Bigger Bulges

I was shopping around before and came across a few different kinds of "enhancing" briefs and jeans and what not... Anyway, I dont think I bulge all that well and was looking into a few

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Bigger Bulges

I was shopping around before and came across a few different kinds of "enhancing" briefs and jeans and what not...

Anyway, I dont think I bulge all that well and was looking into a few of them, but they dont really come in big and tall sizes. I saw kinds with the pouch stitched a certain way, and ones with built in support rings and all kinds of other stuff. I was just wondering...

Anyone ever buy something like that? What kinds are best? And just in general, whats the best way to show a bit of a bulge?
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The best are Tulio brand briefs and jocks with power pouches at International Jock and ergowear brand Max Lite line at ergowear.com. No uncomfortable rings, slings or silly pads. Make sure you get Max Lite - not the regular Max line.
Tom in Atlanta.
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Several members swear by Obviously for Men. They are made in Australia I think, but you can get them online at Undergear, International Jock and others.
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Thanks guys! Checked out some of the sizing and looks like the Obviously For Men run with a bit bigger waist. have to save the other ones(ergowear) until I loose a little more weight.

Any other suggestions?

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Originally Posted by TBSPW View Post
have to say the other ones until I lose a little more weight. Any other suggestions?
Not sure what you mean, but yeah, lose a little weight. That's sure fire to make your bulge look better.
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Based on my experience with ergowear ( max light I believe?) I definitely have to say that these will ,well, um... accentuate your stuff. I don't even stand a chance getting little more than my balls in the pouch, but it seems that with average-ish sized packaged the ergowear will definitely put it out there.... If that's what your looking for. For me, it seems that unless your goods are on the smaller side of average, the look/ fit is a bit buzzard and unatural.... Not so attractive.
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Well, my goods are a good size I guess, its just that they dont bulge. I think it just must be a mix of my build and all, and then the kind of jeans I wear and stuff... I dont know. Never studied it all that much.
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hey guys I just checked out ergowear site

looks like it will certainly stop my napping "stickage" problem hahah

BUT is that pouch on the underwear a controlled pouch?
meaning, if i get hard, will the pouch allow my cock to standout?

I wore a thong like that once. Didnt like it.
like my boys to be snug and secure

Just call me the PLUGGER

MY motto" Get your Ass up and HURRA"
My soundtrack: YOU CAN DO IT
tell if ya got done to it, too
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I really loved the e2u brand--similar look to ergowear, which I haven't tried yet-- but they're no longer in production. A seam in the front, roomy and comfortable, but they kept your stuff in front without being uncomfortable. Anybody remember those, and have other suggestions?
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Always sworn by c-in2 myself, with 2xist being a close second (Pic's in my gallery).

Found the c-in2 Bamboo army trunks to be about the best here, as not only do they lift well, they also offer great help with sweating in the groin area.
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I swear by CK for my underwear. It honestly enhances your dick. So do compression shorts.
For bulge, I suggest: Slim fit, going commando/"freeballing"
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Going commando with a large cockring!
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Didnt take any pics of me in jeans with it yet, but yeah... wearing a hardwear cockring definitely forces stuff up. Gotta try it out while wearing some tight jeans... freak out some people
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nice pics!
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I have a bulge story: I was at a meeting Monday and was seated around a large conference table with 5 other people. One of them was someone I've known for a long time. He walked in in a very nice suit and I immediately noticed a very visible and very large VPL. He sat near me and when he did I swore he had a fucking hamster in his pants. It was big and fat. I've never seen him naked but one night his ex-girlfriend made a comment about his size. I didn't think much of it at the time. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to get his business AND how to get a look at this monster and/or how to get in his pants.

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