Upper Limit of Size? Guiness Book of Records?

lloyd_838: There has been a controversy on Measurection.COM (small dick site) about the upper limits of proven penis size. For instance, a guy claims that John Holmes self measured at only 10" as reported in

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lloyd_838: There has been a controversy on Measurection.COM (small dick site) about the upper limits of proven penis size. For instance, a guy claims that John Holmes self measured at only 10" as reported in his AutoBio _King of Porn_. Book is rare $200.00 on Amazon so I did not check it. Holmes advertised 13" in the porn world. The scoffer at Measurection also claims all the porn stars over 10 or so are faked, realistic plastic sheaths or digital enhancement. This doesn't comport with my impression because some awfully big ones seem to ejaculate realistically! Of course anything can be fakes on video these days.

His final "proof" is that Guiness Book of world records claims 12" is the largest recorded penis (not a porn star. . .some old man?). And if larger penises existed the Porn stars possessing them would all line-up at Guiness to be measured and win the honor? What to members here think?

What is the upper limit claimed in this group? I have browsed around here before and I though I saw many claims above 12", though at 4 it doesn't make much difference!

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I haven't been here long enough to tell you the largest size we have amongst us, but on the Guiness point, I'd just like to say that anyone who truly is over that size - porn star or not - may not want to, may be secure enough in themselves not to need to, or may be too embarrassed of their size to go and enter for such a title.
Of course, with porn stars, depending on how they are working, they may actually be on a contract which prohibits them from something like a Guiness entry.
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All good points, Xin. From personal experience, I know are there those whose huge endowments are an embarrassment to them. Once I was in the sauna with a bunch of guys, most of them letting it all hang out, except the one dude with shorts on. After a while of chatting among the group, he joined in and he and I seemed to hit it off very well. (I had already noticed that his bulge indicated a big package)

To make a long story short, we went to his place, he excused himself to go undress in the bath room, telling me to make myself at home. Coming out covered with a towel, we proceeded to get personal. He was huge and apologized for his size, hoping I wouldn't mind.

They do exist, but hard for me to imagine.

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You claim that Guiness says the largest recorded penis is 12". Although I haven't read the Guiness record for largest penis size, I can't believe that is true. While the number of men that truly have a penis over 10" is very small, and those over 12" are extremely rare, I would bet that there are a few men in the world with 13" or 14". Do I believe it when I see those claims on this site, no. Do they exist somewhere on Earth, I think so.

I would have to agree with some of the comments made above about big guys being shy or feeling as though they have nothing to prove. And I would also think that some wouldn't know that Guiness even has biggest penis as a category. I didn't know that.

By the way, I will be giving Guiness my resume on Monday morning. I would very much like to be the man who measures the men claiming to have the biggest cock. :P
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Ah you'd be way off the mark going to Guiness. They sold out ages ago; current owners are a company called HiT Entertainment - owners of such atrocities as Barney the Dinosaur.
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I believe the 19th century/early 20th century medical literature includes two 13 3/4" and one 14" case reports (medical journal editors wouldn't consider that worth reporting any more). The ordinary Guinness Book of Records doesn't seem to have any penis size records that I have found.
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Probably wouldn't for the sake of the kids...
I'm sure they have an online directory of records somewhere though.
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Then there's always Rushton's anonymous "French Army surgeon" who's been dead for almost a century.
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