does it mean when you say to someone they have a nice dick besides the obvious statement, what I mean is what are

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Question nice dick

So I have a question for all guys and girls included. What does it mean when you say to someone they have a nice dick besides the obvious statement, what I mean is what are you really saying any reasons for saying that and not something else?

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Are you asking whether "nice" is only mild praise, instead of, say, "stunningly, stupendously, magnificently gorgeous"...? Possibly so, but sometimes it can be a complimentary word used merely to avoid repetition..... Or it can mean just what it implies: something that the speaker finds genuinely attractive and appealing, but without, perhaps, its igniting the urge to jump back and forth through flaming hoops..... At any rate, if someone goes to the trouble to comment, it must be well-meant--else he'd keep his mouth shut..... --If the word's not overly explicit, it's at least...uh, nice..... --But let's see what others have to say to this delicately tuned linguistic question.....

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For me, it's attractive, eye pleasing, and I'm impressed with it.

Around here, I find my self saying that, and similar quite a bit. But, I have to say that the cocks here have a very high percentage of the attractive factor. There's other sites that I have visited that I wouldn't say "nice" to many of them.

I may say it lot here, but it's always genuine

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To me it just means what it says, a nice dick. It looks good, well-proportioned, a good size, clean and not mis-shapen. Nice is one you'd like to play with.
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dick, nice

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