Watching friends fuck

Does anyone else have fantasies about their friends having sex or ever watched them? I'm a guy who is predominantly straight but likes to see some hard cock. If they had no memory of it

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D_Dickson Derelicked
Watching friends fuck

Does anyone else have fantasies about their friends having sex or ever watched them? I'm a guy who is predominantly straight but likes to see some hard cock. If they had no memory of it I'd seriously like to watch some of my friends fuck the shit out of some hot girl. It really turns me on when one friend in particular talks about sex with his girlfriend. I'd love to see his fat cock enter her.
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Yep, definitely has crossed my mind when jacking off. The combination of a thick cock and then seeing that person later is really hot.
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have seen it many times. cant say that i just watched though. lol

im hot
so suck my dick, bitch.
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I have seen my friends in action, both and female friends.

I like to watch Others at it as much as being watched so I thought it was hot. I must admit iv only once spied on someone doing without their knowledge though but that's another story
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To me there is no better way to spend an evening than watching two friends enjoying a healthy bout of sex. Be it recreational or an honest display of affection, watching two healthy horny individuals (MF, MM, FF) enjoying the pleasures of their flesh to me is a real turn on. Of course it's always better if they don't mind me whipping it out and stroking in correspondence to their action, and it's even better when they invite me to join them. I find a rock hard cock, arching up as its owner moves it toward the moist and waiting vagina of an eager playmate a thrilling site, and be it me being watched or me watching two (or even better yet three) friends go at it, one of my favorite ways of spending my time.
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Yes, I love watching sex. Especially if it is one of my closest buddies fucking my wife. Sharing her is very exciting. If the guy is cool with me joining in, that is great, but even if he is 100% straight, then that is just fine too.

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only twice, and I participated in one.
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Never watched friends fucking but I would happily do so. I watched a couple fucking between the rocks at a nudist beach. I was walking along the rocks and they thought they were hidden. It would not have been as cool to see them doing it in the middle of the beach though.

I also watched a couple who were visiting a neighbour doing it in clear view on the bed in front of an open window that faced the quiet road and my house. They probably also thought that they were not seen.

I don't find porn movies a turn-on at all, nor two of the same sex having sex. I get very turned on by seeing a man and woman having genuine sex.
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I love imagining my buddies fucking their girlfriends if their girls are hot. Why not?

I've also fucked in front of others and done some watching and its great.

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In my earlier years my friend and I would try and pick up two guys at bars and fuck them in the same place. Sort of for safety, at least that's what we thought. So I've seen her get fucked many times. I was hot to talk about the guys after. I was so naive once when after getting boned the guys switched, I never even considered that could happen.

Since she got married we haven't done anything of the sort, don't know if her husband would be into it.
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You don't ask, you don't get.

Instant gratification takes too long.

Please, don't send me a friendship request unless we genuinely have a relationship or you've at least discussed it with me first. I'd appreciate it. Muchly.
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I have seen one of my best girl-friends on several occasions with different guys. She has excellent taste. I never joined in, though sometimes I cheered them on!

If I wanted to look at your dick, I'd have seen it already.

Porn is not real life.

I only always agree with LaFemme.
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i have a m8 who is bi as well, we have had a few mmf sessiosn. they are seriously HOT, watching my m8, and i love being watched by him
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I've got two stories and both happened when I was in high school dating the same chick.

We used to always go to a buddy of mine's house to drink with all of our friends on the weekends and we would always just crash there. After a night of a lot of drinking games, my girlfriend and I--blonde, big boobs, tight body, cheerleader captain--were sitting on the couch while she was strandling me. We had already changed and were wearing basketball shorts. She was really horny, and never wore a thing under bbal shorts so I could feel how hot and wet she was down south and she pushed up againt my cock that was already hard. She had reached in my pants on the car ride over there and had felt that I had shaved, so she was wanting it at some point. Next thing I knowshe pulls aside her little bitty shorts and is now grinding on my dick over my shorts. She whips my 6 inch rock hard cock out and slides down on it. At first I was a little reluctant since there were about 10 people behind us in the kitchen playing beer pong, but she was so wet i could resist. We go pretty slow for a while but she can't take it any longer, so she starts going faster. Obviously everyone can see her bouncing up and down so they knew what was up. Two friends have now walked around the corner and you can see her feeling him up watching. Were both drunk so we dont care and she slips off her shirt where you san see her 24 C boobs. We are both really going at it, so now everyone knows. After about 15 minutesshe cums and gushes on my cock. I'm not yet done, but she gets off, and makes me wait till later that night to finish me. After sex for an hour later, she finishes me as we do 69. It was a great night. My friend later told me he fucked his gf on the counter after everyone went to bed just bc she got so horny seeing us.

The next time was in a hot tub w my friends and his gf. More to come later...
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Years ago one friend and I picked up some chicks and took them back to our hotel. I was banging in one bed and he was in the other. I loved watching his big cock work in and out of this slut.

Secure in the knowledge that if I was caught looking he would assume I was checking out the chick I was in fact drooling over his hot body. Alas this guy is perfectly straight and I will never have a shot at him. Still I can help jerking off to the memory of his hot ass pumping up and down sometimes.
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