anybody heard of a saying that fat chicks can't take a big penis as much as skinny

anybody heard of a saying that fat chicks can't take a big penis as much as skinny chicks? Is this warranted? Does anyone have any firsthand experience?

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anybody heard of a saying that fat chicks can't take a big penis as much as skinny

anybody heard of a saying that fat chicks can't take a big penis as much as skinny chicks? Is this warranted? Does anyone have any firsthand experience?
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sounds like BS to me. a skinny chick can have a small pussy, and some fat chicks can have tunnels.
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Yep, last year when we were shooting in Hungary, one of the model agents said exactly the same thing, well she was talking about anal in particular, but yeah she said that the big girls never take a dick as well as the skinny girls, Im not sure how true this is.
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It's pure bs. I've been reamed by my man for 18 years, and while I've never been "skinny" I had all the right curves in all the right places...the classic hourglass figure. The first time we did the nastie he told me afterward that he'd never seen a woman take it in the ass like me. I wanted it faster, harder, longer, more times a day, double penetration, you name it, my anal appetite had no end. He owned an autobody shop and for the first 12 of those 18 years he did every willing female that walked in the door. We're pushing 50 now and I've gained 80 pounds, and to this day he says "Honey, you have always been and will always be the Queen of Anal. All those women over all those years, and not one ever even came close."
So there you have it; Fit or fat has nothing to do with how good someone is at taking is in the ass.
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In terms of vaginal sex, my wife has always told me that when a woman who uses a diaphragm for contraception loses weight, she has to get re-fitted for a larger diaphragm. If true, then thinner women should be able to take more. Maybe fat just crowds out a cock.

Obviously, there are skinny little women with very small pelvises, but that is a different issue.

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at the risk of offending other people... no offence.....

but perhaps due to the perceived unattractiveness of larger women, they get around lesser, and hence are tighter? vice versa with women who are more.. petite.

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D_Helmer Heighballs

Originally Posted by ILIW View Post

sounds like BS to me. a skinny chick can have a small pussy, and some fat chicks can have tunnels.
gotta lol at that "tunnles" hahah
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It makes a certain amount of sense. More flesh on the skeleton could easily mean a tighter pussy. Fat people also tend to have more muscle too, from hauling the extra weight around.

All I know is that the tightest pussy I ever knew was on one of the largest women I ever fucked. That said, another similar sized woman had one of the loosest so it proves nothing. The very loosest ever was on a woman who had apparently been 280 pounds (she was very tall though) a couple of years earlier but was barely more than half that when I knew her.
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No, in fact what I've read is that the looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand...
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Um, no.

Instant gratification takes too long.

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i've been with women of all sizes (not that many really but all of them were a different size lol) ... i have to admit that an irish girl (actually immigrated from Ireland, not just descended) she was not "thin" but she was not large by any means ... maybe just a 10-15 pounds away from being at an optimal weight... but anyway, she was the tightest of all the girls i've been with (literally had alot of trouble getting it in first time we hooked up) the girl i'm with now is a little overweight more so than her, and she is not as tight. But i've had a skinny girl who was tighter than the girl i'm with now ...

so in conclusion .... pussies come in all shapes and sizes.

Someone said something about diaphragms being remeasured to a larger size if a girl looses weight.... i suppose it makes sense for an individual basis. If an individual girl were to gain weight her vagina would get tighter ... rather than a blanket statement of bigger girls have tighter pussies than thin girls. I'm not sure if that is even true ...

however on the other side of the fence if a guy looses weight the fat around the base of the penis is reduced making the penis externally larger.... so i guess in theory... it might possibly be true .... and this is where i stop rambling lol
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Yea, big girls seem not to be as good as skinnier girls at taking dick. Don't ask me how I know....lol....they give head better though. Take your pick.

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thats not at all true, vaginas are like dicks they come in all shapes and sizes and the persons body has nothing to due with the size of either.
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