Dick out in public?

I would love to hear some true experiences from guys who like to have their dick out in public--discreetly, of course! I don't mean the tacky flasher on the street corner who flings his coat

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Dick out in public?

I would love to hear some true experiences from guys who like to have their dick out in public--discreetly, of course!

I don't mean the tacky flasher on the street corner who flings his coat open to every passersby. Those guys are just asking for trouble from the law.

No, I mean the guys who like to give other people a sneaky peek at their manly goodies. For example, do you like to freeball in worn, torn Levis with tiny holes near the crotch which show the bare skin of your penis?

Or do you freeball in short shorts and slowly let your big, soft dick head peek out from under one of the legs?

Yes, it's risky, but some guys get off on the thrill of mild exhibitionism.

Just wanted to hear from those who love doing it and have gotten away with it safely.

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I second that, come on guys, show me/us what ya got! Better yet, let me take you out for a beer! :)
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Funny you bring this up...i was just doing it for a guy I just met. He's a big football player build and we were having this discussiion. My jeans are form fitting and I was rockin a cock ring with my briefs this morning...looked incredible. Anyway - every now and then he would look right between my legs...his eyes would linger ther for a bit and then it was like he remembered what he was doing...it was fuckin hot.
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I do this all of the time during the summer. I have a pair of regular length cotton shorts and I go commando when this one couple comes over for drinks. I have found that if I sit on the outer edge of the chair and slide my butt back into the seat that it makes the legs of my shorts bag open. I always sit facing the female and she can see up my leg to my balls and cock. I watch her out of the corner of my eye and love it when she stares at me again and again.
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I love to wear a pair of supplex shorts commando style. Go to the park and sit on a picnic table. Move my legs back and forth, a sure sign of masturbating. Love it when guys come buy and talk and stare down at me cock. Have been known to show my stuff on the back seat of the bus.
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Hmm.. i have had my dick out in public, but it was intentional...LOL
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when i was in school when i was 16 or 17 i loved to tease the girls of the class. i sit nearby them and pop an erection by mind(yes, its hard but achiveble with some will power) then adjust my cock to the right(the outline appears bigger on my right) must i say i was freeballin most of the time :0
i caught lot of girls staring directly under my desk
this one girl looked mesmerized, so i had an idea of genius.
i put my hand under my desk and wave at the girl ahahah
she blushed kept staring at the corner of her eyes. didnt invite her to hang out though :/ i wouldve looked like a dick since i showed off so much
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Email Unconfirmed

I do this often in summer. If you have decent size equipment there is no need to wear short shorts to show. I find that it is more important to find shorts that have wide leg openings, so that they can flare open. Light colors like beige are best because they let light through, to light up the inside. Dark colors just create a dark cave that nobody can see inside.

Knee-length shorts pull way up by themselves when sitting on a chair or the ground. With wide leg openings there is plenty of space for my penis and balls to rest well within sight of anyone looking up my shorts, even though they are not sticking out the end.

I sat in a Wendy's with my wife next to me and my daughter opposite. I could not see my penis, so neither of them could either. Two tables away a pretty girl in early 20s sat down facing us and her man sat with his back to us. She had a clear view of my crotch under the table and looked a few times. I concentrated on keeping my cock flacid so that it would seem that I was unaware of showing. After a few minutes she must have told her guy because he turned and looked straight at my crotch then turned away again.

I have had similar experiences a few times in restaurants. I was in a Chinese restaurant and the waitress must have seen up my shorts, then said something to one of the other staff. He leaned over a counter to look under the table. He smiled and I did not move, so it seemed that I did not know.

I was at an outdoor concert a few months ago, sitting on a rug on the ground among thousands of people. I had my knees up and saw the guy in front of me turn around and look up my shorts. It was quite obvious what he was looking at, so I put my legs flat for awhile so that it did not seem like I wanted people to see. Later I lifted my knees to open the view again.

Sliding off a restaurant seat is a good time for a quick "unintentional" flash. With my stuff resting down the inside of the leg that is closest to the aisle, turning sidewards on the seat to get up causes that leg to open up as wide as it can go. This exposes my cock even though it stays inside the leg of my shorts. It will be visible for only about a second before I stand up and the leg drops down to my knee.

My cock is more than 8" hard and 6.5-7" soft, with low-hanging balls in summer. I don't think these methods will work well with a cock that is less than 6" when hard.
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Hanger2, great album photos. Would love to see more like you in public. I live in Florida so weather is great for shorts and hanging long most of the time. My favorite is riding my motorcycle with my dick and balls all out. On the freeway no one really looks but if I get caught next to anyone for long I'll just shield it with my left hand or pull the tail of my t-shirt down and tuck under my balls till the coast is clear again. Rode from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale like that yesterday.
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I love to find reason to wear some mesh basketball shorts with nothing underneath. The first time I did this was on a trip to the recycling center when I was in college. I do it often when the weather is warm and I have some chances to get into interesting flexed positions...
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Recently, I've become a big fan of getting a pedicure. Nothing better than sitting back for a half hour while some cute asian woman rubs all over your feet. I like to wear a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts and go commando. The girl at my feet has a clear shot of my cock and balls for pretty much the entire time. I try to play it off like I don't have a clue... but when the leg massage starts, it's a challenge to keep from boning up.
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Originally Posted by Hanger2 View Post
I don't think these methods will work well with a cock that is less than 6" when hard.
I'm so-so sure that's true; on the other hand, you'd be surprised.

Instant gratification takes too long.

Please, don't send me a friendship request unless we genuinely have a relationship or you've at least discussed it with me first. I'd appreciate it. Muchly.
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i like sticking my dick out through my fly, then putting my big coat on, making sure it goes lower than my cock, i love the feeling of a light breeze going around my cock, especially in public
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I have a pair of shorts and a pair of slacks that I have let the crotch wear out, love going to the bar in them and letting things hang where they may. Get nice comments on my piercings and dick tattoo.
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I was serving a guy smokes today, when he came up I noticed that his fly was undone (he seemed to have no idea) then when he asked for the smokes he moved a little and the fly opened up, his dick was pushing on one side and the material fell back on the other, so then i could see the head of his dick, then he moved again and the dick almost pushed through, he would have definately realised if that had happened... i had to stop myself from saying 'dude your fly is undone and your dick is about to come out!!' hahaha...
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dick, public

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