First time you saw and erect penis - not your own!

Do you remember the first time you saw another guy's erect cock and what you reaction was? I recall two instances - first was my cousin's erection when we were doing the fooling around naked

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First time you saw and erect penis - not your own!

Do you remember the first time you saw another guy's erect cock and what you reaction was?

I recall two instances - first was my cousin's erection when we were doing the fooling around naked thing. I was fascinated by the fact that his foreskin peeled all the way back and mine didn't at that point.

Second was seeing a man masturbate from soft to very hard in a toilet. I was totally fascinated not just by how huge and hairy it seemed but also by how much it grew from soft.

And that fascination with cocks has never left me!

(Sorry about the typo in the heading by the way - I can't seem to change it.)

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When I entered 6th grade, I became friends with a kid a year older than me who had to repeat the grade. We did typical outdoor boy stuff and had fun. One day he asked me if I ever jerked off. I said no. He asked me if I wanted to see how it works. I said "Sure!" He unzipped his jeans and brought out his dick. He started to stroke it and I watched it get hard. It looked really big. He told me to try it, so I followed his lead. It felt really good and my own dick looked really big, too. When we came, it only oozed out; it didn't shoot. The more we practiced, the better it got. Eventually, we started to jerk each other. We had fun with it for 2 years and then went to different high schools.

I didn't think much about other guys' dicks until I was in my mid 20s. Then all hell broke loose!
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I remember my first time. I was pretty young and me and one of my friends were just comparing. His penis was at least double my size, but we were both still very very small. He must have been 3 inches at the time hard. I remember just wanting to touch it. It was right around the time I heard my brother talking about two guys sitting in the front of our house and how weird they were because they held hands and called them names. From that point, I think I wondered if I was, but it was a long time before I came to really believe I was.
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D_Whitcomb Whistlereed
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I was in 9th grade and I had two friends stay the night. We all smoked some green and then we all decided to watch some porn together. One of my friends completely unexpectedly just whipped his dick out. We all started laughing cause nothing like that had ever happened to any of us. I was really nervous cause I had never seen an erect penis other than my own and I had never shown my erect penis to anyone before. The other friend whipped his out too, and then they pressured me to whip mine out as well so we could all compare. I finally did cause I didn't want to seem like a chicken. They were both quite big for our age - about 6.5" and 7". I was a little smaller than both of them at the time, but we all masturbated together for several years and I eventually outgrew the shorter one.
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D_Eliassaph Daniell Goosegarden Jr

My story is when I was about 20. It just never happened until then. I was part of a MMF 3-way. Funny thing is his gf thot that since I was bigger soft that I would automatically be bigger hard as well. LOL. He was a true grower and was at least 8 x 7. A real monster cock. For the first time I had seen another one, I gotta tell you it was very daunting. Since then I have figured out that my 7 x 5.5 is still bigger than most so I'm ok.
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About 4 weeks ago when I guy paid me $200 to watch him jack off.
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I'm not sure it was the first erected, but for sure it was the first adult erected one. I was 13 and he was a 21 yo neighbor, who was proud of his size. To make a long story short, his dick measured 9 inches when hard, and I just asssumed mine would get that size, since he told me I had a big one for my age. Ha, ha.
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16 at school. Mate had a hard on in the showers after football lesson. He was very embarrassed
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D_Pubert Stabbingpain
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My answer would violate the TOS so I can't answer.
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When I was about 13 I my cousin and I were taking a shower and he said watch this. He had hair and a developed penis and mine was still bare and small. He gets it hard and hangs a towel on it. I was very jealous of his bigger cock.I got mine hard too and it would get very stiff but not really long enough to do the towel trick.
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