True Story: The total, gross humiliation of his cock

As i watched his big, thick penis, I became instantly erect. So massively thick, much longer than mine, i felt humiliated and upset, but almost too turned on for words! I couldn't help myself, i

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True Story: The total, gross humiliation of his cock

As i watched his big, thick penis, I became instantly erect. So massively thick, much longer than mine, i felt humiliated and upset, but almost too turned on for words!

I couldn't help myself, i wanted to look at it, i couldn't take my eyes from it, it was intense and beautiful, my best friends huge penis was inches from mine!

We were wanking over some porno mags, in the days before the internet. The girl was very beautiful, but really all I could do was stare remorselessly at his thick meat, wanking, feeling like I'd never felt before...

After about a minute of him stroking that big tool back and forth, he shuddered and moments later a large glob of pre-cum oozed from his glowing tip. With no sheepish look he smeared the ejaculate onto his finger and then put it too his mouth, moaning gently as he did so. Only then did he realise what he'd done in front of me, and turned away, reddening...

"It's ok man, that's really amazing! My cock doesn't ever release much, till I fully come".

Then he said to me, right out of the blue...

"Do you like my cock Thommy? You've been staring at it for ages!"

"Erm, I don't know what to say, apart from WOW man, how do you get so big?

"Well, your's ain't bad yourself Thommy..." he quipped, "do you know how big it is?"

"Yes, actually, it's just over 7 inches" I told the truth. "But yours is SOOO much bigger! It's amazing! How big are you?"

"A little under 9 inches, with a 7 inch girth" he said, emphasising every word.

"Oh god, that's HUGE!" I blurted uncontrollably... "Let's compare cocks?"

"Yeah!" he said as he wanked his meat closer to mine...

This was a mistake for my ego. We put our cocks together and they touched. The size difference was unbearable, gross and monstrous. I felt genuinely drunk. My anxiety roots stem from this experience, but I still find it to this day, wonderfully erotic...

"Fuck me, mine looks pathetic next to yours man!"

"Yes! Little and large!" he quipped gleefully...

"Oh you bastard! It's MASSIVE! Oh my God, you're so much BIGGER!"

"I know bitch," he hurtfully stated "now you love it, don't you! Admit it! TELL ME!!"

"Fuck me yes! It's the most incredible thing I've ever seen!"

Look at what you want, but can't have! Now, ALL through your life you'll KNOW, I have a Big, Thick Cock!"

"You've got a small, tiny weeny little stick of a cock haven't you, bitch! ANSWER ME!"

"Next to yours! YES!"

"Look at my dick and weep, you pathetic little cunt! I'm what you worship, aren't I!"

"Noooo!" I yelled, wanking upsettingly over the sight before my tear filled eyes! Oh, this was cock torture!

"See bitch, I KNOW this is what you want. I knew your cock was waaaay smaller than mine, I asked your girlfriend to show me on her arm your thickness, and we laughed at it. She's seen mine Thommy! She wanked my monster off, while we laughed at you! Then she sucked it Thommy, she sucked my big meat, and she moaned and wanked herself and came SOOOOO hard! You've got way less than me haven't you?!

YESSSS! Why do you make me answer?

Because I want you to feel small! I want you to feel little! You deserve to feel it!

Fuck me! Your cock scares me shitless. It makes me feel an anxiety I have rarely felt before. You make me hate myself, make me hate and bellitle my own cock. It's fucking GROSS!

"You love my thick meat, don't you Thommy! ADMIT IT to me!"

"Yes, I LOVE your thick meat!"

"Tell me more gayboy. You're gay aren't you! My cock turns you on more than any womans tits, doesn't it! Admit you are gay!"

"Oh shit I worship your cock. I'm a cocksucking, cockworshipping little bitch!"

To be continued........
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Fictitious stories forum is thataway ---------------->

The weirdness quotient around here is getting rather high.

How a HUGE endowment can help your career.

I emptied my mailbox WAHOO. Time to fill it up again.
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Loved it
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Originally Posted by TurkeyWithaSunburn View Post
Fictitious stories forum is thataway ---------------->
Yeah. The mods should have moved this years ago.

Instant gratification takes too long.

Please, don't send me a friendship request unless we genuinely have a relationship or you've at least discussed it with me first. I'd appreciate it. Muchly.
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Wheres the continuation? Fucket
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