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pspdy1: does any body remember their first time sucking a guy off and how it happen and how big he was? What was the age that it happen?

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pspdy1: does any body remember their first time sucking a guy off and how it happen and how big he was? What was the age that it happen?
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I vividly recall the first penis I put in my mouth, pspdy1. I was 11 or 12 and the guy who lived down the street from me asked me to go to his bathroom with him, explaining that his parent were not at home. Nick was 16 and I was eager to see how big a dick would be at that age, but I was taken aback when he asked me to suck him. I said "no", but he said "please" and begged me to kiss it as he held it in his hand, getting me to look at it.

The kiss led to his dick head going into my mouth as he stood in front of me with his hands on his hips. I kept him in my mouth just a few minutes, but left it before he shot his wads in the john. I didn't give much of a blow job, but it was my first taste of dick.

Tell us about the first time you sucked cock, buddy.

aka Luke
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Hi Luke,

You'll probably get a bang out of this. The first time that I ever had another's dick in my mouth was when I was about four years old!!! I had a 1st cousin who was just 6 weeks older than I. When I was born my mother was unable to breast feed but my aunt had milk enough to nurse a whole neighborhood. As a result my cousin Chet was always a familiar at our house or I was at their's. We were playmates practically from day one.

By the time we were three or four we were making up various games which usually involved our little dicks. Our favorite involved one of us being a farmer and the other, of course, was his cow. The farmer would be milking his cow and decide to drink some of the milk so he'd get under the cow (on his back) and milk the cow with his mouth. Next the farmer's dick would come out of his pants and the cow, having nothing better to do, would start sucking the farmer. We usually played these games out of sight - under a bed or some such.

Some years later (I was 10) I started mutual suck sessions with another cousin on my Mother's side. I had already started to cum but he hadn't. He was always impressed with how big my root was compared to his and he really got a kick out of making me shoot.


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Yeah, gramps, I enjoyed your post. It seems you began having fun early, man.
What would we do without cousins? My cousin (2 months difference in age) and I began 'running' together in our early teens. We made a secret hiding place in the attic of his garage and liked to go there for privacy. I often noticed his balls in his tight pants and wondered at their size (I always thought mine small). One day I noticed his looking at my crotch, so I asked if he wanted to compare.

His response was "no", so I never got to learn his ball size. I often wondered if he had the idea my dick was bigger (it looked like it in my pants), coz he was very competitive with me.

Sorry, my post isn't as hot as yours! :wub:

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I remeber I was about 11 and he was 15 we we playingtruth or dare and he dared me to suck his cock and i said sure.so he whipped his out cock he was about 7 inches and I just put it in my mouth and started sucking it and i took it all in my mouth. from then on since I've been hooked on cock!
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denisecutiezzzz: I was 14 and my boyfriend at the time was 15. We were at his uncle's house and went out behind in the woods someplace. I had no idea what I was doing and I couldn't get him to cum. lol I didn't even know if he was big or whatever at the time. However I dated him several years later and he is absolutely huge - the biggest I've had. He's almost 10" and yes, I measured.

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It sounds like you sorta like the big ones, Denise. How hot visualizing your lady hands with the tape putting it on a 10 inch tool, I bet it took you a long, long time to get that tape just right! :P
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Originally posted by pspdy1@Aug 9 2004, 12:05 AM
does any body remember their first time sucking a guy off and how it happen and how big he was? What was the age that it happen?
hmmm...my first time was when i was 19, met this guy on yahoo chatroom, he lived in the bx and was lookin for someone to suck him off, we traded pics(face only) and he gave me his address to his place, about an hour later he picks me up from the station and we walk to his place, once there we talk a lil and head to his room where to my believe, the first time i gave head was to a latino with a nice 8 1/2" uncut dick the kind that from the tip of his dick sort of point downward a bit. so i went at it, my first blowjob and the longest, i gave him almost a 5 hour blowjob, when he finally was gettin close, i didn't know if i should swallow or not, always wanted to, but by the time i decided what to do he was already shootin his load down my throat, from that point on i was hooked on swallowin, his cum tasted sweet! i left happy!

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I was 23 working on my first doctorate. My best friend and I had a spontaneous threesome one night with a girl that I was dating (we had a bit to drink). We discovered that we got off on one another, but were afraid to admit it. The next day we reluctantly revealed our mutual pleasures.....one thing lead to another. Not too long thereafter I had his dick in my mouth. Was nervous at first, but kept going back for more.....
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My first was my brother - I was about 12 and he is 18 months younger. We decided to do each other so we could find out what it was like. Mine was 6" and his about 5" as I remember; its been 60 years.
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Hi IN reading all above msg I guess I was getting liver when brains were passed out. I am 73 and have never sucked anyone off. Don't think I haven't wondered about the experience. My ex-wife couldn't her about such things. So I go merrily on my way. Been divorced over 20 years.
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I was 11 and he was 16. It was sort of corhersed on his part. He started out by supposedly showing me about sex. He started out on me and then sort of forced me to do him. I weighed about 85# and had this very immature penis. He was about full grown and had 9.5x6 (we measured).
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I had always had others suck me off since I was 12 or 13. The first cock I had in my mouth was when I was 16 (he was 23) and I put the guy's cock in my mouth after he gave me a wonderful blowjob.. I figured I would try to make him feel good. His cock was about the size of mine (8X5) and it was hard as a rock. I ended up having it up my ass after I got so close, but couldn't get him to cum. He fucked my ass and shot a load inside.

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